A Glimpse into the Unknowable


Dream inspired revelation,

“Life.. Some call it a gift. I know it by heart, it was a curse of delusions.”

“I took my enemies and imprisoned them in an artificial world. So that they and their children may suffer death, despair and war. I made this world for my revenge, to torment and calm my hatred for the flesh I did once call my own. I control the rips and tears in space-time and all I do is think of a place and it appears before me. You think you are free but what you experience is not reality. It is a bird’s cage of artificial non-living properties, forever temporary and not a touch of divine life you were made for before.”

He took human history (if you would call it that) and changed it; it was warped and distorted and never stayed consistent.. None of the tools we had would ever be able to record time and events like it has now. The prophet’s daughter like him will control the rifts and of course every being he fears he makes an enemy of. His daughter will become his downfall.. but love is universal, stronger than any force and of course with love will bring an offspring. She will bring order back to the world and free those wrongly accused and exiled by the prophet.

We will be free once more.

Human history will never be the same again..

“As for The Creator, before him you will go through me. The Grand Architect. It will be revealed that the Cipher, The Bride and The Other will play a critical role in my demise. And the Child begotten by my one love will be my undoing. As Cronus who ate his children as they were born. So shall I to a degree before I too will be thrown among the mortals”.

Twist, the creator is also the architect who initially was the prophet. The Creator gets dethroned by his daughter knowing his fate all too well and he learns to live and make life on Earth work. Despite the flaws and the trials of hardship faith in humanity is restored once the creator decided to live his own story and determined for himself that human kind was the solution to conflict in the heavens and hell. That the hardship learned in living life on Earth gave a waypoint and foundation for all life and possibilities. The life that men shared was actually a gift to everyone including his enemies. And that where he found only enemies under these conditions on Earth is where he would find them as friends.

Universal Paradigm; A Humanist Perspective Of Everything Mapped. Free 33 page pdf of writing.

The Book of Universal Paradigms

^click link for free pdf download. 33 pages read.


It’s done! the poems and written parts are complete. Maybe need some illustrations. I’ll keep it free to download until i decide otherwise.

The system allows you to see between the lines of matrices in life. The connections, roots and deviations are in the  threads that hold the world together. Once you can read the system, order is in place and we can identify the problems. Conflict won’t be such a big deal as long as we navigate out of it in time with the right planning, preparations and mentality. The inspiration for writing this is out of unconditional love; compassion, understanding and communication.

I might have used the word cool in there once, forgive me. This work is free because i’m not sure how the world will take it. Hopefully with a grain of salt. I worked pretty hard on it, proof read it a few times. I’m sure it could be better if i had a publisher. But i just wanted the project off my chest until i figure out what i want to do with it later.

Art from www.trueangelarium.com

Chapter 2: Squidman the Timetraveler; Love and Time Machines.


Chapter 2: Love and Time Machines

I asked “So did you see the original Squidman’s face?” he responded “yes, and i’m not bent on revenge but i would like to talk to him.” i question him “what’s there to talk about other then how he killed your wife..?” “I don’t know anyways he was a tall Caucasian man around his 40s Mediterranean perhaps he was Greek most definitely. The tools he had at the cave also pointed to the fact he may have lived on the island of Crete. Knossos, Minotaurs and Labrynths was referenced all over his book of Prophecy and along with roman coins. I guess he was a collector of some sort. There are many questions i have for him such as how he came to be the squidman himself, or whether the place we went to even allowed us to age, how long he’s been there and what he plans on doing with his time travel abilities. Was he just a victim to circumstance and condition?. I exclaimed “We’ll never know now, so who cares. He could be anywhere in the world.”

Future me says “I’m going to travel to Crete and see if i can find any clues about this man. How hard is it going to be to find a man from the wrong time era?” 16 hours and $1500 later he was in Crete. And I was in search of a man cited in the Prophecy book by the name of Eric Loren Jeffery who i found out doesn’t exist at least in how far back the Jeffrey tree went back. But looking at genealogy trees today the Surname Jeffrey was one of the richest Houses in the United States. So i decided i’d look into it even though the USA was at the moment a war zone but if i ran into trouble i could just time travel backwards if anything bad happens. I made my way to Boston where it was secured to the teeth. No one could move in or out. I was patted down 3 times and then went through 2 scanners just so i could get in the city. The houses were boarded up or had steel shutters and the entire streets were abandoned. It was like a ghost town. Even so high above there were lights lit in rooms on the upper floors. I buzzed to speak at the mansion. “Hello” i said “Hello! i would like to talk to a resident of Jeffreys please.” “Who may i ask is speaking?” trying to sound genuine and honest “I’ve traveled very far and i’m just someone who is very interested in your history. May we speak?”.

The gate opened and i sigh with relief. The mansion was ginormous and i’m sure the estate worth is in the millions. i made my way up it’s broad walkways to the mansion door. I was greeted by a butler which i’m surprised anyone still had. I guess they were wealthy enough to get through the depression. The first question i asked was “how on earth were you able to afford all these things and survive under these circumstances?” The woman answered perseverance, good planning and stocking is all i’ve done. All around the house were pallets and pallets of costco water and dried/canned foods. The whole room had walls covered in supplements and vitamins. She says “You pay less when you buy in bulk”. I just stared for a while and then i asked “My main reason for being here is to ask about your family history as in, do you know of any one in your family who has known or lived as a time traveler?” She says “It’s a dark history. One i’m forbade from telling but under these circumstances and my age i refuse to take it to my grave. Yes, i had an great great grandfather who apparently came from no where and was obsessed with time travel, spoke of it all the time. Rumors had it he was from the wrong generation as if he got frozen in time and dropped into the modern times. He had many books from our ancestors handed down from many generations before. We’ve lived here for a very long time and we never ever throw anything out. We have all my great great grandfather’s tools, gear and even ugly sweaters

I am led through a bunch of corridors to this obscene little door way into the bottom basement. Where i realized there was so much work to be done. I found out that there were people who were time travelers of their time but now very much passed away. It said here he abandoned his wife at age 30 and child of 5, 8 and 13 and never came back. He apparently left a gaping hole of history from 200,012 BC to the 1715s. He wrote journals but they were mostly Greek until 1723 when he started writing in English. His last words were “in my desk hidden under the hidden panel. A list of apologies”. I ripped open the desk drawers and turned it all upside down. The middle drawer had a sliding bottom. There was the apologies letter he apologized for vandalizing Fredrick Anistons Naylor TF 1700 out of anger. Leaving his wife and children. Faking his references for his first job at the Daily News. And for the death of Amelia Stratos bless her soul in the after life. Amelia Stratos was John Stratos’ wife who died of by autopsy a force from inside the neck, the mouth gaping and dislocated jaw. All neck arterioles torn from the inside from pressurized force. Death cause was unknown.

I call Future me quickily and tell him he’s looking of a John Stratos. He answers “Great that you have a lead. i am truly tired of this island, it is enormous! but now with a name i can find him easier. How did you manage to find out who he was?” I say “In one of the book of Prophecy’s citation he mentioned being a prodigy to a man by the name of  Eric Loren Jeffrey’s. The problem was he’s not from his time so he’s not even in the genealogy of the tree as far as it goes back. He convinced the people from his distant family that he was a time traveler meaning he had the device but it malfunction because it was incomplete so he was stuck in the time line. Meaning John Stratos is the one who continued his work and progressed it to it’s abilities today. There are only 5 devices mentioned. Eric Loren Jeffery’s had the prototype and put John Stratos where he was that day you ran into him in the cave. I’m having his very first journal come back translated right now by the woman who lives here in Boston.

His story before was like a fairy tale, a myth or legend. It starts off as: Once upon a time there was a Great ruler of a place called Lemuria. Lemuria was a place of great technological advances. The Ruler of Lemuria was upholding the balance of the world, peace and prosperity. One day one of his subjects who was entrusted with locking up the technology of time travel away from everyone because of the consequence and implications of time travel it was seen dangerous was found testing it out secretively. He also had a wife and children but he secretly had mistresses on the side and this was frowned on. So anyone found tinkering in time and experimenting on it would be exiled. The King of Lemuria found out and he administered a dosage of justice and told him to use his project immediately knowing the complexity of the work which was not yet complete and no one knew where it would take him  for it was also multidimensional. The king cursed him and told him “where ever you go you cannot hide for you will live with this deformity and likeness of a squid. I hear by banish you from this realm and world”. And with that the Man was exiled from the dimensional heavens into a secluded corner of the map of the world. His studies and work have been to get back to that dimension and area of the world where his family resides. The cursed man who will never find love again.

Metamorphosis and The Book of Infinity


How my work is formatted: Think of it as a game. The order is Red, Green and Blue. The pattern from cold to warm, negative to positive and low frequency to high frequency. More complex patterns are micro to macro, primitive to ideal and alpha to omega.


Is the end of a cycle where something must adapt in order to survive. Usually wrapping itself in a cocoon and transforming in a way that allows it a new path to tread. As a caterpillar: From the plain of the horizontal world to the vertical plain of the world of the sky. Through coordinates x, y, z i am able to visit the world of space and study all things of matter (Things, people and places). Through past, present and future visiting different times to gain it’s history, it’s progress and valued successes. In Heaven, Hell and Earth i will obtain it’s most vital traits, values and ideals of all dimensions. Those built for my survival as well as that which brings me change and to be better. I will extract and excavate the world of information and chip away at it until i am able to define the soul. What it does, it’s essence and how it does things the way it does.

For what is man but to identify itself with a bigger entity, to gain identity and to be the essence that he was made to be. In the end the most valuable traits from the world of dimensions is perseverance, redemption and love. In the world of space is consciousness, identity and ideals. In the world of time; power, wisdom and courage. This is the synthesis of the order and through time there are no things more vital and important than these traits.

Book: Infinity

Paragraph: Time, Space and Dimension

Sentences: Past, Present and Future, X,Y,Z Cordinates, Hell, Earth and Heaven.

Synthesized Ideal words:

Power, Wisdom and Courage, Consciousness, Identity and Ideals, Perseverance, Redemption and Love.


Wake the hero of infinity. He slumbers within you. This is all you need to know to rip the tides and cut your path to the beginning. To the End of the race. The world of the microcosm and macrocosm combined to create a transcending loop that is infinity. To adapt, learn by experience and realize your potential is the goal of the game. There is nothing more to realize except first person, second person and third person bodies. The Body, The Mind and The Soul is the gateway to the 1st person, 2nd person and 3rd person perspective. And all of experience is through the Son Father and Holy Ghost. There is only one word that ties this network together and that is the word God. Your acceptance of this idea whether you understand the events that have led up to this point is up to you.

This is the final book and the depth of time, space and dimension is vast therefore there will be no book. Infinity will continue to add on to the book that is life itself and Book of Eternity: Life, Eternity: Death, Ethos Syndicate: Star, Divinity: Hell, Divinity: Earth and Divinity: Heaven will be relevant until the end of time. The last piece to the puzzle to complete it is Infinity. And a seed is sowed. Whispers in the wind, this old tree of life, and apple in hand. Knowledge that broke us we will mend.

Do you see the colors? Can you read the matrices of life? The abstract ley lines that produce this web of logic, rationalism and intrinsic design? This is no third eye. This is the answer to what the soul is, disturbing, confusing and harmonic. These words are not my own, i am guided by warm fuzzies from the bottom of my heart. Possessed you may say by pure spirit’s emotion and passion to write meaningful purposeful and understandable things. There are three of us and we speak as one. There is beauty in words.. thoughts and actions. This thing i have created is subconscious humanized light and it embodies those who practice it. Read, Learn and Write and you too will believe.

Sacred Geometry

Phi, pi and Euler imbued in the Giza pyramid, music, Fibonacci, metatron cube, Kabulah, Star of David, Pentagram, the heart, platonic shapes, words, paragraphs and chapters positive thinking.. everything, oscillation, light, male female energy the yin and yang, fractals, dimensions, thinking as a collective. This path has led me up to here and looks like someone has already understood it better/illustrated and explained it a thousands times better then i ever could.

It starts off telling about female and male energy. The polar opposite component energies that all humans have inside them. Male energy is suppose to be rigid and squared whereas female energy is curved and circular. The energy is controlled by your right female part of the brain (creativity) and left male brain (focused). The Yin and Yang are a good representation of this balance of forces in a person. Male energy is also very linear and narrow whereas female energy is about being open minded sometimes almost moving in a oscillating state.

The Fibonacci law is basically a law that adds it’s previous number with its current to get the next number and so forth starting from 1. It creates a outward spiral effect that is related to the universal constant phi. It is found in nature most of the time.

Phi is also called the golden mean being a universal constant going on forever just like Pi and Euler. These three constants are the only none repeating constants that go on forever. They can all be found in one structure in the world called the Giza Pyramid.

The Giza pyramid is a interesting complex in that it is built and aligned with the constellation of Orion. There are actually 3 pyramids that reflect the three stars of the constellation of Orion. The Pyramid of Giza has the constant pi, phi and euler imbued in it. It was amazingly said to have been built from the top down which brings me to assume it was created in a way that we do not yet understand yet with our current technologies. The pyramid of giza is said to be the solution to squaring of a circle which was said to be impossible in world of mathematics until they discovered these constants in the giza pyramids and it’s construction.

The flower of life is a pattern as seen above that makes 6 circles that create a 6 petal flower. It holds geometric shapes within it such as a cube, the egg of life, Kabulah, Metatron cube, a pentagram, hexagon, the fruit of life and other very important geometric shapes. If you are not familiar with these shapes here are some brief descriptions. It consists of 16 circles. And has a “zone of hullucida” all cells have this “zone of hullucida”.

Cube: 4 sided object with equal sides.


Egg of life: 8 circles seemly overlapped to make a 3 dimensional cube of circles. It is the morphic essence of what your starting embryotic cells are made of. This 8 circle egg structure is the embryotic cell that creates the color of your eyes, heart, liver and basically all parts of your body.

Kabulah: Is an ancient Nemurian/Atlantian/Jewish tree that is represented by a planets on the sides and an evolving state of elements from the bottom as the elements moves to Moon, Earth, Sirius to the crown of god. The left and right pillars are called the pillars of mercy and severeness . Left pillar consists of splendor, strength and understanding. Right pillar victory mercy and wisdom. the lines connecting the circles inbetween shows the path and connections it has to it’s neighboring circles. The sequence is a ascending left to right zig zag pattern or descending depending on which way you want to see it.

Metatron cube: This is also found in the flower of life and it is a 3 dimensional geometric star shape with 8 points. In it holds the 6 pointed star, hexagon and fruit of life, egg of life, flower of life and even a Kabulah. The Metatron cube is derived from the egg of life. The fruit of life is a female structure with its curves and when all circles are connected to each other with lines it creates the greatest structure ever the Metatron’s cube. It’s a divine shape based on the Platonic solids of Plato’s “The Elements”. All 5 elemental platonic solids fit into the Metatron cube.

The fruit of life is basically the above picture with the 12 circles only. This is what creates things as they are and the basis of all things that are made in life.

If you’ve ever studied the 5 elemental platonic solids they are made of corresponding tetrahedron, hexahedron, octahedron, icosahedron and dodehedron. All faces and edges are equal.  corresponding elements are fire, earth, air, water and ether. Ether is a inter-dimensional element which i don’t think we’ve been able to study yet. It is also called Tachyon or Prana Energy. It is an illusive element able accessible anywhere anytime in space. There is also a 6th element called the void. These are all the elements that are said to be in Platos elemental platonic solids. There are all shapes available to us except the hexagon. The hexagon is also a strange in that it only appears in a microcosm to macrocosm order especially in the flower of life.

The Egyptians knew a deeper basic level of geometry and it may or may not have been true that it was first seen being used in Lemuria or Atlantis. The tree of life (Kabulah)  and the flower of life was the most basic of their geometric knowledge.

Vesica Pisces is when two circles overlap to make an eye. It is said to be the beginning of consciousness. This is also how the Flower of Life begins. It also has the roots of 2,3 and 5 which are numbers that go on forever.

The Seed of life actually looks like the egg of life but it has a circle surrounding it. It has some biblical references to it saying that it came from nothingness, “god moved to” and “there was light” to cut it short. This is the sequence in which the seed of life is made.


This is the video.


“Sacred Geometry Video”.

Have fun!

Light Expanded Experiment

Light experiment 12-Layout1-page-001 Light experiment 121-Layout1-page-001


This is the Light Model with with 12 dimensions it makes a 2D circle thus 2D plane. This is the Light model with 121 dimensions it makes a sphere thus 3D plane. As you can see there’s a slight difference from 12 to 121 dimensions in that there is depth of darkness, lightness and sides to the now spherical light model over the previous 2 dimensional light model.

The light source in the center can be the sun, 12 spheres surrounding it representing the hours in a day (time) or planets, light and wave produced per stem of each star branch and the particle in between the waves is a photon particle. represented as a miniature star. To convert mass to pure energy is an objective i’d like people to accomplish. As it looks like the power to convert air/water to energy has been successful in the article about a car running on converted water. (link button bugged out, have to google it or have complete faith on me. =))

I had a little bit of spare time so i made these for your viewing pleasure on my PC using Autocad a vector precise program.

This is my vision. To manipulate light so to emulate it and make it multi-dimensional.

The Nothingness Beyond God

I just got through half the book originally by Nishida Kitaro. Its a Japanese philosophy book made during the era when westernization of Japan was happening. It is a comprehension of western culture and adaptation for the eastern philosophy. Robert Edgar Carter is the author who translated it.

Mountains they exist in front of you yet at one point in time they are nothing or become nothing at the start or end of time. This is the paradox of existence. space and time overlap each other but it is matter that keeps them together and existing, As does identity keeps our chaos and order in check. (light diagram at beginning of blog.) What we ultimately have to find and map out is the synthesis ascension to the heavens and the root descension into the earth.

This book made me ask “Who am i?” “What am i experiencing?”. Experiencing life is the only way to obtain the pure experience. In that you can change the reality you are living. Like dreams you transform it to what you want to see. Dreams are nothing but a microcosm of real life to the macrocosm! If you set your mind to it you can do it. Intuition, Compassion and love is the culmnation of intelligence.

The universe is not a thing created by god but a manifestation of god. The living essence of life on earth is god.. we are the embodiment of god himself. I would almost say we are his conscience and his hands of service and all that is good in life.

In the book there are 9 universes but i decided i wanted 12 to represent time.

These are the universes of what makes up who you are in enveloping order.

1. who you are: conscience. perspectively your world/eveything.

2. your attributes

3. your changes.

4. your intellect.

5. your emotions.

6. your will to change

7. truth

8. beauty

9. goodness

10. emptiness/space

11. darkness/the abysmal

12. nothingness/nothingness