Paradigms of Political Systems


“Improvising, what is just stuff and junk to you. Is gold in my eyes. Power to those who have the Midas’s touch.”

Political Systems


Alpha: Democracy is a liberal direction of change in the world towards a future we desire based on freedom. It looks out for individual power distribution and rewards individually.

Omega: Fascism is a conservative direction of mindless clinging to old ideas because its comfortable and controlling the masses because there is no trust in the people it is an anarchy and what the people believe is in absolute control by the Hierarchy of that government. The power is distributed to only the head or one deemed worthy up top of the hierarchy.

Crossway: Communism is a socialist direction of distributing the wealth and it is a traditional stance of looking out for one another with what is simply possible. Life at the bare minimum and only the practical ideas and life seem to survive. It is a collective power distribution.

Synthesis: Ground Zero is the direction of Improvising and sustaining with what is possible. Only the practical and suitable depending on situation is given as provision for life. Balance is the true face of this idea bringing in all three worlds of systems together (alpha, omega and crossway), considering all the perks and qualities of each system and with oversight assessing the situation with what is suitable at the moment. It is a Self Governed Society that understands what needs to be done and automated to do what is required when asked of them. We are in position to do this. Our system is stable enough and effective enough to make Ground Zero happen. Let the people do what makes them happy and provide them job opportunities that enable them to what they enjoy doing.

Ascended: Humanism is the direction of being in nature a constructive force and progressing. The power is distributed through the collective conscience of humanity. If humans deem it correct as a society then it is the right decision depending on collective democracy taking into consideration all weighing opinions through all forms of media and contemplation. Ideally this is the direction we should be headed to become more functional, practical and effective.

From the ground up we need to build a system built with a basis towards Ground Zero or some grounds of peace and flow. Where the philosophy or direction is Improvising and making decisions based on Improvising in the form of compromise. Where we can agree on everything and work our way up to build this new system.. Ground Zero just wants you to sit back think and relax. Humanism is the study of human needs,concerns and problems being dealt with in the most practical and effective ways. We need to move in a constructive direction.. towards a Constructivism if there is such a word. Balance and then progress is the best steps to go into for our nature.

I believe we should make a new direction for mankind and it should start in Canada. 2nd best country in the world this year; trying their best to make things work with bisexuals, genders equality and religious inequality. Happy Canada Day, Happy Birthday to me and Happy Independence Day! To progress everyone. Cheers.




Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 26 “About life”: Redundancy and 6 Sigma System.

Creating systems are an asset to all that you do it has an automated passive effect.

Engineering principles. Six Sigma perfecting: it is sort of like when 2/3 out of 5 things that fail it still works. Creating redundancy to fill in the gap for sake of failure.

life is short and we have all the time in the world to prepare for failure.

Increase efficiency through simulation. Fail to fail. Don’t make mistakes; learn from other’s actions/records, they don’t have to be your mistakes.

The six sigma defect quality check.

1-7 sigma planning. Belt and suspenders create redundancies. double or make triple, quadruple insurances. no single point of failure. Use: memory tricks, stories, memory or write it down.

simulate and soak all information into ours heads.

Make a perfect system with little effort. Energy is finite.

F22 exercise for stress reduction. Plan for 3 scenarios:

a) absolute best scenario,

what will happen.

build a plan know how to spend money.

b) most likely case.

what will happen.

how will you deal with it.

c) worst case scenario.

what will happen.

how will you deal with it.

Idea, plan and execute.