Understanding the 7th dimension. (10 in total)


This video describes the 10th dimension pretty simply. I highly recommend it, it’s one of my favorite videos.

Dimension zero is a single point.

Dimension one is a line.

Dimension two is a world of length and width but not depth.

Dimension three is a branch off the line producing x,y and z.

Dimension four is time from beginning to end.

Dimension five is time and all alternative endings of lets call it world A.

Dimension six is all of world A meeting world B through the fold.

The place where all possible outcomes of a person’s life is in the 6th dimension. The 7th dimension is the universe we want to be in where all possible outcomes and timelines are treated as a singularity. You have control of everything in your world and you are able to see all the outcomes of your life’s actions. The mind is an amazing tool since we are living in the 4th dimension we cannot go any further unless we are able to create something that allows us to jump into a different plain of existence. This is all relying on our technological advances. Though i am sure there will be rules and regulations about visiting the past or future in this envisioned future of ours. The ability to see our ideal universe and our consequences for our actions can help guild us to become who we were meant to be. It helps to know and consider what we ultimately will like to do, but the consequence of seeing us doing something else may provoke us to try something else creating a whole new world of direction. In a way if we go back in time to change something an undesirable result may happen and the future you may have come from may change. Unless in the future if time travel is possible there may be some kind of coordinates that bring you to a specific future instead of just the general future.

This brings us to the conclusion that maybe glimpses of our future through dreams are the best way to communicate with our past  because it affects us at our sub-conscious level. A revealing of our future through dreams is the most ideal way of moving towards our goal. Since we have control over our life most of our decisions up until now are what we truly desired based on consequence and conditions, individually and personally anyways. We ultimately don’t want to directly interact with our past but ideally want to visit our desired future. In a way that’s like God not tampering with the system directly and being not here works out because everything is automated and following their own desires and dreams. Though i’m sure not everyone’s life is perfect at the moment and i’m sure if in the end the person wishes that they had never met their significant other they would be given that chance to see what it would be like without them, would be really cool. To live it would be even better, but that would mean all the people  that were created from that other timeline would disappear which would bring ethics into the picture whether the person can live with that or not.

The system is obviously out of our control and maybe it’s already under control and we just don’t understand it. Where ever the future is taking us i pray for my neighbors and everyone in the world that they got what they came for and all their dreams and desires are met to a degree in this life.

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