Religion a matter of; Sun, Earth and Moon. A grand metaphor to religion and it’s necessary co-existence.

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The Grand Metaphor for Religion:

The focus is on our plane of existence, which happen to be our solar system called “Sol”. The Stars representations of other solar systems out there that may exist or have failed to establish life. They gaze on us to see what could have been, would have been had something happened a certain way. The universe is what every mass is part of, it binds us to a category and defines us and makes us physically who we are. The truth, God and the Universe are not the same thing, but on the same plane and degree of the macrocosm. Determined Fate is the only thing that intertwines them and allows them to relate.

It’s a matter of fate and what happens consequently brought about life – our life as humans. The theory is if a meteor didn’t hit Earth in the prehistoric ages would co-existing with such hostile predators like dinosaurs be possible today? If the moon didn’t exist would life forms even have formed? If the Sun was any bigger or smaller would our Goldy locks range affect us in a way where we never existed? Would Earth have been the same if any of these things were altered to be opposite, nay and non-existent?

The answer is no. The Planetary bodies are essential to our existence and i see that in the necessary co-existence of all forms of religion as it is necessary for planetary bodies to exist. Therefore Islam a microcosm version of the Moon a healing and aiding force for discipline. Judaism a microcosm of Earth, central of human conflict and problems but still a realm of ingenuity as the chosen where organized religion came to be. Judaism living In the midst and heat of conflict but overcoming great odds despite being so small. Christianity a microcosm of the Sun based on a cycle of redemption, a nurturing force and celestial presence. Buddhism is in nature, the forces of nature and the necessary balances in a life cycle of all things. Hinduism, Norse and other Paganism can be represented by the many stars out in space; parallel universes, multi-dimensions and inter-dimensional realities out there trying to find a way to reenact a process to sustain life like us or have established this and even gone beyond and lived as gods some where out there.

I’ve only tied in 6+ systems. This is a basis of the system of religious bodies out there and it is necessary to recognize them in order for them to co-exist.

Co-existence is the importance of this article, you cannot wipe a belief off the face of the Earth when millions to billions of people have roots in it and believe in it. We need to establish inter-faith or a medium of what it is to truly fully accept one another and co-exist. If we keep thinking of black and white and this rainbow spectrum of humanity to become certain solid colors and that these certain individuals do certain evils and responsible for certain problems on Earth; if we keep separating, isolating and discriminating we will destroy ourselves.

The body of Israel need to stop hurting Islam state and identify it as part of the system. Christianity need to know that the invention of ISIS is partly their fault and Islam also needs to identify that this is their creation and in time the world will condemn all who encourage this behavior. It is not Islam’s fault, it is just there are violent abusive people out there who want to do bad things and have hi-jacked the Muslim/Islam Ethnic to carry out their ISIS objectives. One thing is for sure the ISIS parasite should be priority before they brand the whole of Muslims a part of them from misconceptions.

Nations on the west are heavily influenced by God and Christ no matter bigoted or not they are touched by the Church directly or indirectly every day. They must realize that life isn’t black and white, the gifts that came from Christian roots can be identified as time, opportunity and stable modern society. We are 1st world despite the fact you may have many jobs, just making ends meet and debt over your head. The west should be grateful for the technology, abundance and creative material things they may have growing up but at the same time should look past that and see that life is about heart warming experiences, positive emotions and great opportunities.

Interfaith; A precursor to the acceptance of unproven religious ideas. (Face it, faith convictions on unproven ideas is dangerous).

Inter-Faith: Religious pluralism, or involving many religions.

I thought about people, their right to their own decisions and that you have no right to change a person or make their decisions for them. I decided it’s a matter of respect and just wanted to be a nurturing, helping and healing force in this world. I didn’t want to sever any relationships and i wanted all opportunities and options to connect with people of all race, creed and sexuality. I had no right to dictate a paradigm of what it is to be normal, and people had no right to impose such an idea of what is right according to them.

I would like to propose my system of thinking into 3 forms of geometric visual diagrams. The first is a trinity of triangles, the most basic i call the past. The second is spheres overlapping creating whats called a venn diagram, slightly more computer based sophisticated version of the model i call the present. The last is the idea of 8 religions/ideas (could possibly be more) overlapping in a world of acceptance and understanding  based on inter-faith. This is the future. This is where we build our functional society of relationship, inter-connection and inter-communication.

If the rough start of this system is 3 ideas represented by 3 triangles. This space in the center a white triangle would represent inter-faith. It’s a space that all 3 must share to cooperate. This is the basis of the idea.


As the idea becomes a more of a spectrum rather then a trilogy of ideas it expands and becomes more circular. When you see 3 circles represented by 3 vast spectrums; this is everything involved in that model/paradigm/geometry. Each circle is a polygon of many potential attributes and sides. This is where the fields, relationships and parameters and also interfaith happens. Interfaith is a potential for functional society or heaven on Earth, where all things good can exist on Earth. Interfaith in this case whould be the center of this geometry.

This is only with 3 ideas being represented by 3 circles. Imagine what the real world spectrum would look like.


If it was a real world scenario we would have many circles to overlap. And when this happens we can find universal ideas that everyone can use, take from and understand. There may be conflicts and trials but every system just needs a way to collaborate, understand and just exist.


Knowledge is the key to seeing the truth. Knowledge is at our disposal and we can do what you like with it, it has become abundant and everlasting. You decide what is good and what is right for you. Only the driver or the person living his life can figure out the path right for them. If you’re old enough to think for yourself, old enough to take care of yourself, you’re old enough to make your decisions.

People may hide behind faith and they may not even be of that faith but when it’s convenient they go and say they did something based on faith. No one should do this, it harms the reputation of the community as a whole at their convenience. We know there are terrible people out there who do as they please and because of crude human nature we know people may act out on primal instinct. We as humans know better and just need a broader spectrum of what is out there to access and weed out the immoral ideas and accumulate the ethical.

There’s a science to this geometry, the overlapping of circles reveal relationships between the two spheres and where those relationships are established there are boundaries that appear that show where the two are divided. The center is where all ideas theoretically should come together, coordinate, co-exist and collaborate. This is where the science of the utopia exists in this paradigm. This Utopian Idea is what i am heavily pursuing every moment in my life, re-imagining, recalculating, redefine every moment something changes.. my Utopia is in motion, it’s a flip book and moving in time. It’s become a reality i can see in my mind, and a science that will be realized eventually with work and progress.