Light Expanded Experiment

Light experiment 12-Layout1-page-001 Light experiment 121-Layout1-page-001


This is the Light Model with with 12 dimensions it makes a 2D circle thus 2D plane. This is the Light model with 121 dimensions it makes a sphere thus 3D plane. As you can see there’s a slight difference from 12 to 121 dimensions in that there is depth of darkness, lightness and sides to the now spherical light model over the previous 2 dimensional light model.

The light source in the center can be the sun, 12 spheres surrounding it representing the hours in a day (time) or planets, light and wave produced per stem of each star branch and the particle in between the waves is a photon particle. represented as a miniature star. To convert mass to pure energy is an objective i’d like people to accomplish. As it looks like the power to convert air/water to energy has been successful in the article about a car running on converted water. (link button bugged out, have to google it or have complete faith on me. =))

I had a little bit of spare time so i made these for your viewing pleasure on my PC using Autocad a vector precise program.

This is my vision. To manipulate light so to emulate it and make it multi-dimensional.

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