Perceptions, Illusions and manipulative variables










The decoding an encrypted universe of experience:

5 senses:

Perception of Sight:

Medium eye

Variable light

Objective: manipulate/distort light.


Perception of Sound:

Medium – Ear

Variable sound waves

Objective:  manipulate/distort pressure.


Perception of Nervous tissues for touch:

Medium – Nervous system: //

Variable Neurons or particle alignment//

Objective:  manipulate/distort neuron interaction or mass.


Perception of Taste:

Medium – Taste bud

Variable: balance of sensation of taste  for illusion of taste.

Objective:  manipulation/distortion of appeal and taste of a culinary dish/environment.


Perception of Smell: olfactory epithelium

Medium- Nose

Variable: balance of sensation of smell for illusion of smell.

Objective: manipulation/distortion of appeal and smell of culinary dish/environment.


Perception of existence: combination of all 5 perceptions working simultaneously.

Medium: Brain

Variable: balance of understanding through scientific facts and faith with influence from touch, taste, smell, sound and sight.

Objective: Manipulation of environment or perception of environment. Changing time, space and dimension.

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