Vinn Diagram Complete and Expanded; Concept of Heaven on Earth Geometrically Conceptualizing

Topic for today; Vinn Diagrams Complete and Expanded.

The Life, Dream, Self and Light Vinn Diagrams of Heaven and Earth.

Today I will make us some Vinn Diagrams for Squares and Circles acquiring the components of Heaven on Earth necessary for establishment. The Process is an Expansion, Refining and Ascendance through divisions. Through the process of creating divisions (I call Triangular Thinking) we bring the divided parts together to create a collective. The first square for example has 4 squares but a fifth is acquired by adding the sum creating a bigger square. As we continue the same process is done to the next level of squares. There are 3 levels of squares and circles in this diagram. It’s good if you attempt to do it yourself but looking at the diagram you should be able understand how it all works. The Collective is a machine that is greater then the sum of it’s parts. It’s synergy, product and mechanical collective creates a perpetual movement that encompass the logic of individualism. Heaven  on Earth is process of combining binary alpha 1 the square with binary Omega 0 the circle.. In doing this we find divisions and segments of the petals which are produced to fill in the “gaps”. Petals are usually seen as products of a flower and thus the flower fills it’s gaps with petals as we do our very own products.

The Spheres of Heaven on Earth

Earth is Square

Heaven is Circle.

Ascension is Triangular Divisions.


Geometry of Vinn Diagrams Paradigm

Alpha  Squares are made for expansion.

Omega Circles are made for refining.

Crossway Triangles are made for divisions.


Looking at the Squares.

The 2×2 Square = 5 Squares is split in 2 divisions.

the 3×3 Square = 14 Squares is split in 3 divisions.

The 4×4 Square =25 Squares is split in 4 divisions.


Looking at the Circles.

The First 2×2 Circles = 5 Circles = 4 Base Colors = 4 Petals = 9 Potential Color Spheres

The Second 7 Circles = 7 BAse Colors = 6 Petals = 33 Potential Color Spheres.

The Third 19 Circles = 19 Base Colors = 18 Petals = 96 Potential Color Spheres


Expansion, Refining and Divisions.

The Alphas are the smallest Squares.

The Beta are the collective of Alpha.

The Theta are the collective of Beta.

The Delta are the collective of Theta. and the sum of this final product.


The Divisions of Triangular Thinking

First Level is Alpha Protocol the individual squares.

Second Level is Beta Protocol the first collective squares.

Third Level is Theta Protocol the second collective squares.

Fourth Level is Delta Protocol the final third collective squares.


“I wish for every man the highest potential for selfless unconditional love, and light to be the  dominant force in every being. For man to be capable of rising to the highest dimensions in one life span.” These are my wishes.

The Deconstruction Process Is Now. Who You Truly Are.


There are only six phases we must go through.

  1. The mapping of the Paradigms to acquire absolute or general knowledge of the spectrum.
  2. The Deconstruction of Labels. The destruction of the ego.
  3. The Phoenix’s Resurrection. Rise from ashes and Reassessment of who we truly are.
  4. Work as a Collective body, work towards who we truly are a Organized Collective Humanity.
  5. Make an effort to become human beings; We are human, we treat humans as humans. Pointing out a wrong across the world and associating it with a fellow human will do nothing. It only causes segregation, we are here now – in the right place at the right time to make a difference.
  6. All there is left to do is Ascend and allow heaven on Earth to Establish.

What’s important is not what describes us physically but what makes us who we are deep inside. Your Causal/Intentions/Emotions this is who we truly are. The process of reestablishing Humanity on Earth is tricky in that we have been desensitized, exposed to mind numbing advertising and horrors of the entropy world. Random things happen and random damage is inflicted. We are all damaged goods. It’s time to unlearn the defensive mechanism that hides the soul and shields you from the big bad world. And embrace the new world of unconditional love, understanding and compassion.

Truly you weren’t made for this world, yet you are so let’s fly with it. Your conscience is really not of this world and is meant for so much more. There is higher potential for the human being as we progress into time. And life is a much more genuine, natural and patient experience. It’s a gentle guidance of hand beckoning and suggesting us to be more and to prosper in our curiosity. It is a world, a universe and spectrum of universes for us to explore. We only need to think before we act. To treat others the way you want to be treated. To express yourself and allow other’s to express themselves.. just not at the expense of your world. Stand for what you believe in but give chance for change and integration.

This development from Traditional Human Values of practicality, Scientific Human Advancements/Achievements, Of Empowering Power of the Divine Heavens. We come to a product, this is our personal ascendancy into new times. A calling to embrace the new world and movement of kindness. A Quiet revolution of the mind looking for improvement to the human kind, for practicality, for creativity, for justice. Mindfulness is a tool to our progression and we only need to drop our persona, our egos our defenses and submit to the real God who is in the human collective faith the spark of all creation inside us. We are the Gods of this world. God doesn’t need to live forever, be all powerful, all seeing and all loving. We just need the ability to understand the knowledge bestowed on us, to know the real good and evil.. That’s actually inside of us. The ugliness is in what we are selfishly, enabling and indulgance. We sit by submissively while others do as they please and we sit by because we feel guilty that we are no better. Stop feeling bad for yourself and step up the game. Be a man and be there for the justice.

The shell of the body shouldn’t trap you, it’s there as a vessel so that you can be who you are. It’s a means to function and go and do what you want to do in your life. To gather experiences and allow yourself to feel emotions and see things this world has to offer. There is still time to realize what life is about. Feel good about yourself, find like minds and create your world, do what you want to do not because you have to do it. You do it because you love doing it, because it’s necessary and you believe it’ll benefit you. Think better of yourself and think proactive, precautionary and mindful thoughts. Always be aware and conscious of what you do to others.

Curiosity and Prosperity,