Lessons Made of Gold in June 2016

biggest sufferers

This quote is missing something… “But rewarded the most. =)”.

Lessons I learned today,

1.What’s in a name or title? It is the people who want to do the job with the correct intentions that matter.

2. Trust the genuine, small hard working people. They are your grain – bread and butter.

3. Superior people and easy rides usually have agendas and special interests that may conflict with your own objective.

4. Light in dark. Dark in light. In the yin-yang element, follow the good in peoples heart and not the dark they are potential of. Also trust people out of compassion naturally but do so out of honor and courtesy to see their true nature.

5. Luxury is a gateway to corruption. Do not trust great power, trust great heart.

6.  Rule of thumb doesn’t matter how big or small a person may be they may have the biggest heart of them all. Love does not discriminate.

7. The best path is usually the hardest. The easiest is usually a trap.

8. Good trust is best built from the bottom up; Learning to trust yourself first namely and working on those who share a common goal and interests second.  Those worthy of your trust are usually those who don’t mind putting their neck out for you and willing to work extra hours to have it sorted. They aren’t worth it.. if money and time is too much to ask for.