Prepping for The Event Schedule for HIYC




YEG EVENT for Aug 2 You can download the excel file here.

Ideally we need to get the muscles to carry all the water. We need a pickup truck to carry everything, my uncle has one – if anyone does not. Also, does anyone have water dispensing jugs at home? we need 2. We also need to find some of those garbage stands if we can.

I finished the schedule for the Aug 2nd event. Try to get your parents/uncles or what not to help out. Would be really nice if we had some experienced hands and muscle to make this more an enjoyable experience than a labor. Stocking can be done throughout the week. We can prep veggies and cheese maybe 4 days before if we want to too. There’s going to be 18 plates of food that need to be prepped. 6 veggies, 6 crackers, and 6 cheese dishes need to be prepped. And we can grab a few granola bars if our budget lets us.

Our goal is to surprise the government and locals and show that we can respect the environment as well as have fun. Thinking and working mindfully for the youth.




Pokemon-Go Event Catered by HIYC

Hosted by Thomas Wall and David Schwede.


Okay, details for our first Big Event. Aug 2nd 2016

We only have about 10 people to do the labor. If you want to help a “government funded non religious multicultural health brokers cooperative humanitarian group” please notify me. Lets make this event super fun.

@pokemongomedia1 YEG Pokemon GO Kickoff Alberta Legislature

I finished talking to the organizers.
1000 people coming. 3000 people possible.
We need to coordinate ways to buy/move the water and edibles.
I’ll set up 3 tables total: 2 tables for food (2 mornings, 2 evenings, 2 night). 1 for seating and promotion. 6 big platters of each food type at a time. Crackers, some juice (could be too expensive?), cheese, veggies and granola bars 3 each type per table. Maybe 400 bottles of water and 2 water jugs.  Should be good i think. A cooler for the cheese, chairs, Spray bottles for veggies to keep cool. Paper plates and plastic utensils. We’re going to set up trash cans and recycle bins to be mindful of the aftermath too. Maybe some posters to remind people to keep things clean and brochures on hand.
Remember this food is supplementary and compliments the event. It’s not the focus.

The Material World Means Death to the Human Soul


“I just had a epiphany”.

The material world and everything it stands for is the death of the soul. It stands for selfishness and individualism and “dividedness”  (just how light hits a prism). And reveals what we really are. Cousins, Sisters/Brothers, Neighbors and distant relatives down the path of human history.

Humanity and it’s races is just an illusion. All human life on earth matters.. Not just any color, occupation or what country you reside in. We are all a mixture of something.. looking at a person and determining the ethnicity based on their physical appearance is the wrong philosophy in determining what they really are. At least in the physical realm of things. The best we have is and genetic testing.

Talking about the wrong path and focus I was making a comment on the state of mind of the Americans right now on #BlackLivesMatter. I wrote this comment below. And it fits nicely with how the world is not aligned in mentality yet in the world.

“What happens when black lives matter is achieved? You can’t use black lives matter as a vehicle forever.. All the lives matter despite it’s history of being a response to black lives matter. Doesn’t matter. All Lives Matters is a focus vehicle of balancing that all lives matter. “white” Lives Matter would be the spectrum opposite and “Insert color” Lives matter would be just as important as black lives matter. You are prioritizing that black lives matter over all else.. which should not be the approach. This is a dividing trivial debate, I agree to the anthem change in philosophy. All Lives do matter.. You should try changing your perspective. You can’t force the world to change theirs.”


Mapping life through paradigms and charts, Creating guidelines and rules to practices within the human experience perspective and finding an Application for Philosophy

I’ve been trying to map the universe using paradigms and charts slapping together words that represent something and using metaphors to define them. Abstractly and Concretely defining things color coordinating them and articulating them best I could, arguing that there is a relationship between color and words in the dictionary in life. That was the project.

I have been scrambling to put together guidelines and rules for what I believe was the best approach and path to approaching the human experience. Reasons why and how to do this describes the process in getting to an application of philosophy.

The application of philosophy is maybe finding a direct route and aligning a common ground with the ideas of a certain path and tree in life. Learning about Knowledge and it’s gateway is the application of philosophy. Synthesizing to become one and then moving as a vehicle towards an ascendancy. Working towards the now of the situation.

As of right now, the project is physical taking a toll on my living body. I think the mental stress of assessing all these ideas are starting to weigh on me. I’ve been starting to get these blisters on my hands from what I read it’s from excessive stress.. Even though this is all I’ve been doing. I guess you come to understand that the strain is real when your physical body starts to act up because of thinking too much.

I also had a dream about a life I never had. And I communicated with Yahweh.. angry as usual but what he said concerned me. He said I was selfish and I think I know why. It was about this life I never had about my wife and child in a time line that has not existed yet. I went to alternative universe psychic readings one day.. and I asked for a reading. I change my career path and direction completely that day, making me ask what happens to that life I would have lived had I gone that direction. The woman told me that I would be unhappy with my current direction but what about the child and romantic relationships I have with the people of that universe? That universe is wiped out. I felt i was visited by them last night when I was sleeping.. a warm body embraced me from behind and a little girl who I didn’t realize could have been my future child. Yahweh called me selfish for doing this, maybe because he felt an attachment to this child, I didn’t know these people – at least not yet so I couldn’t relate. I guess that’s something sad thing about being omniscient, you get to see all the failed realities.

Christ was making jokes, I couldn’t remember the joke otherwise I would’ve quoted it for the bible people. But he was “light-hearted” and kinder — more understanding of my condition and circumstance. These stories left me very heavy this morning it was a burden of ideas that came to me in a flood that made me realize I might’ve lost it all to pursue selfish personal goals on Earth. I don’t care to be rich, but riches in this world means freedom and opportunities for life. Money is a currency for freedom in life.. and I want to have the freedom to help others – freely. I would want to design systems, strategies and ideas for what the world should embody, practice and apply.

Also I apologize for focus on self again, I can’t help but work in first person. I forget that telling “you” to do things in second person and including us as a collective is a better practice. There are many ways to express myself but the medium of the Now is best represented in the “I” perspective. It’s a great strain to reach such ideal standards but I’ll try is all i can do. Anyways, just remember this the human experience of life and it’s material illusion, it’s science of physically being “real” of narcissism is the death of the human spirit. We are humans and should get our priorities and preferences in check.

Humility, Curiosity and Prosperity,


Humility and Heroes; God Wants Humanism, Facility and Growth


Abdul Sattar Edhi RIP July 8 2016;

I know I focused a lot on myself the last 2 days, but I needed to understand more about myself and my situation on Earth. I needed to see and explore for myself my priorities and assess my preferences. I needed time to grow and understand the world we live in. Maybe relativism is what we need right now. A world view where we can all just get along without prejudice. I’m headed this direction because I feel in many ways the double standard of a faith based god is dangerous in a poverty stricken world who has little to live for and prone to suicide. I fear for the elderly, children and women of the poorer areas of the world. And a higher ratio of practical application and approaches seems to be more necessary. Over the God component.

One day. I may find someone as heroic as this in myself. A lot of people don’t realize their wealth, opportunity and fortune often is a form of privilege. They think so high of themselves and aim so far they leave the small people behind and forget their humble beginnings. How do you stand without legs? How do you build a building without foundation? You build a structure from the bottom up. We lost a important human being yesterday night. Abdul Sattar Edhi Pakistan, July 8th 2016 last night. A person who had very little, but gave so much. It doesn’t matter how big or expensive a gift you give to the world.. it’s the matter of how much heart you put into it. Making something from nothing is the most beautiful gift you can give.

What he did.

  • Rescued over 20,000 abandoned infants.
  • Rehabilitated over 50,000 orphans
  • Trained over 40,000 nurses
  • Established 330 welfare centers
  • Worlds largest ambulance service 1500 vehicles.
  • He established nursing homes, orphanages, clinics, women’s shelters, and rehab centers for drug addicts and mentally ill.

We need to emulate this sort of kindness. We need to be more human. Your first world problems and struggle of appearance, of charming a handsome/beautiful mate, of finding the right brand of coffee, of driving the right car, of needing to drive back home to avoid the public washroom.. Of complaining about the police being too intolerant and being too violent and forceful. They are doing their jobs and the public don’t respect them enough to not cause trouble. This is what happens when we allow people to just sling guns over their shoulders where ever they want, it puts us in scary situations.

Self is not a problem. God acts through us and requires our hands in things to happen. Self is an investment for God, he wants us to grow. We can have that healing factor if you really need God.. but you need not deny a person his opinion just because he doesn’t believe in your God. We need to forget about the labels and work on just being human – love through humanism, society and being pro-life.


Paradigms of Political Systems


“Improvising, what is just stuff and junk to you. Is gold in my eyes. Power to those who have the Midas’s touch.”

Political Systems


Alpha: Democracy is a liberal direction of change in the world towards a future we desire based on freedom. It looks out for individual power distribution and rewards individually.

Omega: Fascism is a conservative direction of mindless clinging to old ideas because its comfortable and controlling the masses because there is no trust in the people it is an anarchy and what the people believe is in absolute control by the Hierarchy of that government. The power is distributed to only the head or one deemed worthy up top of the hierarchy.

Crossway: Communism is a socialist direction of distributing the wealth and it is a traditional stance of looking out for one another with what is simply possible. Life at the bare minimum and only the practical ideas and life seem to survive. It is a collective power distribution.

Synthesis: Ground Zero is the direction of Improvising and sustaining with what is possible. Only the practical and suitable depending on situation is given as provision for life. Balance is the true face of this idea bringing in all three worlds of systems together (alpha, omega and crossway), considering all the perks and qualities of each system and with oversight assessing the situation with what is suitable at the moment. It is a Self Governed Society that understands what needs to be done and automated to do what is required when asked of them. We are in position to do this. Our system is stable enough and effective enough to make Ground Zero happen. Let the people do what makes them happy and provide them job opportunities that enable them to what they enjoy doing.

Ascended: Humanism is the direction of being in nature a constructive force and progressing. The power is distributed through the collective conscience of humanity. If humans deem it correct as a society then it is the right decision depending on collective democracy taking into consideration all weighing opinions through all forms of media and contemplation. Ideally this is the direction we should be headed to become more functional, practical and effective.

From the ground up we need to build a system built with a basis towards Ground Zero or some grounds of peace and flow. Where the philosophy or direction is Improvising and making decisions based on Improvising in the form of compromise. Where we can agree on everything and work our way up to build this new system.. Ground Zero just wants you to sit back think and relax. Humanism is the study of human needs,concerns and problems being dealt with in the most practical and effective ways. We need to move in a constructive direction.. towards a Constructivism if there is such a word. Balance and then progress is the best steps to go into for our nature.

I believe we should make a new direction for mankind and it should start in Canada. 2nd best country in the world this year; trying their best to make things work with bisexuals, genders equality and religious inequality. Happy Canada Day, Happy Birthday to me and Happy Independence Day! To progress everyone. Cheers.




The Light Proto-Type 2 With Ascending Properties


We keep building with better ideas and concepts. This time I want even more refined thoughts, I went deeper and looked for better parts for my paradigm experiment. I decided to go with my Humble, Healing and Unattached model of being. With the mind of Logos, Gnostics, Esoteric. And Spiritual of Alpha, Beta, Delta, waves.


Let’s get to deciphering this graph:





Entropy of Biological; The Humbleness is in the Kindness, It’s Healing is in the Nurturing and it’s unattached is in it’s Awareness. But at the end you will only find the Attuned Self.

Entropy of Psychological; The Humbleness is the Thoughtfulness, It’s Healing is in the Loving and it’s Unattached is in the Strategy. But at the end you will only find the Synthesized Self.

Entropy of Philosophical; The Humbleness is in the Mindfulness,  It’s Healing is in Compassion and Unattached is in The Consciousness. But at the end you will only find The Emanating Self.

Entropy of Harmonic Resonance; The Humbleness is in the Transparent Being, The Nurturing is found in Radiant Being and The Unattached  can be found in The Liberating Being. But at the end you will only find Substance of the Transformed Being.




Entropy of Biological; The Logos is in the Vibrations, It’s Gnostics is in the Knowing and it’s Esoterics is in it’s Awareness. But at the end you will only find the Release and Expansion of the Virtual World.

Entropy of Psychological; The Logos is the Echoing, It’s Gnostics is in the Consensus and it’s Esoterics is in the Integration. But at the end you will only find the Synthesis.

Entropy of Philosophical; The Logos is in the Past,  It’s Gnostics is in the Standards and Unattached is in The Consciousness. But at the end you will only find The Now.

Entropy of Harmonic Resonance; The Humbleness is in the History, The Nurturing is found in Data and The Unattached  can be found in The Archives. But at the end you will only find Substance of the Collective Persona.



Entropy of Biological; The Beta is in the Life, It’s Alpha is in the Self and it’s Delta is in the Dreams. But at the end you will only find The Lucid State.

Entropy of Psychological; Beta is the Reality, It’s Alpha is in the Events and it’s Delta is in the Realizations. But at the end you will only find the Cognitive Cohesion.

Entropy of Philosophical; The Beta is in the Trap,  It’s Alpha is in the Illusions and The Delta is in The Inception within the Inception. But at the end you will only find The Induced Psycho-activity.

Entropy of Harmonic Resonance; The Beta is in the Virtual Reality, The Alpha is found in Hologram and The Delta  can be found in The Altered Consciousness. But at the end you will only find the Substance of Enlightenment.


  • The Protruding Ascended Light Prototype Values

The Entropy of Entity under Biological circumstance is the Attuned, Order of It’s Refined True Knowledge is Release and Expansion of The Virtual World and It’s Identity is in Theta of Lucid State.

The Entropy of Entity under Psychological is the entity of the Synthesized, Order of The Entity of Synthesis and It’s Identity Cognitive Cohesion.

The Entropy of Entity under Philosophical is The Emanating, Order of the Refined True Knowledge is Now and Identity of Theta’s induced Psycho-activity.

The Entropy of Entity under Harmonic Resonance is the Transformed Being, Order of the Refined true Knowledge is The Now, Identity of Theta’s  Enlightenment.


This is The Chart i did previous to this one.




Entropy of Cosmology/Astrophysics; The Mass is the Black Holes, It’s Energy is Stellar Objects and it’s consciousness Quasars and Galaxies. But at the end you will only find the Union of the Universe.

Entropy of Quantum Physics; The Mass is the Nucleons, It’s Energy is Atoms and it’s consciousness is Molecules. But at the end you will only find the Union of the 7:7 Atom.

Entropy of Divinity’s Realm; The Mass is The Lower Self,  Energy is The Higher Self and Consciousness is The Divine Self. But at the end you will only find Union of The Self.

Entropy of The Living Universe; The Mass is The mineral and plant kingdom, The Energy is found in The Animal Kingdom and The Consciousness  can be found in The Human Kingdom. But at the end you will only find Union in the Monadic Kingdom.


Order of Cosmology/Astrophysics; The Breaking attribute is a Quantum Binary, The Submission is found in the Vesica Pisces and The Spiritual Mending (Kensuragi) is found in Virtual Pain of Experience. But at the end you will only find the Entity of Virtual Release and Expansion of Experience.

Order of Quantum Physics; The Breaking attribute is a Core, The Submission is found in the Transitions and The Spiritual Mending (Kensuragi) is found in the Crossways. But at the end you will only find The Entity of The Protruding Quantum Binary.

Order of Divinity’s Realm; The Breaking attribute is a First Triad, The Submission is a Second Triad and The Spiritual Mending is found in the Third Triad. But at the end you will only find The Entity in The Monad.

Order of The Living Universe; The Breaking attribute is (Physical Core and Emotional Transition), Submission is found in the (Mental Core and Unity Transitions) and Spiritual Mending (Kensuragi) is found in the (Spiritual Core and Divine Transition). But in the end you will only find The Entity in the Monadic Core.


Identity of Cosmology/Astrophysics; The Eternal is the Kabbalah, The Infinite is the Ain Soph Aur and The Nothingness is “Not even Nothing” Ain. But in the end there is Substance God.

Identity of Quantum Physics; The Eternal is Matter, The Infinite is Time and The Nothingness is Dimension. But in the end there is only The Substance of The God Realm.

Identity of Divinity’s Realm; The Eternal is Nirvana, The Infinite is being Unattached and The Nothingness is the Existence of Being. But in the end there is only The Substance of The Divine Quadriad (Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent and Omnibenevolent).

Identity of The Living Universe; The Eternal is (Mulkuth, Yesod and Hod), The Infinite is (Netzache, Tipareth and Geburah) and The Nothingness is the (Chesed, Daath and Binah). But at the end there is only Substance in (Chokmah and Kether).


The Entropy of Union under Cosmology/Astrophysics is the Universe, Order of It’s Entity the Virtual Release and Expansion of Experience and It’s Identity Substance God.

The Entropy of Union under Quantum Physics is the 7:7 Atomic structure, Order of The Entity of Protuding Quantum Binary and It’s Identity Substance God Realm.

The Entropy of Union under Divinity’s Realm is The Self, Order of the Entity of Monad and Identity of Substance Divine Quadriad (Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent and Omnibenevolent).

The Entropy of Union under The Living Universe is The Monadic Kingdom, Order of the Monadic Core and Identity of Substance (Chokmah and Kether).


For my final Light Proto-Type to complete the Triad:




Entropy of Religion; The Power is represented by The Pope, It’s Wisdom is in Prophets/Seers/Shamen and it’s Courage is found in it’s Warriors. But at the end you will only find The Selfless Unconditional Love of The Monks.

Entropy of Science; The Power is found in Commercial and Industry, The Wisdom is found in (Governments, Teachers and Churches) and it’s Courage is in The Working People. But at the end you will only find The Selfless Unconditional Love of The Light Seekers.

Entropy of Humanism; The Power is found in Activists and The Rebellious, The Wisdom is found in (Reiki Teachers, Scholars and Sen Sei) and Courage is found in the Humanitarian Social Workers. But at the end you will only find The Selfless Unconditional Love of the Modern Knights.

Entropy of Societal Epitome; The Power is found in A Sword, The Wisdom is found in A Book, The Courage is found in the form of A Lion. But at the end you will only find Selfless Unconditional Love of the heart relevant.



Order of Religion; The Protector is found in the Surgeon, It’s Mastermind is in the (Strategists and Political Heads) and it’s Architect is found in (Building Mechanical Parts and Structures). But at the end you will only find The Healing of The Priest.

Order of Science; The Protector is found in the Family Doctor, The Master Mind is found in the Psychologist/Neurologist and it’s Architect is found in (Building Machines for Elements air/wood/metal/water/fire/oil). But at the end you will only find The Healing of The Engineer.

Order of Humanism; The Protector is found in Nutritionists, The Master Mind is found in Philosophers and it’s Architect is found in (Building systems for sustainability). But at the end you will only find The Healing of The Educator.

Order of Societal Epitome; The Protector is found in (The Physical, Mental and Supplementary Body Specialist), The Master Mind is found in the (Causal/Mind/Brain Specialist), The Architect is found in (The Physical, Mental and Spiritual Extension Specialist).  But at the end you will only find The Healing of The World Healer Specialist.



Identity of Religion; The Lower Divinities is Demi-God, The Medium Divinities is known as The Angel/Deva and The Higher Divinities is Arch-Angels. But in the end there is only The Most High Divinity God.

Identity of Science; The Lower Divinities is The Nephilim, The Medium Divinities is known as The Higher Dimensional Manifest and The Higher Divinities has what is known as The True Manifest of the Divinities. But in the end there is only The Most High Divinity of The Big Bang.

Identity of Humanism; The Lower Divinities is The Giants, The Medium Divinities is known as The Guardian Spirits and The Higher Divinities has what is known as Gate Guardian Spirits. But in the end there is only Most High Divinity The 7:7 Perfect Body.

Identity of Societal Epitome; The Lower Divinities is God Form on Earth, The Medium Divinities is God Form in The Causal Spiritual World and The Higher Divinities is God Form in Maturation. But at the end there is only The Most High Divinity Collective Godhead.



The Entropy of Selfless Unconditional Love under Religion is the The Monks, Order of It’s Healers the Priest and It’s Identity of The Most High God.

The Entropy of Selfless Unconditional Love under Science is The Light Seekers, Order of The Healers The Engineer and It’s Identity For The Most High Divinity The Big Bang.

The Entropy of Selfless Unconditional Love under Humanism is The Modern Knights, Order of the Healer The Educator and Identity of The Most High Divinity 7:7 Perfect Body.

The Entropy of Selfless Unconditional Love under The Societal Epitome is The Heart, Order of the World Healer and Identity of The Most High Divinity Collective Godhead.


Here are the notes i used to create these engines of truth.


Esoteric God Transcendence, Mind Omega:

Ladder of Human God

Aspect and Ratio of Self Empowerment, Spirit Crossway:

Molecular and Aspect of Self

Above chart is used to define this diagram.

Kabblistic Cosmology and Esoteric

These are all the resources i used, go to Click here to read up on graphics and charts.



What Makes Us Human?


I often thought what is it about circumstances, conditions and events that change a person so drastically? Is it the pressure to do something great? Or is what makes a great story based on whether a person suffers and goes through drastic change? Is it the struggle a man must go through to find higher truths? Is it what we are willing to do in the face of pure survival?

I believe all this brings me to the idea that life is about respecting one another for your trials and testimonies about life. About relieving pains and suffering one goes through in the here and now. That we heal trauma, fears and sickness where it is necessary. To provide sanctuary is my priority and a home from insanity.

There’s a classic story of Moby Dick and a movie this year called “Heart of the Sea”.

The story tells of a crew that goes out to sea to go whale hunting for their “whale oils”. They run into something majestic, a force of nature they called Moby Dick the great white whale. And they were before hunters now found to be prey to it. The Great White Whale was only protecting it’s family, whereas the crew were mere hands to their vessel’s profiteers. They ended up stranded on a island because their ships were destroyed. Surviving and found eating raw fish, raw eggs anything they could put in their mouths to sustain there frail sea worn bodies. They left to sea to return home and did horrendous things like eat the corpses of their dead sea mates. They eventually got home, at least two of them did. I wasn’t sure who i was cheering for in the end but i was glad they were all safe and happy.

This raises the question of in the face of survival these men who were raised to be ethical, wise and godly. Thought of themselves as godly men were faced with the dilemma that was to not eat human flesh. Who set up the idea of what was moral in that situation? US in our minds we thought it was completely immoral to eat another man. It was just a rule we believed in our hearts was truly wrong. I believe if we let every wrong thing that we do in life haunt us it will destroy us. If we let it fester in our thoughts for too long we may be driven to do self damage in the end. They did what they had to do to survive. And so must another man in a world of desperation.

You cannot judge a man when you throw him to the sharks. Oh it is animal cruelty to what the man will do to the shark? Does anyone ever think oh it’s human cruelty because the shark will tear him apart? We need to think who side are we actually on? The humans or nature– or both and impartial? For me my answer is both and impartial. And i believe that’s where we all should be appreciating nature and the life of man at the same time.. but never rooting for a team like it were a football game.

Is a person still human after his morals and ethical self tested and found to be repulsed by what he has done? I think yes. He is tormented and troubled making him even more human I would say. If he weren’t troubled i then think he would very much be inhuman no matter how strong. If that infliction of trauma does not affect the person there is complete something wrong with the person.

picture reference:

Fractal Lives and Computed Reality

Breaking the Trinity Code:

You are living a fractal experience. This has 1 level in this trinity. Second image below has 5 levels.


This is a trinity, which represent geometrically the trinity of the holy bible scriptures.


The fractal here if you start with the 4 visible triangles you can see that there are triangles delving further down into the microcosm smaller and smaller  creating replicas of itself. This can be done into the macrocosm growing bigger and bigger into the universe also.

Before we get further let us get into the parallels of the green, blue and red variable that make up these plains.

Spectrum: (state), microcosm, mediocosm, macrocosm and ascended-value

Red: (physical), particle, bread, agitated matter and science

Blue: (mental), atom, wine, space and religion

Green: (spiritual), molecule, holy ghost, time and humanism

As you can see this matrix can be read from left to right and top to bottom. We will expand these words into a sound format.

Left to right: The category of spectrum will be in a state of form from there will contain the fields of microcosm, mediocosm and macrocosm. The last is an ascended value.

The microcosm is a smaller world of minimizing properties whereas macrocosm is a maximizing attribute. Mediocosm just means for it to be middle scale and inbetween in the universe. The ascended value describes a quantity with a z axis coordinate.

The category of red is aligned with the words physical from there particle, bread of christ and agitated matter of that parallel come about. The ascended value of Science is the result product.

The particle the smallest considered mass in life is of the microcosm world. The bread of christ represents the fuel or sustainance of life makes it the mediocosm. The agitated matter which represents solid form gives things shape. The result of science being the father or product of these things makes it tangible and logical in life.

The category of Blue is aligned with the words mental and the fields; atom, wine and space are identified. The ascended value of religion is achieved.

Atom or rather Adam is the smallest form that make up a material or substance in life. It’s close sound to Adam is not left by chance and refers back to it’s biblical roots. Wine is the blood of christ and represents the mind of christ. Space is a envelope or cushion for all celestial matter and it is a form of space memory. Religion is the given name and product that arises from this group.

The category of Green is aligned with the words spiritual, molecule, holy ghost and time. Humanism is achieved.  

The molecule is the spirit that makes an element what it is. The holy ghost is the spirit of christ ever vigilant, benevolent and sturdy. Time is the next subject that the quality of existence and being more tangible acording to expirey and age. With these qualities it retains the image of humanism we are only here for a short time physically attributing our eternal soul and to a life better spent to rest eternally humbled.


up and down: The colors are Red, Blue and Green. The state is physical, mental and spiritual. The microcosm is of particle, atom and quark. The mediocosm is of bread, wine and holy ghost. The macrocosm would be agitated matter, space and time. The ascended value would now be of science, religion and humanism.



These are worlds within worlds inside this fractal of microcosm and macrocosm and i propose the usage of a cone to describe what we are seeing here. There are always a duality in a sustainable system; good, bad. on, off. life, death. black, white. yin, yang. This is why there is an open top, a singularity in the middle and a open bottom. Nature loves symmetry so that enforces the duality system. If there is a black hole that sucks in material there must be a white hole else where spitting it out. If the big bang is expanding rapidly because of a initial grand explosion physics theorizes that it must collapse again until it is back to it’s potential to big bang again oscillating forever into the infinity of time. Each time possibly creating a better version of us and life as it progresses. Refining us as a creation in time.

To wrap this up, the red triangle (science), the blue triangle (religion) and green triangle (humanism) must come together to come to some sort of mutual understanding and work as collective to cooperate and that is where they will meet coordinates (0,0) in the middle of all the conflict and ascended to new territory into a different dimension of existence that is a 3 dimensional pyramid with a Z-value coordinate of depth. We were only working on a linear 2d plane before so the 3d value is a great significance to the study of the transitioning of worlds.

We create a 3 sided pyramid that is also the all seeing eye that governs life and it’s spectrum of creation what ever that may be. Hopefully the step by step account was clear in how i got to my conclusion.

My life As Society’s Hobbit. Dispell The Word Evil


Hobbit: Small people shorter then average with the ability to sneak by trouble quiet as a mouse. Let us dispell the delusion of genes. We all know that the genetic change of height is due to the generations of nutrition in mostly dairy and milk products accumulated throughout generations of life and their daily activity throughout life. We also know that the genes of a person for color of hair, or color of eyes is due to a mutation of genes due to a complex variety of variables like environment, or activity and sometimes just error in DNA coding. The amount of melanin in the skin can also cause darkness which helps protect us more from the radiation and harshness of the sun. The evolution to be able to soak more sunlight and soak more Vitamin D is a natural one through generations of living indoors and from more livable conditions. The mind is also a variable that is evolving that we still do not understand completely which controls the rate of these errors in coding but we also know coding can also be fatal in deformities and disorders. They can be a blessing and wonder but can also have a dark side in how many illnesses and disorders it can bring.

I am a Vietnamese guy from a war torn Lower Earth now communist country. Now, not to say communism is bad and that Facism any better. I believe the medium of the two is the child of the English and French two nations who were in great conflict before who have come together creating Canada the product child of some of the greatest nations in the world, a true representation of Democracy. This seems to be the medium or tame of the worlds extremes, i would call this Middle Earth. Where as Higher Earth would be with UK, Israel and Germany. Lower Earth would probably be China, Vietnam and Japan. I determined the Asia to be the Lower Earth and considered all things such as wealth, economics, health, overall appreciation for life and happiness. I also considered these categories because of the amount of conflict in those locations. It wasn’t difficult to say that Jewish have the upper hand on the conflict over the Islam conflict backed up by the worlds most powerful nations. The other countries not mentioned may have a hand in these conflicts but these are just sample sites of the most ideal candidates for living standards.

I have identified the most iconic sample sites to label my factors. Higher does not mean better and lower does not mean worse. They are frequencies. Highest pitched does not mean its better neither does lower. When put together they bring together a frequency that is in harmony and balanced. Only peaking and dipping to a standard amount in “Conflict/Chaos” but consistently moving forward in time changing it’s colors in succession maybe from cold to hot (can be measure of inefficiencies of energy use) or maybe even better brightness/luminescence. Considering that Lower Earth has traits such as intellect, balance, wisdom. Higher Earth would have control, abundance and power. Medium practicality, humanism and creativity and Maybe with this information we can determine a frequency or algorithm that is ideal best suited for life and set this as the standard frequency in which a society should set a standard to. That way we don’t over distribute and under distribute resources in a manner that makes life inefficient. Does it make sense to destroy what we can combine? What we lack we can help each other with. It doesn’t make sense for wisdom to fight and kill off power or creativity.

“Into the fire of Mt. Moridor Sam! We must destroy the ring!” We must destroy the ring of power. That is the ring that rules them all. If we are moving towards a place where we want to some how rule the entire planet. This mentality is wrong. We must work together as a people, as humanity to solve our human problems. We should be coming together for ideas and this is an idea i think people should contemplate on. The movement for “One World to rule the World”. Before the idea of who is best swallows us all and destroys all hope of ever lasting peace on Earth. Last i heard we might be learning Chinese pretty soon. Or run by a corporate rogue owned U.S.A. While Canada is doing it’s thing shy and timid, we are in the right position to press for something like this. We are in the correct political situation, condition and circumstance to tell the world what we want.

So why haven’t we?

Chapter 1-4 – Ethos Syndicate; The Book of Star


Book 2 Ethos syndicate; The Book of Star

Chapter 1: Identity

Identity: the ideas, qualities and beliefs that make a particular person or group.


Identity> Courage, Truth and Love

Courage: mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty.

Truth:  the things that are fact, the quality or state of being true.

Love: a feeling of strong or constant affection and unconditional positive feelings for people/place/thing.

Sentences> Nothingness, Darkness, Emptiness, Goodness, Beauty, Truth, Will to Change, Emotions, Intellect, Changes, Attributes and Consciousness.

Identity> Courage, Truth and Love> Nothingness

Absolute silence in a mind is necessary for thoughts to come through. Silence in a classroom is necessary for the voice of a teacher to be heard. Space in a spokes of a wheel is necessary for it to work properly. There are many ways nothingness can be handy but it is very necessary indeed.

Identity> Courage, Truth and Love> Darkness

When speaking about darkness; it is good to know where your darkness lies and to see it and monitor it. Not to focus on it but to keep it in peripheral sight. The need to define your darkness is something necessary in order to be free of any hold it has on you. Insight and understanding of it’s nature and why it is dark may give a better perspective. In the end there is always light no matter how dark it gets once it is understood with darkness lifted it will be many times brighter. Short tempers, lust, curiosity of unknown, deviant fantasy, abuse, death are namely the ones that are in the general mainstream.

Identity> Courage, Truth and Love> Emptiness

When speaking about Emptiness you are talking about the times when you needed space from people, room to breath and move about. It’s the emptiness that brings you boredom and boredom brings you to a whole new level of creativity. It is emptiness that gives you space to fill in that void with something wholesome and good like knowledge. An empty slate is what a person needs to start something new and emptiness brings about this new inspiration to fill the void.

Identity> Courage, Truth and Love> Goodness

Goodness is in that of high quality, to be virtuous and righteous.

Identity> Courage, Truth and Love> Beauty

the qualities in a person or a thing that give pleasure to the senses or the mind.

Identity> Courage, Truth and Love> Truth

the things that are fact, the quality or state of being true.

Identity> Courage, Truth and Love> Will to Change

the ability to make different in some unspecified way. To be open to change.

Identity> Courage, Truth and Love> Emotions

a strong feeling from the heart/spirit/mind.

Identity> Courage, Truth and Love> Intellect

the ability to think in a logical way

Identity> Courage, Truth and Love> Changes

to become different

Identity> Courage, Truth and Love> Attributes

an inherent characteristic

Identity> Courage, Truth and Love> Conciousness

the quality or state of being aware especially of something within oneself



knowledge about or study of the natural world based on facts learned through experiments and observation

Science> Energy, Responsibility and Wisdom>

-Energy: the physical or mental strength that allows you to do things

-Responsibility: a duty or task that you are required or expected to do

-Wisdom: knowledge of what is proper or reasonable through experience/knowledge.


Sentences> Relinquishment, Lightness, Evenness, Argument, Empiricism, Simplicity, Humility, Perfectionism, Precision, Scholarship, Void and Curiosity.

Science> Energy, Responsibility and Wisdom> Relinquishment>

-To give something up by test of fire. A cleansing process of what you want to keep based on your virtues.

Science> Energy, Responsibility and Wisdom> Lightness

-Relieve yourself of constraints and let the natural current take you.

Science> Energy, Responsibility and Wisdom> Evenness

-Do not fight for one side or another, be transparent.

Science> Energy, Responsibility and Wisdom> Argument

-Test yourself through honesty so that reality can judge you.

Science> Energy, Responsibility and Wisdom> Empiricism

-To rely on practical experience

Science> Energy, Responsibility and Wisdom> Simplicity

-The state of being simple, uncomplicated, or uncompounded

Science> Energy, Responsibility and Wisdom> Humility

-The quality or state of being humble.

Science> Energy, Responsibility and Wisdom> Perfectionism

-The doctrine that the perfection of moral character constitutes a person’s highest good

Science> Energy, Responsibility and Wisdom> Precision

-Exactly or sharply defined or stated

Science> Energy, Responsibility and Wisdom> Scholarship

-To have studied a subject for a long time and know a lot about it : to be that person who is intelligent and well-educated who knows a particular subject very well.

Science> Energy, Responsibility and Wisdom> Void

-State of mind reading anticipation.

Science> Energy, Responsibility and Wisdom> Curiosity

-Desire to know.


a system of values and beliefs that is based on the idea that people are basically good and that problems can be solved using reason instead of religion.

Humanism> Hope, Faith and Redemption>

Hope: to cherish a desire with anticipation.

Faith: strong belief or trust in someone or something

Redemption: the act of making something better or more acceptable.


Humanism> Humility, Prudence, Wisdom, Patience, Reserve, Gentleness, Zeal, Vigilance, Piety, Generosity, Gravity and Silence>

Humanism> Hope, Faith and Redemption> Humility> 

-The quality or state of not thinking you are better than other people

Humanism> Hope, Faith and Redemption> Prudence

-Careful good judgment that allows someone to avoid danger or risks

Humanism> Hope, Faith and Redemption> Wisdom

-Knowledge of what is proper or reasonable

Humanism> Hope, Faith and Redemption> Patience

-Able to remain calm and not become annoyed when waiting for a long time or when dealing with problems or difficult people

Humanism> Hope, Faith and Redemption> Reserve

-To find self control; to keep to yourself for a special or future use

Humanism> Hope, Faith and Redemption> Gentleness

-Having or showing a kind and quiet nature

Humanism> Hope, Faith and Redemption> Zeal

-A strong feeling of interest and enthusiasm that makes someone very eager or determined to do something.

Humanism> Hope, Faith and Redemption> Vigilance

-Alertly watchful especially to avoid danger.

Humanism> Hope, Faith and Redemption> Piety

-Devotion to God : the quality or state of being pious.

Humanism> Hope, Faith and Redemption> Generosity

-The quality of being kind, understanding, and not selfish

Humanism> Hope, Faith and Redemption> Gravity

-A very serious quality or condition : the condition of being grave or serious

Humanism> Hope, Faith and Redemption> Silence

-To know when to start and stop talking.



an organized system of beliefs, ceremonies, and rules used to worship a god or a group of gods.

Religion> Son, Father and Holy Ghost.

Son: View from 1st person (son)

Father: View from 2nd person (father)

Holy Ghost: View from 3rd person (spirit)


Religion> Son, Father and Holy Ghost> Compassion, Valor, Justice, Sacrifice, Honor, Spirituality, Humility, Friendship, Generosity, Courtesy, Piety, and Honesty.

Religion> Son, Father and Holy Ghost> Compassion>

-Sympathetic consciousness of others’ distress together with a desire to alleviate it.

Religion> Son, Father and Holy Ghost> Valor

-Strength of mind or spirit that enables a person to encounter danger with firmness.

Religion> Son, Father and Holy Ghost> Justice

-The process or result of using laws to fairly judge and punish crimes and criminals.

Religion> Son, Father and Holy Ghost> Sacrifice

-The act of giving up something that you want to keep especially in order to get or do something else or to help someone.

Religion> Son, Father and Holy Ghost> Honor

-Respect that is given to someone who is admired.

Religion> Son, Father and Holy Ghost> Spirituality

-The quality or state of being concerned with religion or religious matters

Religion> Son, Father and Holy Ghost> Humility

-The quality or state of being humble

Religion> Son, Father and Holy Ghost> Friendship

-One attached to another by affection or esteem.

Religion> Son, Father and Holy Ghost> Generosity

-the quality of being kind, understanding, and not selfish.

Religion> Son, Father and Holy Ghost> Courtesy

-Polite behavior that shows respect for other people

Religion> Son, Father and Holy Ghost> Piety

-Marked by or showing reverence for deity and devotion to divine worship

Religion> Son, Father and Holy Ghost> Honesty

-fairness and straightforwardness of conduct


Book: Ethos Syndicate; Book of Star

Chapter: Identity, Science, Humanism or Religion.

Paragraph: Courage, Truth and Love. Energy, Responsibility and Wisdom. Hope, Faith and Redemption. Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

Sentence: Nothingness, Darkness, Emptiness, Goodness, Beauty, Truth, Will to Change, Emotions, Intellect, Changes, Attributes and Consciousness. Relinquishment, Lightness, Evenness, Argument, Empiricism, Simplicity, Humility, Perfectionism, Precision, Scholarship, Void and Curiosity. Humility, Prudence, Wisdom, Patience, Reserve, Gentleness, Zeal, Vigilance, Piety, Generosity, Gravity and Silence. Compassion, Valor, Justice, Sacrifice, Honor, Spirituality, Humility, Friendship, Generosity, Courtesy, Piety, and Honesty.

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Star of Morality, Ethics and Humanity

Science, Religion and Humanism.

This is a fruit of my work. I will attempt a 3d model and labels as soon as i am able to orientate all the correct codes, virtues and values — I’ll probably call it the Ethos of Syndicates maybe. Here is Science, Religion and Humanity stars of ethos syndicate you wanted. Its a map out of all the qualities of being human. Enjoy.

STARS: POINT 12 to 1





stars-Star of Religion-page-001






stars-Core of Religion-page-001


from ashes

For my post that goes into detail what these are:

The Human Direction; Something better

No matter what crazy theories i may come up with. No matter what world i idealize and how hard i idealize our future. It doesn’t change the fact that the world is imperfect. Full of disease, physical and mental sickness, tragedy, destruction, hate, sadness and abuse. But more than that it is human succession into a better world. We know what is good and we know what is bad. That is the difference from us and animals, we have ideas, thoughts and a conscience. We improve based on our experiences/other’s experiences and based on that we create something better then before. Since we gravitate more towards what is best in the world there is a better chance that we can see the change in which we want to see. Negative, backwards thinking, destructive thinking is natural but there are consequences to this type of thinking where as the opposite will bring constructive; even if the blocks you build your world with are a different color or different shape it will still be an improvement and will work.

So lets be constructive thinkers and when a person is wrong tell them to do the right thing and work towards the world they want to be in. There is evil out there out of sickness there’s no changing that but if we put enough love into something you can be sure it’ll rub off somewhere else and someone will learn a good lesson from it. I try to practice doing a deed a day to make someone else happy. Something as simple as throwing out a piece garbage someone just threw on the sidewalk can be one. Or helping a blind person find the right bus. Making conversation and joking around with a stranger for a smile. Just doing something that makes the world a little brighter is the intent. I won’t go out of my way to find a kitten in a tree to save but if i come across one i would do what i can. We’re all warriors out here trying to get through this life in one piece. It’s very easy to be broken and wounded. What’s worse is to end before we get to experience the fullness and highest peak of life.

I just want to say to people to keep pushing for tomorrow and holding on to whats dear until we find a way to resolve our problems; like money, sickness, poverty, homelessness, death, destruction and world conflicts. There are many things that need to be overcome in order to see the life we want to see on Earth. There is so much work and so little time to do it. Population, pollution, sanity on a large scale all working against us. The direction in life is to be a contributing beneficiary to the overall human life’s quality of life. There’s no other way to put it, We make what we envision is right in our minds but what is right for everyone as a whole is a different story. We create the masterpiece as we imagine what it is to live an ideal life. We cannot change a homosexual’s sexual orientation but that’s his business and he’s human and he has the same needs as you do and his picture of the world may be a little different but we all have different taste in things because we’re different people. We need to respect that.

To be human is to error; and error we shall, but we will improve with time. Hope in humanity. Faith in our future. And redemption from our wrongs is what we should focus on because this is what human life is about and represents. Might, right and bright  as the stars do we will as they do. Lost in space but glowing brightly governing our children planets with grace and forgiveness like our Sun and Earth! Earth, Moon and the Sun have a divine relationship in that they are perfect and aligned correctly in order to sustain life.. keep this in mind as a comparison: The moon as the holy spirit. The Earth as the Son. And our Sun (Sol) as to the father. This system can be seen through the nature of each. The Moon controls the mood/tides of earth associated with the spirit, The Earth is the Child of the Sun having human characteristics because it is moving towards a more divine/spherical shape. The Sun is the father because it governs all the planets and breaths life into earth to sustain it.

Technology, Divinity and Humanism.

Okay so theory time!

The reason why i’m trying to put both artificial life in the same category as divine life is because of how they may view us and vice versa how we view them. They are the two most powerful influence in our human society, deities of religion and artificial life of technology. Both are polar opposites but help in different ways. Artificial life may not know better but we can’t blame them for what they do because of what they are – tools. Though Deities have consciences and thought and hearts to understand and comprehend what they do. To study these two side by side would be a most interesting venture as artificial life is as real as deities in this world. Artificial life being far in the future but very possible. Deities are rumored and idealized throughout history from the far past, or far future.. i’ll explain.

If the heavens were eternal then that would mean the start and end would be in the same place would it not? Maybe deities came from our future but came back from a different time/dimension because the work load is mostly in the past. Maybe deity’s are a product of the future so i would identify them as part of the future. Just as science grew from the primitive’s carts to a vehicle of today the future is also there with science. The two forces that influence our future, technology and divinity.

In a matter of how they view us. We may be viewed as a small, insignificant and sometimes trivial because we act on impulse and emotion which they(deities/artificial life)  may view that as dangerous. It’s dangerous if we implement emotion into artificial life because they may act on their emotions and that is undesirable. Animals have emotions we just have a much more vast range of emotions. I wouldn’t imagine deities having any bigger of a range of emotions, as long as we can define it we can feel it. Emotion is about comprehending what is felt, knowing a definition of an emotion is enough to pinpoint what it is on the scale they are feeling. Thought is what we have above all animals; to access information, comprehend the situation and put forward authoritative decisions. As much as we want to argue we have heart over animals, animals feel love, hate and sorrow too just in a very basic form.

In this era at the moment, it is still quite dangerous for those who can die from mortal wounds. Why would a demi-human risk it’s life to explore a world when it’s safer up at home where it can do all it’s thinking and decision making there? But then again we risk our lives as humans going out into the world every day. Ignorance, arrogance, selfishness may be a factor but also maybe it’s their duty to be an anonymous beneficial factor in life. Though the world needs more teachers, extra hands of service and most of all better vessels for ideas! Their grace, their ideas and their morals/ethics are wasted if that is what they are known for. People do what they want, there is some uniformity in the product the United Nations but the world is still separated into different peoples with very different ideas of what is right. I guess people are already capable of grace, ideas and moral/ethics. But people may be still ignorant blind of the world around them, selfish and arrogant, prideful, hateful and really angry. It’s really a cluster bomb of a mess with both sides being what they are.

In “Timaeus” by Plato. He speaks of a world that is earthly, chaotic and changing and a divine world that is perfect, ruled by order but never changing. If our world is this ball of chaos that is in the process of sounding like this divine world, that of which is perfect.. maybe our worlds are not on two different plains but on one plain, universe and in one time line.. where the heavens is our future destination and hell was our developing beginnings of when the world was made. It doesn’t have to be whole different worlds, but more of a destination where ascending to a more divine state is the changing current in time. We’re moving towards a better life and world every day that passes, and we owe it to those around us living with us to make life possible for others to experience life to it’s fullest also. At the same time managing our resources and water – finding different means of energy to get away from this crude dead plant and animal form of energy that happens to be harming our environment.

If only we could harness the power of the stars. Just a small dense star the size of a basketball heavy enough to have a small gravitational field, and then to tap into that energy to power homes and movie theaters and companies. Clean energy, advancing technology for creating safe replicated food/a better way to produce fresh organic produce. Converting our abundance of salt water to potable drinking water. All this done through energy. If we can just envision it everyday in our lives maybe we’ll gravitate towards it even more then we currently are. How do we know what we are looking for if we don’t know what we are looking for. Am i right?


  1. an outlook or system of thought attaching prime importance to human rather than divine or supernatural matters. Humanist beliefs stress the potential value and goodness of human beings, emphasize common human needs, and seek solely rational ways of solving human problems.
    Coolio. think i found my niche.