The Golden Measure of Perspective


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  1. The Golden Measure of Perspective. Fiction and reality. The distinguished divided look between human beings and being inhuman, being imaginary and being real. Subjective and objective.

Human beings can be seen subjectively and objectively; being seen subjectively reveals the emotional human elements of what they are and when seen objectively they can make the person, place or thing an objective goal such as a product/result of their work. Humans are interesting in that they actually don’t have to make sense of what they are and where they are going. This is true in that, their meaning of life doesn’t have to mean anything at all. It is all just assumed that people have a place and time to get somewhere. The expression of life as a body in this world is just a vessel for experience. Ideally we want to feel happy, fulfilled and find great enjoyment in life.

We talk about being humans and humane all the time but what is it to be the opposite, objectively defining us and as a result making us inhumane? The idea of being inhumane means that we are selfishly goal oriented and we want to pursue dreams. Some times this drives us in a way to fulfill us with profound thoughts and life because life sometimes works into your world subjectively whether you acknowledge it or not. There is no pure experience subjectively and objectively based on the golden means model of balance. One cannot exist without the other even when identified as separate existing entities.

Human beings can be imaginary and a figment of your imagination. The ones that you think about in your head and speak to are separate from who they are in real life. They may have names and different identities but “You are you, I am me”. When something is real, they can affect a person the moment they wake up and realize their reality. A amputation of a leg or arm is a very real reality. People with mental illness have a very real reality also. Life is very real for a victim of mental illness only through the environment, circumstances and conditions they are put through. There is also a stigma that lessens their legitimacy and this hurts their future.

Life must be embraced but a distinct separation of what is real and what is not is very important and must be established. What is imaginary in the real world and what is conjured by the mind. These are the boundaries and lines of the fictional world. Things cannot be without these known boundaries and reality is at stake if divisions of such worlds are not distinguished.

The golden measure of all things should be accounted for in all systems. Life is not without taking into consideration moderation of things such as fiction and legends in a human life. There must be some imperial system and a grand foundation of what we build our worlds around and it should always include ourselves for, by, from, to the people. It is important that life be made with a balance of imaginary and the real. Paradoxes may exist and you may end up a hypocrite of what you sought to be in the end but life isn’t without surprises. Life is what you make out of it, so enjoy life – seek simple kindness, love and compassion.

Selfish desires of becoming the greatest is a flawed mentality.


When we were kids, we had no time to worry about logic, reason, reading, writing and the growing process. We were too busy getting bruised, cut, hurt, falling, failing and learning about dangers around us. We never sit down and realize that our childhood is greatly influenced by hardship of trial and error, our peers and life as a goal in itself. Life objectively is a mistake as we do not go through life just to get through it and finish. It’s a matter of learning new things, experiencing things  and experimenting trying to build new things.

The mentality of becoming the greatest is flawed, because at what cost will it be at to become the greatest? Friends/family becoming distant? The ability to reason and patiently listen to others? Becoming the greatest should be a bi-product and never the focus. If you do things and learn of things to become better and build a foundation  to become stronger in knowing more about the world eventually you may get there, and be among the greatest. It’s a collective effort and each person has the ability to contribute to the cause of humanity with their unique experiences.

Your selfishness to become objectively the best comes at a consequence of neglect of others. Though this is true, there is only so much you can control. If people just do what they want that is fine as long as it does not conflict with others dreams and goals Though you are only one person, one being on Earth you shouldn’t be concerned too much about what others think  of you and should instead apply yourself in understanding and comprehending a world where we can learn and be better in terms of what we can do for future generations to learn and be  more compassionate.

Education, we are taught the basics  and more complicated things. Though our education never goes over the life saving skills that could save lives. Basic CPR, berries and fruits poisonous to us, education on what we should and shouldn’t do. Religion is also a barrier, respect for a religious belief that may render a person ignorant and absent of  logic, compassion and thought is not the right route to go. There must be a balance of both worlds. An appreciation for life but with thoughtfulness and understanding of the world.

This is my queue to say that we need to access what is essential, what is necessary and what is logically crucial in life. A stern life, respect of others, warmth of love and compassionate thinking i believe is the mix to a healthy active and thought provoking life. You must think of religion as individuals that make up the body but see that it is a body itself and when you see that religion is just like a person you must respect  it as you should with any other human being. I guess that’s just what life is about, have faith in the other person and that their faith is a good one.

Love, light and peace of mind,