Concerns for the future generation: imagination, artificial worlds and reality.

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Hypothetically if our reality is evolving and if evolution is the trend that is happening around us or soon to be happening – What would it be like? (Multi-dimensional, Multiverse, time travel, continually looped).. If all the good was able to come to the world why couldn’t the bad also? What i’m thinking is that there maybe a chance we may be transitioning into a world where your current reality may affect your future of “lives”. A world where there may be great good at the cross road being our world.. and great darkness that follows after the good. Sort of like theories about silent hill the video game, where the world is repetitive but evolving sometimes darker and scarier the further the game progresses. Such is life except it depends on your perspective and where you’re going in life.

Things like the fabric of space and time tearing to cause rifts and portals to open giving a way for good/evil to gain entrance into our world. Maybe this dimension is controlled by the medium of games and movies. Maybe the theory is harmless but the transition is there. We are becoming more aware of the many worlds and many ideas and things that are out there and we are collaborating to create and bring them into existence. It would be a novelty of an idea for it to transition into story/game/movie. If our world is becoming more artificial and reality of living is becoming more about playing in an artificial world. What does this future look like? Will our future children grow to explore worlds computer generated behind a T.V. screen safe as they hack and slash monsters? Or is this reality more external and incorporated into our real life experience?

A world wide psychosis is on the way. The magnetic fields are destabilizing and flipping which may affect us in many negative ways. Mentally and physically our world is changing. And our spirituality is in question, will we survive and retain our ambitions and goals even through this future? Are we artificially training ourselves through our violence in games and movies to become animals to hunt and kill? Is it correct for a mother to keep their children from exposure to television, social media and guns? Are we headed in the right direction in life. What can we change?

Share a Half Full Bottled Identity of Opportunity. If you know what I mean.


There are moments in life that draws your attention in present day that make you cringe, excited, or happy. These are the stories that make up your personality and identity. These stories are lessons that bring you to do something different the next time you engage a problem just like it. This is called experience and just like any video game experience allows you to grow and develop further to become who you are today. Your life is an amazing journey full of twists and turns but what doesn’t kill you or put you in jail will only make you a stronger and a better person. The topics discussed will be; All actions have consequences, your imagination is the spark of life,  ideas are made to be shared.

The decisions you make in life determine who you are. Every decision branches off to new opportunities and every opportunity has events, circumstances and conditions. Action is not without consequence and sometimes the consequence is good. Your attitude is a great influence on your direction in life and your vision of what you want in life determines what you will see and won’t see in life. For example is this full glass half full? or half empty? if it is half full you are an optimist and if it’s half empty you are are skeptic/cynical. Both answers are correct but it’s how you view it that allows you to enjoy life or dread it.

Your imagination is the spark of life; Life may pull curve balls at you but life never has complete control over you. You are in charge of your life and no one else has the right to force you to do anything. Life is about making things work/fixing it to work, building constructively and tearing it down for new and better things, helping and encouraging others to do the same. There’s always something to do, there’s so much work on this world that needs to be done. There is so much to explore and you don’t need to be out on high mountains to find it, it’s in your imagination. Your creative spark of madness allows you to open doors where there was no door before. You are the vehicle that makes these gateways of opportunity happen.

Thoughts are meant to be shared; Every thought that runs through your head is a genuinely unique snow flake achieved through the influence of another person/environment or thing of inspiration. Sometimes they are complete ideas and sometimes they are incomplete and missing parts to the puzzle. No idea is completely concrete and untouchable and you are wrong to patent something that can still be worked on. Ideas should be shared and improved on. The world of information is something we want to work with not against. We should collaborate more and bring into reality many universes overlapped in layers into a linear world where everything can interact as a compiled single entity of genius.

In conclusion; all actions have consequences is shown in that what you do and think effects what becomes of you. Your imagination is the spark of life. You can see this in all the work everyone has done throughout the years. Through cars, computers and architecture there are many ideas that with the right function/nature and behavior incorporated that develop into a thing that envelopes those categories. Ideas are made to be shared means that we should be putting our minds together as a collective and working together as passionately concerned family and friends rather then block head competitors and rivals. Really the metaphor of “Sharing a Half full bottled identity of opportunity” is a good example of what the perspective on life is. Will you take the half bottle of water not knowing where it came from and who drank it if you were dying of thirst? or would you put it aside and wait for a safe bottle of water from else where? It’s all in the trust. Both decisions have negative consequence but the first one is probably the safest idea being at risk of dehydration even if you risk some sort of illness you don’t know where your next sip of water will be. Constructive/Positive and Trusting is what we need to focus on and this is all we can do as humans.

Our Metamorphosis Into New Times


(M C Escher Bird And Fish Pattern)


Comparing Fish to Birds. A metamorphosis from plane to plane (dimension to dimension) could be compared to that of a fish moving into a world of the bird. It is alien and their functions would need to adapt in a way where a fish can fly (flying fish) and a bird would need to swim (duck). These transitioning forms are key to the changing of behavior, physical traits and features if we were to move into these new plains of existence. Either full blown evolving to adapt or improving on the traits we already have. The realm of frequency is a world of air, ideas and vibration. First step is to visualize, establish a paradigm and pursue it. The next step would be to move there in a transition to this new world through action, mind power and spirit (spirit being motive/nature/purpose). To hang on to that vibrancy and follow that frequency to your new realm of consciousness. Every day you improve, learn and grow is a step closer to your paradigm world. This is also a collective consciousness so depending on your deviancy from the ideal it will affect your vision of what is perfect. Not only will the collectives vision struggle to adapt to your vision so will you in adapting to theirs. It’s a tug of war in all the directions because we also have to consider events/circumstance/conditions. Remember in a world of chaos, dissonance and conflict you are bound to lose parts of yourself and your ideas of what is ideal will be shifted, tested and adapted.

Imagination, vision and paradigm will lead you to your personal world of happiness. Changing things around going to find your place of happiness, actively look for it and explore ideas. You never know what you like until you try it. Maybe your an unsung musician at heart, a unexplored visionary for art or an endless bag of creativity for writing. There are things undefined, unworldly and supernatural out there and they are begging to be found. Happiness is in what you make of life not what life makes of you. You are a product of society don’t get me wrong but what you decide is useful and viable is your responsibility to figure out.

We create tools so that we can become the hand that creates. The transition is not to use the brush but to become the brush itself. To integrate into the system and become automated, systematic and purpose driven. You are a Swiss knife and this is what life has given you, a body to follow your dreams with. It is a vehicle/vessel and ride to something not yet realized. The path is written and you just have to choose it. It’s in your heart since you were born, your purpose has been written the day your star fell to Earth. You are the chosen one in your reality, the craftsman that tailors, adjusts and adapts the world around them. There is no one like you; No one who acts/thinks and does what you do. You are the innovator/engineer/pioneer of life. Reaching out to the heavens is just a link and extension to yourself. Reaching to god is another extension. Use your resources and remember to be humble, grounded and logical.

In conclusion metamorphosis is a transition to a mindset, vehicle of a collective and embodiment of ideas. It is through our efforts as a community and our individual interpretations of the world that affect who we are and where we are going to go. Life is in the touch that we put in it. The mistakes, character and features we throw into the pot make us who we are and how we perceive the world. It is in us to represent ourselves and others as a whole. Responsibility for ourselves as well as others is the ideal goal of our vision. Leave no man behind.

“Our journey is about love, hope and redemption as a human collective we will embrace that. As an infinity warrior of our story. We find the purpose in the pursuit of power, wisdom and courage. Our function is to build our consciousness identity and ideals. Our paradigm is to persevere, redeem ourselves and find love in all and everything. This is our affirmation and this is the story of the hero that found happiness.”

Purpose and Imagination:

Purpose and Imagination: how does it relate?

Purpose will define what you unravel with imagination. Purpose will solidify what the imagination conjures up. A manifestation of your will on the world. You are in charge and you have the power to change hearts.. and environments.. and worlds.

These are two words you need intuition to understand.


  1. the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.
    “we shall allow our intuition to guide us”
    a thing that one knows or considers likely from instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning.

    The purpose of my work/blog is to inspire and touch another’s life. If i have changed your mind in a topic or influenced you in some way, then I am happy with that result. I understand my time is brief on earth and i would like to put meaning behind the life that i chose. My imagination is a tool i love using because it is a gift to create worlds. Purpose is a component to identity and identity (the need to define a life) is the ultimate goal in this reality.

    At first i didn’t understand why i was put into my conditions and circumstances but then i realized that those events that lead up to this day has created and made me who i am today. My life has been sheltered, i’m not going to lie but i learned alot of interesting things just being normal – or trying to be normal rather. My struggle to fit in and the appearance of what was normal usually deluded me. The truth is foggy when you can’t see through the delusion of appearance. I judge by the cover only based on evidence of who they are.. and only to a certain degree. And i expect the same from everyone else. I am not vain but i believe in the value of taking care of yourself. Hygiene is a great indicator of a person’s enthusiasm for life. Choice of clothing will describe personality or current mood. Detail in a person’s language can determine if they are educated, wise, narrow or simply oblivious. Judgement by appearance based on evidence is probably not a new thing but you do it subconsciously no matter how well tailored your moral/ethical self tells you.

    I value information analytically in detail, perspectively in numbers and in truth/justice to a figure. Same can be said for the value of a good movie, or a good book, or a good game plot. I have a desire to create worlds one day. Maybe it will be through the medium of writing, gaming or maybe even movie. Unfortunately i haven’t studied enough literature or created a philosophy/theory behind story telling to implement something totally awesome yet. Mark these words. Something awesome will happen one of these days and it will bring worlds together.