A Piece of Mind for Nurture


“Ask and You Will Receive..” these are the simple words that speak a variety of ways – sometimes we are too proud to ask and we don’t want to be put in a seat of vulnerability. We punish ourselves and forget what it means to be humble and to submit to the mercy of those of higher power. By grace of the higher ups they will provide. We just need to learn to keep our words and minds healthy so that the environment stays stable to encourage a nurturing growing world.

6. Best case scenarios of possibilities with alignments to heighten probability of chances. OR (Finding the light and kindling the chances of greatness to happen.)

In life you can observe the world in a healthy optimistic positive direction or a negative pessimistic direction. But there is another way – and that is to see that you can only work with what you have. It is not that the glass is half full or half empty – it’s what you do with what you have that really matters. I believe best case scenarios are typically more appealing than the ideas of worst case scenarios – where realism and realistically we are driven to make something out of nothing. That we can produce golden results out of what little we had to work with.

Best case scenarios are devastatingly fun to look at and very appealing because it is what we ideally want to create and look towards in the future. But worst case scenarios we are often times conflicted. We must be aware of such pessimistic worlds and rather find results that are useful. Being proactive and making precautionary measures are good practices of human intuition and intuition in itself is a tough practice. But if we put a mind over matter methodology into our work, things will progressively get better with time.  I believe having faith, which is an unusual spiritual and abstract thing often helps the mind stay sharp and tempered.

If best case scenarios are what we look out for in life than worst case scenarios we must acknowledge as well but not to be made the focus. I enjoy the wide view of spectrum of perspective of oversight. To see a broad range of things in order to see the good and acknowledge the bad, to find a general lieu of a word called piety. To know good from bad. I embrace the idea that nothing can be purely good or bad but it is in some form of many grays and hints and hues of colors. Just as life is portrayed in a broad spectrum of colors and shades of hints and hues – so are the people, it’s decisions and ideas are also plastered with vibrant colors of emotion, history and experiences.

I would like to be reminded of the precautionary tales I’ve come across – and remember not to become the precautionary tale after trying so hard avoiding it all my life. The idea is that I want to grasp the ideal of perfection to some degree but acknowledge the darkness in the stories that stir up gossip. I don’t want to be the gossip of infamous stories but I want to be a legend of progress and creation. Life is what you make of it, you only live once in actuality despite transcendent information.

Life is about the sacred awe of everything that you come across. The brilliance of how it all comes together, how it’s lifted even how it crumbles. Victory comes for those who seek life generously, honestly and with genuine sincerity of the heart. Do not come seeking great truths with the objective of finding some ultimate truth, approach life with a kindred spirit and healthy appetite of curiosity. And remember to share your heart and dreams with those dearest to you with the short amount of time you have on Earth. But keep your temple a sanctuary because we are all just stewards for the next generation. What we teach our children and neighbors is what they will teach theirs and further generations.

The Dream of Heaven on Earth


The more of these dreams I have, the more I’m convinced I’ve been endowed with the knowledge of very wise people or even ascended masters of the past or future. This dream was about the famine of Body, Mind and Spirit.

The case was about the famine of body the man in the dream is a homeless man he is approached by a woman and asked to come be fed and eat to regain his health.

The mind of the man was poisoned or corrupted because he had been smoking to forget about his hunger, the jar he held showed how much tar and nicotine he had accumulated.

The spirit of the man is lead to a concert like stage  to feed his spirits and it was full of music, cheer and praise. This spiritual hunger was probably remedied by the atonement of Jesus Christ.

The story ended as 3 Feathers fell from the sky. Heaven on Earth was the idea that the famine for Body, Mind and Spirit of the world would be remedied.

The geography of my emblem consists of 2 trinity (Fractal) triangles a square and a circle and 4 ovals to represent 8 crescents. The emblem is the Alpha Body and Omega Mind in union and the crescents in the middle are actually Vesica Pisces representing rebirth from 4 different angles symbolizing the balance, cooperation and coexistence of human beings to a high degree. The crescents also mean  “receive”, “submission”, “adaptation”, “forming a vessel”. The Vesica Pisces and the Flower of Life form crescents and petals ad infinitum in the law of life. Alpha and Omega are represented by binaries 1 and 0 and the triangles, square and circle represent a heavenly union between Earth and heaven.. Heaven on Earth essentially is my wish in creating this emblem. I also have a cross in my emblem but it is the vertical rendering of my emblem into 3D that makes it into a double cone making  the cross. The sacred architecture built on the vesica pisces is a constant in all cultures; it reflects the higher human soul. With that my Virtual diagram of the life is rendered as a emblem in a linear 2 dimension.and 3d dimension if viewed from top to bottom, bottom to top. The protruding (quantum) binary that ascends through the double cone structure that is my emblem in 3D is described as a thread in the tapestry which i find quite interesting. It protrudes the “tapestry” in a non-linear fashion going out towards you. This is my model of the Universe from up above.

The gift I believe I’m suppose to bring is the message that heaven on earth is the charity that remedies hunger for body, mind and spirit. Below is a 3D framework of the Virtual World of Heaven on Earth. They had to line up in a certain way to sync each line and corner. The process should be the same with ideas.. they should parallel or line up to agree and coherently establish communication that they are parallel.