Pursuit of Universal understanding of truth, morality and nature; The test of time is in patience.


People have opinions, no matter how much more respected they are, no matter how closer they are to truth/god/universe, no matter how much harder they try. An opinion is an opinion and we need to respect people based on this idea. No one person can represent a utopia of ideas, no one person can impose a person to believe in their utopia. The utopia must be collective effort with bits and pieces of paradise each individual recognized based on the idea that each person has their own perspective and individual body. There has to be something for everyone in this envisioned Utopia for it to work. Unless you decide to eliminate this person out of the picture the person will not cooperate unless his piece of the Utopia is incorporated into the collective vision.

Utopias are funny in they must constantly change and re-envisioned every time a new concept or idea comes up. The re-imagining process is exciting and a little tedious in that you have to make room and alter your parameters and fields of what stays and what goes to keep everyone on good terms. Not everyone will be happy with the changes but you can’t please everyone in life. If they don’t die or suffer life altering disabilities they’ll be fine. We just need to distribute the weight so this metaphoric poor Atlas carrying the weight of the world isn’t the only one doing so. In the real world the weight of our problems must be shared and distributed in burdens and in abundances.

Paradigms are to be shared. Physical models for what we should focus on should encourage that idea triangles, and Vinn diagrams should be established, elaborated and expanded. I believe the more physical models we have built, just like experimentation in science will allow us to see a broader spectrum of what is possibly out there no matter how imperfect. Trial and error, test through distillation, and test of time; all these things through our hard work can mean something in the end if we try hard enough. Our outcome is based on how we apply ourselves, our output but also our ingenuity.

The truth is when we consider all factors (circumstance, condition and events), people (opinions, options and opportunities) and ideas (paradigms, utopias and possible realities). As complicated as that would be it is necessary to not forget even one of these things in our meticulous, precise and calculating pin point plotting of where and what this new Utopian truth should be. It’s also insanely important that it’s practical,┬ásustainable and an obtainable objective based on reality.

Famous Bruce Lee once said something along the lines of “Knowing is not enough, you must apply it. Willing is not enough, you must do it.” This is always true in manifesting paradigms to become utopias into heaven on earth reality. This idea in transitioning from just having an idea to performing or creating it is the essence of life.

Our Metamorphosis Into New Times


(M C Escher Bird And Fish Pattern)


Comparing Fish to Birds. A metamorphosis from plane to plane (dimension to dimension) could be compared to that of a fish moving into a world of the bird. It is alien and their functions would need to adapt in a way where a fish can fly (flying fish) and a bird would need to swim (duck). These transitioning forms are key to the changing of behavior, physical traits and features if we were to move into these new plains of existence. Either full blown evolving to adapt or improving on the traits we already have. The realm of frequency is a world of air, ideas and vibration. First step is to visualize, establish a paradigm and pursue it. The next step would be to move there in a transition to this new world through action, mind power and spirit (spirit being motive/nature/purpose). To hang on to that vibrancy and follow that frequency to your new realm of consciousness. Every day you improve, learn and grow is a step closer to your paradigm world. This is also a collective consciousness so depending on your deviancy from the ideal it will affect your vision of what is perfect. Not only will the collectives vision struggle to adapt to your vision so will you in adapting to theirs. It’s a tug of war in all the directions because we also have to consider events/circumstance/conditions. Remember in a world of chaos, dissonance and conflict you are bound to lose parts of yourself and your ideas of what is ideal will be shifted, tested and adapted.

Imagination, vision and paradigm will lead you to your personal world of happiness. Changing things around going to find your place of happiness, actively look for it and explore ideas. You never know what you like until you try it. Maybe your an unsung musician at heart, a unexplored visionary for art or an endless bag of creativity for writing. There are things undefined, unworldly and supernatural out there and they are begging to be found. Happiness is in what you make of life not what life makes of you. You are a product of society don’t get me wrong but what you decide is useful and viable is your responsibility to figure out.

We create tools so that we can become the hand that creates. The transition is not to use the brush but to become the brush itself. To integrate into the system and become automated, systematic and purpose driven. You are a Swiss knife and this is what life has given you, a body to follow your dreams with. It is a vehicle/vessel and ride to something not yet realized. The path is written and you just have to choose it. It’s in your heart since you were born, your purpose has been written the day your star fell to Earth. You are the chosen one in your reality, the craftsman that tailors, adjusts and adapts the world around them. There is no one like you; No one who acts/thinks and does what you do. You are the innovator/engineer/pioneer of life. Reaching out to the heavens is just a link and extension to yourself. Reaching to god is another extension. Use your resources and remember to be humble, grounded and logical.

In conclusion metamorphosis is a transition to a mindset, vehicle of a collective and embodiment of ideas. It is through our efforts as a community and our individual interpretations of the world that affect who we are and where we are going to go. Life is in the touch that we put in it. The mistakes, character and features we throw into the pot make us who we are and how we perceive the world. It is in us to represent ourselves and others as a whole. Responsibility for ourselves as well as others is the ideal goal of our vision. Leave no man behind.

“Our journey is about love, hope and redemption as a human collective we will embrace that. As an infinity warrior of our story. We find the purpose in the pursuit of power, wisdom and courage. Our function is to build our consciousness identity and ideals. Our paradigm is to persevere, redeem ourselves and find love in all and everything. This is our affirmation and this is the story of the hero that found happiness.”