Illusions and technology

The decoding an encrypted universe of experience:

5 senses:


Understanding the world around us; Perception of reality, truth through trial and error. Ideally we are searching for a way to change the environment we’re in, to manipulate matter, space and time itself. We can trick ourselves to believe with mind games that things are the way they are but wouldn’t it be even more amazing to be able to change a living structure like a tree in bearing giant beans for example? To maybe even see what the future is like.. or move at the speed of light to habitable planets far away? The distant future is all about advanced technology, Lets say we can do the impossible through science and at the peak of our research we discover just one of these things. It will change everything about the world we live in. Instant transportation, unlimited food supply, unlimited storing space, high speed information, visits to exotic planets not to exclude the living environment like architecture.



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