The Dream of Heaven on Earth


The more of these dreams I have, the more I’m convinced I’ve been endowed with the knowledge of very wise people or even ascended masters of the past or future. This dream was about the famine of Body, Mind and Spirit.

The case was about the famine of body the man in the dream is a homeless man he is approached by a woman and asked to come be fed and eat to regain his health.

The mind of the man was poisoned or corrupted because he had been smoking to forget about his hunger, the jar he held showed how much tar and nicotine he had accumulated.

The spirit of the man is lead to a concert like stage  to feed his spirits and it was full of music, cheer and praise. This spiritual hunger was probably remedied by the atonement of Jesus Christ.

The story ended as 3 Feathers fell from the sky. Heaven on Earth was the idea that the famine for Body, Mind and Spirit of the world would be remedied.

The geography of my emblem consists of 2 trinity (Fractal) triangles a square and a circle and 4 ovals to represent 8 crescents. The emblem is the Alpha Body and Omega Mind in union and the crescents in the middle are actually Vesica Pisces representing rebirth from 4 different angles symbolizing the balance, cooperation and coexistence of human beings to a high degree. The crescents also mean  “receive”, “submission”, “adaptation”, “forming a vessel”. The Vesica Pisces and the Flower of Life form crescents and petals ad infinitum in the law of life. Alpha and Omega are represented by binaries 1 and 0 and the triangles, square and circle represent a heavenly union between Earth and heaven.. Heaven on Earth essentially is my wish in creating this emblem. I also have a cross in my emblem but it is the vertical rendering of my emblem into 3D that makes it into a double cone making  the cross. The sacred architecture built on the vesica pisces is a constant in all cultures; it reflects the higher human soul. With that my Virtual diagram of the life is rendered as a emblem in a linear 2 dimension.and 3d dimension if viewed from top to bottom, bottom to top. The protruding (quantum) binary that ascends through the double cone structure that is my emblem in 3D is described as a thread in the tapestry which i find quite interesting. It protrudes the “tapestry” in a non-linear fashion going out towards you. This is my model of the Universe from up above.

The gift I believe I’m suppose to bring is the message that heaven on earth is the charity that remedies hunger for body, mind and spirit. Below is a 3D framework of the Virtual World of Heaven on Earth. They had to line up in a certain way to sync each line and corner. The process should be the same with ideas.. they should parallel or line up to agree and coherently establish communication that they are parallel.


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