Earth World Justice


“Where we go, we won’t know. Until we get there, now is where we’ll be”.


Upper Sphere: 7. Equation, 6. Algebra and 5. Math(s).

Middle Sphere: 4. Music.

Lower Sphere: 3. Sculpture, 2. Painting and 1. Written.

Think with the head.

Feel with the gut.

Know with the heart.

“What did God intend?”


World’s Justice


Earth is accumulative and progressive.

  1. Believe in yourself
  2. Perspective; justice for one, justice for others, justice of consensus and justice for all.
  3. The noble heart.
  4. Mindful pros and cons of perfectionism.
  5. Collective thinking
  6. Best case scenarios of possibilities with alignments to heighten probability of chances.
  7. Human beings, being imaginary and being real.
  8. God is a constant and much more.
  9. We are a product of our work.

Reality has a terrible pattern of leaving you with scraps and nothing. My contemplation of my reality in this life is that justice or the lack of justice is a source of the problem. The noble heart is able to decipher the problems of the human conditions and conflicts. That perfectionism is another cause of this conflict. The whole entirety of the conflicts are the collective problem. We need to collectively think as a group to produce desired results we’d like to exhibit. The best case scenarios are the ones that we should work on. The worst case scenarios are the ones we should watch out for and be reminded of. We also need to make alignments to the probability of chances that we may succeed. To progress through our hardship as humans, to understand our situation on Earth and to contemplate our cause and effect of human society. Thoughtful beings who are imaginary but are real.

We find numbers are some times unending called constants. We find a constant in all things and I have found my constant “God” in who he is. He stays a constant in my life no matter how changing the world is.


Justice is finding the true state of believing in yourself. To know yourself and be yourself. You must cultivate your essence and improve your essence. You must know how to become a better person and become more true to yourself. Be who you are and live your potential to some level of margin capacity limits. Follow your dreams, live out your goals.

“What is life called when you make a fool of your self.”


life through possibility by probability.


“Did you know where we’d end up? A fool’s town full of heroes who defend clowns.”


One Speaks for Two; Silence by Starry Seas


In all lives they called me the outsider.

There was no obstacle too big but there was always great loss.


Persia, England, China, Scandinavia, America – Heaven.

There is no place I can’t find you.


I may live here a mortal and you yourself high above.

There is no place I cannot go.


But you are mine, I am yours. Our alternate lines will reach us one way or another.

There is no law that can hold me.


I have fulfilled my duty, I have lived wise – a sage. Do not abandon me.

There is no god that can separate us.


If you let go. I will lose, not only my will – my spirit, mind and body will be dust.

There is no other way, no other path.


You will come down or I will bring the sky down.

There is no other life, no other dream, no other me.


Or you can leave me to the wolves. And I will waste away – waiting until the end of time.

There is no alternate reality, place and time other then this.


What is light without it’s companion shadow.

I will scare away the ghosts, they fear the dark because they don’t know what it is.


Bat to bird. Bird to turtle. Turtle to fish.

We all swim in different frequencies and levels of viscosity.


Are we truly so different when the language of music, love and math is always the same.

I will fend off the world for your arrival, I will keep prying eyes at bay.


I won’t tell if you don’t.

There is no secrets left to hide – I’m off the grid in another timeline but every other life we’ve lived still counts.


What I say is still impossible.

While fate fails, it falls to destiny. Starry to Skye I am returning your call.


The place you live is just a privilege by name.

Home is where ever you are.


Privilege is a handout, a crutch.

We mark our own lands with our dreams.


Where two is one.

One speaks for two. Prism disperse.

Lessons Made of Gold in June 2016

biggest sufferers

This quote is missing something… “But rewarded the most. =)”.

Lessons I learned today,

1.What’s in a name or title? It is the people who want to do the job with the correct intentions that matter.

2. Trust the genuine, small hard working people. They are your grain – bread and butter.

3. Superior people and easy rides usually have agendas and special interests that may conflict with your own objective.

4. Light in dark. Dark in light. In the yin-yang element, follow the good in peoples heart and not the dark they are potential of. Also trust people out of compassion naturally but do so out of honor and courtesy to see their true nature.

5. Luxury is a gateway to corruption. Do not trust great power, trust great heart.

6.  Rule of thumb doesn’t matter how big or small a person may be they may have the biggest heart of them all. Love does not discriminate.

7. The best path is usually the hardest. The easiest is usually a trap.

8. Good trust is best built from the bottom up; Learning to trust yourself first namely and working on those who share a common goal and interests second.  Those worthy of your trust are usually those who don’t mind putting their neck out for you and willing to work extra hours to have it sorted. They aren’t worth it.. if money and time is too much to ask for.

Moral Encompass Redefined for Humanity. (Stars parallel to humans).


The soul, ethics, heart, and consciousness; all have different purposes, shape and names but their functional spirit is the same. The nature of the functional spirit is called benevolence. This name benevolence describes the action of; giving self by service, mentality of wanting to give and the willingness to give in itself. The motion is called giving benevolence mentality; where you are part of a collective positive contributing effort. It’s synergy and also out of love for the sake of contributing beneficial love. I am who i am not because who i am but because we are and you are who you are so i can be me. We compliment each other and as individuals contributing to the cause as a team.

This mentality is crucial when making connections, building desirable thought paradigms and constructive thinking. “I believe in humanity because I am for humanity because I am part of humanity because I am human.” This quote can be split into 4 parts. “I believe in humanity” meaning I am part of a desired thought paradigm. “I am for humanity” meaning being in spirit for humanity. “I am for humanity” meaning you a physically in a group category of such in the animal kingdom. “I am human”  brings us down to the singularity that you are an individual living a human life where you are in immediately in control of your actions and can make things happen.

I know human nature is not a cubed square but it’s spirit is more spherical because that is what happens naturally in nature. When water erodes rock for millions of years you get sand and smooth round rocks. When a planet is in a crude shape like a square or any shape rigid and rough in space after spinning for so long it becomes more spherical. The soul is a sphere, A globe of light radiating life giving and nurturing essence. And it is rendering and refining itself with time to be the shape it is today. We the people are essentially rounding our souls after years of refining our rough shape of the soul until it is round and perfect and spherical. And no sphere can be perfect as reflected in life, we have no control if we are going to make it oblate like earth but we’re all a spheroid shape in the end by going through this process we’re experiencing called life.

The category of a planet is a sphere and it’s exact name is spheroid. The category of a person is human and its exact name humanoid. These two worlds are separate and different but the parallel for it exists and as we did to intertwine dimensional categories for the  people and stars. We shall do it again; The inter-dimensional parallel of two worlds.

Order of importance from less important to more important. Less evolved to more refined. soft to hard. minimal to maximal. Color basis: dark to light. Regressing to progressing. Physical, Mental, Spirtual and Ascended benevolent; This is the system that is based on the idea that physical is usually visually how it appears. Mentally usually pertains to attributes. Spiritually usually refers to it’s thinking properties. Ascended Benevolent usually looks at it’s overall collective spectrum and direction.

Physical form:

Humans: Cube, rounded-cube, spheroid, and sphere.

Stars: Deformed, rounded, spheroid, and sphere.

Mental form:

Humans: Amoeba, Ape, Human and Angel.

Black, red, brown, beige, yellow and white

Small and Big

Short and Tall

Stars: Dwarf, sub-giant, giant and super-giant.

white, brown, neutron, red, orange, yellow, white, blue

Not so dense and dense

Not so bright and bright.

Spiritual form:

Humans: Soul, heart, ethics, and consciousness

Stars: color, brightness, radiance and luminosity.

Accessed ascended benevolent form:

Humans: Life-span, circumstance, events and person’s name.

Stars: Star life-span, conditional effects on stars, conditional phases of stars and constellations.

This is my stanza alignments of the categorized human and star sitting side by side paralleled so that you can see the process, color, brightness and glory if there is a measure. I would say this is all based on preference for colors and whether you like dark and lightness so this is accurate according to the negative values of cold blue to positive of red hot. I have aligned the categories into a matrix that align based on the assigned color. This system of organization hopefully will be implemented for computer categorizing in the future for quicker and efficient assessment of data and for of course further segregation and unintended discrimination of data. I have no clue if this process will help humans but it wills surely help put a standard scale of what people should see in the world based on organization and possibly draw out more and better perspectives on this figure.

The purpose is an organized spectrum of the stars parallel to humans and this is done. So I am happy with it. Further refinement of this assessment of the human to star parallel’s organization will happen gradually as i accumulate more info and knowledge on this subject.

Live long, curiosity and humility,


The Heart that Matters; Theoretical View of the Heart.

The Heart that Matters;

images (2)

In every life the potential for life giving attributes is breathed into their hearts. In it the components that will allow them to live, love and show compassion. The heart in itself has neurons in them and thinks as a brain, probably not as articulate but it functions as a vital organ and a memory bank that stores information. It is versatile as it is strong and functional. This is the key to knowing the most important organ in life. The Egyptians also knew that the heart was the most powerful organ in the body and in the mummification of Osiris thought that they could preserve his heart for his return.

There are 3 general ways to view things in life; personally, subjectively and objectively. Chronologically,  the first perspective being personal it may sound selfish but it’s all about what you want. All that is critical to the universe of the man/woman comes from the heart. The center of your universe would be you and the heart. Your planet the center of your living plane. Your solar system/galaxy your personal plane of existence. Lets do some purposeful/active/inventive thinking here. Who is to say that the big black void in the center of the universe called the massive black hole is the center of your universe when everything that happens is here, in your heart. The scientific notion that a super massive black hole is the center of your world is irrelevant and also belittling when you are in charge of your universe, you get to say what needs to happen, what goes and what doesn’t. You determine your destination in life. It is our universe though and from this perspective you are the single entity that makes the rules in what you want to see. This is one way to establish the 1st view of life we see on a daily basis.

The heart of the matter is you must be willing to not be ignorant and see it only one way but two to three ways. You acknowledge that that there is more out there and your galaxy is scientifically revolving around this super massive black hole but you have your own field of gravitation and things around you are under your influence. Except you get to choose what, when and how it happens. Remembering that your not the only field of influence with gravity to change events and things around you. There are those who have more powerful levels of influence and they can do more then tell normal people to do certain things. There are also numerous numbers of influences and this can cause even more distortion, dissonance and chaos in what you see in front of you. Understanding one view of the world from the personal 1st person view, then understanding an subjective view from the 2nd person view is another and understanding a objective view from the 3rd person view is crucial in seeing the whole picture.

The first person view is one personal and one usually being seen from your very own eyes. You control this world it is personal and you are in charge and able to establish a field of influential gravity. The second person view is one where you are a spectator watching as an equal beside/among and talking as if you were aiding a friend with advice and compassion. Third person view is one where you are indifferent and not in the same plane as the person you are watching. As a spectator you know the people and see it all through a lens from the sky. Sometimes seen as a “objectified” state it is highly recommended not to think so forward for the sake of your humanity. But it is also the summation of all views and perspectives in consideration that have gravity on the subject. So this view is a product of every force transpired influenced by the human field of gravity in the event.

The views of the heart are crucial to the study of the things around you. We must use the combination of all three views to get the best results even when only speaking from one of the three chosen perspective spoken tenses. When speaking from the heart you are essentially speaking a truth that is a medium of all three perspectives seeing from all sides incorporating compassion, love and a divine justice in all situations. It is only through the heart that we see the most reasonable, correct and justified state of our life. And we must push for this truth so that man can change and become more than we are currently. More divinely inspired, influential and hungry for truth.