Time travel and alternate lives: My direction in life.

I’ve always felt like I’ve done something significant in time that I cannot understand or comprehend. I have made many choices in my life that was life altering, important decisions I decided I’d rather turn away from and let it disappear. I’m not sure what type of person I am in the future. Though it feels although he is present from time to time. It’s me but not of my time. I feel like everything bad that happened before is all undone and everything good that I did while living that time frame is disappearing. Like it never existed. I don’t understand how living under different conditions and living under different circumstances may change a person so radically enough as to make a person for example an all powerful suit of evil or a masterful genius of some higher level intellect. What level of ethics divide them.. or is it knowledge of what needs to be sacrificed in order to obtain greater power, intellect something that is enough to twist a man from innocent to guilty?


What is the fork or dividing line that lead a man to become what he is in the end. Or will it be a shade of grey a little of both worlds somewhere in the middle? Exploring the Grey spectrum world with aspirations for an ideal world of good is the fork I took. Building, trying hard to not faulter. Dodging bullets of life. Delving into worlds of illusions; video games, books, movies, music.. my own piece of mind. Though the longer I stay in this grey world the more I feel I am drained spiritually.. like the dullness of it all. Don’t talk too loud. Don’t think bad things. Keep your hands to yourself. All the things you teach yourself oppressing your spirit from flying free. I’m in a cage basically with walls of glass separating us. You know that stimulating all our senses is healthy. Edmonton, home of job security, stability, homes and free medical care. It’s a working city, boring but safe. Safe is all i need. Or is it?

Perceptions, Illusions and manipulative variables










The decoding an encrypted universe of experience:

5 senses:

Perception of Sight:

Medium eye

Variable light

Objective: manipulate/distort light.


Perception of Sound:

Medium – Ear

Variable sound waves

Objective:  manipulate/distort pressure.


Perception of Nervous tissues for touch:

Medium – Nervous system: //

Variable Neurons or particle alignment//

Objective:  manipulate/distort neuron interaction or mass.


Perception of Taste:

Medium – Taste bud

Variable: balance of sensation of taste  for illusion of taste.

Objective:  manipulation/distortion of appeal and taste of a culinary dish/environment.


Perception of Smell: olfactory epithelium

Medium- Nose

Variable: balance of sensation of smell for illusion of smell.

Objective: manipulation/distortion of appeal and smell of culinary dish/environment.


Perception of existence: combination of all 5 perceptions working simultaneously.

Medium: Brain

Variable: balance of understanding through scientific facts and faith with influence from touch, taste, smell, sound and sight.

Objective: Manipulation of environment or perception of environment. Changing time, space and dimension.

Illusions and technology

The decoding an encrypted universe of experience:

5 senses:


Understanding the world around us; Perception of reality, truth through trial and error. Ideally we are searching for a way to change the environment we’re in, to manipulate matter, space and time itself. We can trick ourselves to believe with mind games that things are the way they are but wouldn’t it be even more amazing to be able to change a living structure like a tree in bearing giant beans for example? To maybe even see what the future is like.. or move at the speed of light to habitable planets far away? The distant future is all about advanced technology, Lets say we can do the impossible through science and at the peak of our research we discover just one of these things. It will change everything about the world we live in. Instant transportation, unlimited food supply, unlimited storing space, high speed information, visits to exotic planets not to exclude the living environment like architecture.