Reply to “Take me to church” – Traditional ideas for Church becomes Modern and Secular.


I was just reading some blogs today and came across an interesting one about Church, Christianity, undesirables and being lead to new ideas about the church. I got so involved with my reply that it came out to be as long as a post. So i’ll leave this here:

Ghandi liked the christian ideas of redemption and to spread undiscriminating love among each other. What he did not like was how the christian community treated him when he went to church with them. If we understand what the true body of Christ is and to be part of him that we forgive and understand we are sinners so we can redeem ourselves when we realize it. In this manner we can continue to improve ourselves progressively.

Though this is true, there are those who may be behind from the benefits of the church. People gimped and impaired from seeing the light of Christ but still want to. People outside the church who long to praise Christ and learn of him and this is where the conflict starts. The question is who do we turn away at all? Are we the bunch who turn away the shades of grey? disfigurement, disabled, colors and age? if we do not why do people encourage that we turn away the tints in color? the mentally disabled, physically disabled and deformed? Why do we turn away the hues? Gays, bisexual and transsexual?

If we want to spread the love and word of Christ. Why do we act like we’re separating from society when we are trying to integrate into it? Truthfully we are doing both. Separating and Integrating at the same time. Separating from nonbelievers that repel anything that has to do with religion and integrating into the system that is our society. Christ is a message of understanding, compassion and love. When God’s message is more unity, comprehension and spirit which is something less understood but along the same lines. God goes to the heart of things but Christ is the heart. Christ is the way.

There needs to be big changes in the church structure and views in order for the traditional idea of church to evolve in order to integrate into new society and secular laws of man.


The church may be in trouble with these ideas if they are working backwards and unchanging. As i said conservative traditional church and liberal evolving sciences need to work to find a balance. These are the two branches of ideas and power houses that drive our society today and they need to find a nice equilibrium. A medium that says balance between both of these ideas. Both speak out we are a community, we build things and nurture society with different strengths to various degrees. There are other trees of ideas out there like business, industry, art, health and technology. Those will grow in time but not as exponentially as Religion and Science.  I guess Humanism/secularism would be the most latter medium of both worlds. So let us focus on this topic Humanism/secularism ideas as the base above all else before we get into higher purpose of god’s religion and fancy cars and luxurious gimmicks of science.

Let us create a system and exercise this by making a protocol. Humanism/Secularism of human needs as the base of all as highest priority. Science in improving the world and human life as the second priority. Religion in improving purpose and direction in life as third in priority. These are the human protocol priorities and functional identities.

The reason we do this is to map out what the extremes are on a single linear map and to figure out what comes next. We need to identify what Christ stands for and what he absolutely despises. His concepts maybe revised a little, maybe what he truly in the heart wants but cannot express and immediately manifest. (Maybe someone more qualified may fill this part out then I?). We all know what Religion should stand for and what we ideally want is complete acceptance of all race, color and creed. We all want everyone to get along and challenge one another to change for the better. We need a congregation of members who just get things done so that they can have another successful week of so called “church”. I mean stuff like bringing the bread and water makes no sense now adays, they call it a sacrement but it serves no function today when everyone in the city is usually full and ready to go. Lets bring snack crackers, healthy salads and a keg of water. Maybe some vitamin and supplements. Milk, bread and honey. Favorite books to share and talk about. There are more life lessons learned in real life from some of the greatest investors, entrepreneurs and real estate owners. Lets secretly call them book clubs to make it sound less religious and learn about life and the world around us.

We need science and their laws and principals: starting with

The mind; physical: (functional brain) neurology, mental: (illness and disorder) psychology, spiritual: (cause and purpose.) philosophical.

The body; physical: understands organs and functional.(surgeon), mental: understands disease and illness. (family doctor), spiritual: understands necessities and malnutrition (nutritionist)

The spirit; physical: understands emotional and physical experience. (yoga, fitness instructors), mental: understands decay of motivation (Motivational speakers and positive inspirations.) spiritual: understands the steps to reproduce functional life (Life guidance guide and balance reinforcement)

I guess from my findings we still have yet to develop what i think is a new category in this new age. The guidance guide and balance reinforcement. There are no occupations with the spirit of purpose and guidance in this world as of yet. Maybe we’ll find it here soon enough. I guess i’m just here to map out we’re missing.