Study Martial Arts and Potential Frameworks For Physical, Mental and Spiritual Health


I’ve been learning a little bit of Japanese and Chinese culture through my training with Tai Chi, Karate and Kenjutsu. So I decided to make a study on the forms of movements in Tai Chi opposed to Karate and my favorite Kenjutsu (kendo sword fighting style).

Tai Chi is about:

Energy Flow Practice. Balance, Circulation and Pressure points.

Karate is about:

Power Output Practice: Potential, Control and Technique.

Kenjutsu is about :

Speed Sword Practice: Function, Efficiency and Principle.

Study of martial arts

My interpretation of The Martial art Tai Chi is that it is an Energy Flow Practice based on Balance, focused on Circulation and it’s Highlight to be Pressure Points.

My interpretation of The Martial art Karate is that it is a Power Output Practice based on Potential, focused on Control and it’s Highlight to be Technique.

My interpretation of The Martial art Kenjutsu is that it is a Speed Weapon Practice based on Function, focused on Efficiency and it’s Highlight to be Principles.


Human Energy (inner power):

Qi/prana/chi/mana/ruah/lung/vital energy (life force, life energy)

“For Overall Strength of Life Force Vital Energy.”

These are listings of the “Regional categories, Features, Properties”.

Physical Framework: Physical Strength, Wisdom and Technique.

Mental Framework: Mental Strength, Power and Control.

Spiritual Framework: Spiritual Strength, Circulation and Electrical.

Qi Energy

My interpretations of Qi in order to acquire overall strength:

Physical framework of body is in the regional category Physical Strength, with the features of wisdom and the properties of Technique.

Mental framework of mind is in the regional category Mental Strength, with the features of Power and properties of Control.

Spiritual framework of spirit is in the regional category Spiritual Strength, with the features Circulation and properties of Electrical Potency.

All these things are different and the practice and focus are different. Slow and focused to Raw potential and control to Flawless and Efficient. All these martial arts have something to offer the human body, mind and spirit.

Qi is also a important aspect of the study of martial arts and that if focused correctly can do brutal damage to controlled submissions. These things are important in the world of martial arts and i believe we can from these charts allow all of us to learn more about the world of being strong in body, mind and spirit.