Religion, Science and Spirituality. The Trinity and Physics How it Relates.


I’m reading a book called Science of Spirituality, you may be familiar with his website .

I’m trying to simultaneously connect the gap between these eternal arch-enemies (Religion and Science) -and (Science and Spirituality). I’ve understood this little conflict and war through time from these simple summaries of the fights, all in chronological order.

  • Religion is threatened by Science.
  • Science is threatened by Religion.
  • Science is threatened by Spirituality.
  • Spirituality is threatened by Science.
  • Religion is threatened by Spirituality.
  • Spirituality is threatened by Religion.
  • Religion and Science is threatened by Spirituality.
  • Spirituality is threatened by Religion and Science.
  • Religion, Science and Spirituality are threatened by Light Walkers.
  • Light Walkers are threatened by Religion, Science and Spirituality
    but they keep walking.. they don’t care for this concept of human drama and lip service. The world keeps turning, they have a message, they live, they teach it and they are gone.

The message that I got from understanding all this is that we need to get together as a cooperative. These fiesty competitive ideas/people need to learn to cooperate and think win win situations. It’s too costly to push competitors off. The youth to cooperative mode is a maturation process. To understand this one concept: The whole is greater than and unpredictable from the sum of the parts. There is a Holistic Synergetics to these ideas.

The Idea i’m coming to realize is we need to find a way of:

a) uniting Religion and Science.
b) uniting science and Spirituality.

Currently this is under process and these three subjects coming to terms with one another is my intention and goal.

Notes Science of Spirituality:

  • The universe is multidimensional (You only see the physical.)
  • Universe goes through cycles of activity and non-activity.
  • The human being is Multi-dimensional.
  • Human Consciousness survives death and reincarnates.
  • Human beings are evolved spiritually.

Energy, Matter and consciousness

Models of Overlooking Systems

These are the paradigms i came up with for Objectivity;

Energy, Matter and Consciousness; The first is the Esoteric pure one we can relate to, traditional Mother, Son and Father. Use your head.

Love, Hope and Faith: The second is of subjectivity is the one known to Religion of Christianity; Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Use your intuition.

Courage, Wisdom and Power. The third is of benevolence is the one known to us as a collective humans; Courage, Wisdom and Power. Use your heart.

Theres is a pattern that emerges.. The body A (of Disciplines) of Mother, Father combined make Parental/Guardian, This is important that the Alpha and Omega are gender specific where as the third is both are neutral but include both aspects of parenthood. The Son is consistent known as Filial or Child. And the Spirit evolves from Father to Holy Ghost to Guide/Spirit.


It is known that dark matter and energy lives in the higher dimensions. That less than 99% of the body is actually mass.. That it is also known that majority of space occupies the body. It is only in the frequencies whether it is high or low that constitute a body’s state of solid, liquid or gas.

There are levels in rising from the state of NDEs from Hell like to Heavenly. You tune into this positive and negative depending on whether your mind is positive or negative which allows you to see the positive things or negative things in the world around you in this out of body NDE state.

Allan Botkin, Psychotherapist induces after death communication with high success rates. He has determined that life on earth is an opportunity to grow spiritually. And has decided that traumatic incidents such as accidents was necessary in order to change it’s life path. That everything in life has been created, with you as the architect of the life you live. (Science of Spirit, Pg. 39)

There are rings around Earth: 7 Subplanes of astral planes. Inner ring usually has dead relatives/people. There is known of the 7 planes of Kabbalah it’s system of cosmology “Tree of Life” and it corresponds with 10 Sephiroth or “worlds” which also corresponds with the 7 planes of the Old Hindu Eastern World. We have learned of the 7 worldly sub-planes here..  but there are Cosmic planes also. It is shown here that there are 49 planes in the Universe.

Physical matter only has a fraction of matter and mostly space as previously discussed. Dark matter and energy make up the remainder. This has been known to the Hindus of the East for thousands of years.

Energy matter and consciousness are the keys to understanding this. Consciousness is in everything as it ascends through various kingdoms and nature. We are a collective consciousness, the universe exists in multiple planes/dimensions and we happen to be in that space of multiple dimensions. It affects everything inside of this multiple universe – including us.

Kabblistic Cosmology and Esoteric

Study Martial Arts and Potential Frameworks For Physical, Mental and Spiritual Health


I’ve been learning a little bit of Japanese and Chinese culture through my training with Tai Chi, Karate and Kenjutsu. So I decided to make a study on the forms of movements in Tai Chi opposed to Karate and my favorite Kenjutsu (kendo sword fighting style).

Tai Chi is about:

Energy Flow Practice. Balance, Circulation and Pressure points.

Karate is about:

Power Output Practice: Potential, Control and Technique.

Kenjutsu is about :

Speed Sword Practice: Function, Efficiency and Principle.

Study of martial arts

My interpretation of The Martial art Tai Chi is that it is an Energy Flow Practice based on Balance, focused on Circulation and it’s Highlight to be Pressure Points.

My interpretation of The Martial art Karate is that it is a Power Output Practice based on Potential, focused on Control and it’s Highlight to be Technique.

My interpretation of The Martial art Kenjutsu is that it is a Speed Weapon Practice based on Function, focused on Efficiency and it’s Highlight to be Principles.


Human Energy (inner power):

Qi/prana/chi/mana/ruah/lung/vital energy (life force, life energy)

“For Overall Strength of Life Force Vital Energy.”

These are listings of the “Regional categories, Features, Properties”.

Physical Framework: Physical Strength, Wisdom and Technique.

Mental Framework: Mental Strength, Power and Control.

Spiritual Framework: Spiritual Strength, Circulation and Electrical.

Qi Energy

My interpretations of Qi in order to acquire overall strength:

Physical framework of body is in the regional category Physical Strength, with the features of wisdom and the properties of Technique.

Mental framework of mind is in the regional category Mental Strength, with the features of Power and properties of Control.

Spiritual framework of spirit is in the regional category Spiritual Strength, with the features Circulation and properties of Electrical Potency.

All these things are different and the practice and focus are different. Slow and focused to Raw potential and control to Flawless and Efficient. All these martial arts have something to offer the human body, mind and spirit.

Qi is also a important aspect of the study of martial arts and that if focused correctly can do brutal damage to controlled submissions. These things are important in the world of martial arts and i believe we can from these charts allow all of us to learn more about the world of being strong in body, mind and spirit.

Fractal Lives and Computed Reality

Breaking the Trinity Code:

You are living a fractal experience. This has 1 level in this trinity. Second image below has 5 levels.


This is a trinity, which represent geometrically the trinity of the holy bible scriptures.


The fractal here if you start with the 4 visible triangles you can see that there are triangles delving further down into the microcosm smaller and smaller  creating replicas of itself. This can be done into the macrocosm growing bigger and bigger into the universe also.

Before we get further let us get into the parallels of the green, blue and red variable that make up these plains.

Spectrum: (state), microcosm, mediocosm, macrocosm and ascended-value

Red: (physical), particle, bread, agitated matter and science

Blue: (mental), atom, wine, space and religion

Green: (spiritual), molecule, holy ghost, time and humanism

As you can see this matrix can be read from left to right and top to bottom. We will expand these words into a sound format.

Left to right: The category of spectrum will be in a state of form from there will contain the fields of microcosm, mediocosm and macrocosm. The last is an ascended value.

The microcosm is a smaller world of minimizing properties whereas macrocosm is a maximizing attribute. Mediocosm just means for it to be middle scale and inbetween in the universe. The ascended value describes a quantity with a z axis coordinate.

The category of red is aligned with the words physical from there particle, bread of christ and agitated matter of that parallel come about. The ascended value of Science is the result product.

The particle the smallest considered mass in life is of the microcosm world. The bread of christ represents the fuel or sustainance of life makes it the mediocosm. The agitated matter which represents solid form gives things shape. The result of science being the father or product of these things makes it tangible and logical in life.

The category of Blue is aligned with the words mental and the fields; atom, wine and space are identified. The ascended value of religion is achieved.

Atom or rather Adam is the smallest form that make up a material or substance in life. It’s close sound to Adam is not left by chance and refers back to it’s biblical roots. Wine is the blood of christ and represents the mind of christ. Space is a envelope or cushion for all celestial matter and it is a form of space memory. Religion is the given name and product that arises from this group.

The category of Green is aligned with the words spiritual, molecule, holy ghost and time. Humanism is achieved.  

The molecule is the spirit that makes an element what it is. The holy ghost is the spirit of christ ever vigilant, benevolent and sturdy. Time is the next subject that the quality of existence and being more tangible acording to expirey and age. With these qualities it retains the image of humanism we are only here for a short time physically attributing our eternal soul and to a life better spent to rest eternally humbled.


up and down: The colors are Red, Blue and Green. The state is physical, mental and spiritual. The microcosm is of particle, atom and quark. The mediocosm is of bread, wine and holy ghost. The macrocosm would be agitated matter, space and time. The ascended value would now be of science, religion and humanism.



These are worlds within worlds inside this fractal of microcosm and macrocosm and i propose the usage of a cone to describe what we are seeing here. There are always a duality in a sustainable system; good, bad. on, off. life, death. black, white. yin, yang. This is why there is an open top, a singularity in the middle and a open bottom. Nature loves symmetry so that enforces the duality system. If there is a black hole that sucks in material there must be a white hole else where spitting it out. If the big bang is expanding rapidly because of a initial grand explosion physics theorizes that it must collapse again until it is back to it’s potential to big bang again oscillating forever into the infinity of time. Each time possibly creating a better version of us and life as it progresses. Refining us as a creation in time.

To wrap this up, the red triangle (science), the blue triangle (religion) and green triangle (humanism) must come together to come to some sort of mutual understanding and work as collective to cooperate and that is where they will meet coordinates (0,0) in the middle of all the conflict and ascended to new territory into a different dimension of existence that is a 3 dimensional pyramid with a Z-value coordinate of depth. We were only working on a linear 2d plane before so the 3d value is a great significance to the study of the transitioning of worlds.

We create a 3 sided pyramid that is also the all seeing eye that governs life and it’s spectrum of creation what ever that may be. Hopefully the step by step account was clear in how i got to my conclusion.

The Summation of Love,



As always Love is a very general word and must be broken down to it’s core values so that we can identify it’s type and nature. There are four known loves; Storge, Eros, Philia, and Agape. Each love is defined for a love of a certain people. Storge is a love for family. Eros is a love in romance. Philia is a love for friends. Agape is a love in companionship. In doing this we can find the greatest sort of all, and that is unconditional love. The Ultimate form of all good.

A summation of the four loves:

Storge – affection: A natural love through familiarity as a parent does to an offspring. Found in usually between family members or people who were found by chance.

Eros – romantic and intimate: This is raw sexuality balanced with romance where one is “to be in love”. A desire for women or many woman from a man’s perspective. Eros turns the natural pleasure into appreciation where trust and loyalty become key attributes for sustainable eros.

Philia – the love between friends: Friendship is a bond between people who share common activity and interest. Friendship is chosen and reinforced through respect and understanding.

Agape – unconditional: Love that brings caring regardless of circumstance. Known as the greatest of loves; different from erotic or emotive affection and aligned with the ultimate good.

Answers to important questions:

(answers are in chronological order.)

What is the most powerful force in the universe? Love.

What is the greatest love of them all? Unconditional.

What are the tools of love? Power, Intellect and Wisdom. 

What are the products of love? Might, Magic and Courage. 

What are the studies derived from love? Religion, Science and Humanism.

What is the root of love? Truth, Justice  and Defiance.

What attributes do they carry? Regeneration, Calculation and Enlightenment.

What is their mastery? Hindsight, Insight and Foresight.

What is this aspect called? Trinity/Love/The Aspects

The Human Direction; Something better

No matter what crazy theories i may come up with. No matter what world i idealize and how hard i idealize our future. It doesn’t change the fact that the world is imperfect. Full of disease, physical and mental sickness, tragedy, destruction, hate, sadness and abuse. But more than that it is human succession into a better world. We know what is good and we know what is bad. That is the difference from us and animals, we have ideas, thoughts and a conscience. We improve based on our experiences/other’s experiences and based on that we create something better then before. Since we gravitate more towards what is best in the world there is a better chance that we can see the change in which we want to see. Negative, backwards thinking, destructive thinking is natural but there are consequences to this type of thinking where as the opposite will bring constructive; even if the blocks you build your world with are a different color or different shape it will still be an improvement and will work.

So lets be constructive thinkers and when a person is wrong tell them to do the right thing and work towards the world they want to be in. There is evil out there out of sickness there’s no changing that but if we put enough love into something you can be sure it’ll rub off somewhere else and someone will learn a good lesson from it. I try to practice doing a deed a day to make someone else happy. Something as simple as throwing out a piece garbage someone just threw on the sidewalk can be one. Or helping a blind person find the right bus. Making conversation and joking around with a stranger for a smile. Just doing something that makes the world a little brighter is the intent. I won’t go out of my way to find a kitten in a tree to save but if i come across one i would do what i can. We’re all warriors out here trying to get through this life in one piece. It’s very easy to be broken and wounded. What’s worse is to end before we get to experience the fullness and highest peak of life.

I just want to say to people to keep pushing for tomorrow and holding on to whats dear until we find a way to resolve our problems; like money, sickness, poverty, homelessness, death, destruction and world conflicts. There are many things that need to be overcome in order to see the life we want to see on Earth. There is so much work and so little time to do it. Population, pollution, sanity on a large scale all working against us. The direction in life is to be a contributing beneficiary to the overall human life’s quality of life. There’s no other way to put it, We make what we envision is right in our minds but what is right for everyone as a whole is a different story. We create the masterpiece as we imagine what it is to live an ideal life. We cannot change a homosexual’s sexual orientation but that’s his business and he’s human and he has the same needs as you do and his picture of the world may be a little different but we all have different taste in things because we’re different people. We need to respect that.

To be human is to error; and error we shall, but we will improve with time. Hope in humanity. Faith in our future. And redemption from our wrongs is what we should focus on because this is what human life is about and represents. Might, right and bright  as the stars do we will as they do. Lost in space but glowing brightly governing our children planets with grace and forgiveness like our Sun and Earth! Earth, Moon and the Sun have a divine relationship in that they are perfect and aligned correctly in order to sustain life.. keep this in mind as a comparison: The moon as the holy spirit. The Earth as the Son. And our Sun (Sol) as to the father. This system can be seen through the nature of each. The Moon controls the mood/tides of earth associated with the spirit, The Earth is the Child of the Sun having human characteristics because it is moving towards a more divine/spherical shape. The Sun is the father because it governs all the planets and breaths life into earth to sustain it.

Decrypting the old Trinity.

logo emblem6

Personal study of the trinity.

From the microcosm springs forth the macrocosm.

The Son, The Father and The Holy Ghost.

The Son stands for the compensation of life and it’s composed of faith, hope and redemption.

The Father stands for the source of life and he is omniscient, omnipotent and all good.

The Spirit stands for the motive of life and it is driven by intelligence, power and morals

Consistency of the microcosm and macrocosm:

If i were the father i would to some degree still be the source, to a degree omniscient only restricted to my brain capacity, omnipotent only restricted to my mortality, and all good to my capability.

My son would be my compensation of life in order for me to prolong my legacy. He will have complete faith in me as a father, his hopes will be only restricted by how well i perform, and his redemption will further his education about his world around him and grow.

My Spirit would be my motive in life as i am drawn towards intelligence, power and morals. These things i will endless seek to strengthen myself. With of course moderation and balance in mind, just enough to be self sustaining like i was made to be.

I was given a Life of free will, the opportunity and the fire of the moral compass. I was given the  freedom to explore and learn/relearn about the world around us and build a life where we can allow others to learn, understand and motivate. Most importantly we are to heal and grow until we overachieve overlap our timelines where we can gain the technology to guide ourselves in the future so that  our future generations will learn from our mistakes without making them and putting them on the fast track to becoming who they were potentially made to become.

In the future, maybe someday we will be able to moderate, understand and guide ourselves into a new age of man. Maybe bring a piece of heaven down to earth.And solve the squaring of the circle. Create celestial bodies of our own – align our own stars, create our own vacuums and  organize, establish self sustainability and duty in various systems and harness the spirit of man’s creativity and fire as well as life.

We are gifted with “free will” and with that we will learn of death. But with death we learn of life, When it is highest and when it is lowest. You reap what you sow. And i will give light where it is dark and bring joy where there is sorrow.