DNA our biological evolution through the mind


“Biological beliefs” article

“Evolution and DNA” article

The mind is the next frontier of our evolution. We need the mindfulness of the world around us, because the environment does affect what happens to us. It is said that the consciousness of thought affects our DNA itself and that mindfulness of the world around us will help our environment allowing us to further evolve. When i speak of evolution i am talking about our growth and change into the world we want to be in, the ideal state trying to go through metamorphosis in order to become who we want to be. Environment and our body are intertwined in that it is a microcosm inside a macrocosm. Our DNA is self replicating and put into different environments will change what the cells become; bone, muscle or brain tissue. It is the same with our environment we build the world around us so that we ourselves can grow to become who we were meant to be.

Quantum physics says the world is made of energy. And energy is made of fields. What is a field? invisible moving forces that influence the physical world. This is spirit and it’s domain is in our mentality of what is and what isn’t. These forces exist because of the environment but also through our mentality and motives. Spirituality is a topic alot of people try to stay away from in the scientific community but Quantum physics is bringing them all back to spirituality one way or another. The understanding of the universe is based on the principle of spirit and this is where science and religion once diverged us, we will converge once more. The oscillation ends when we make a full loop around to the beginning. It is infinite, eternal and divine; The macrocosm and microcosm eventually lead back to the same place and we are at the center of the worlds in our consciousness.

Our DNA also serves as a data storage. In a way we are just a more complicated entity of light; made of words, sentences and paragraphs. A thing called wave genetics is changing everything. They were able to capture the information patterns of a particular DNA and transmit it into another, thus reprogramming a genome into something else. Using vibration and language they were able to make a frog embryo into a salamander embryo without side effects. This makes frequencies more influential in the development of a organism than biochemical processes of alkaline sequences

It is determined that vibration or frequencies have a role in the creation of the human life was by some kind of conscious wave of thoughtful frequencies. We are all made of energy and frequencies which determine our world of the multiverse (our world of wave information reality).  Royal Rife and his frequency healing machines is one example of vibration and frequencies at work said to cure all sorts of ailments. These discoveries suggest that every living organism has its own unique resonant frequency and that by subjecting the body to electrical currents that target specific pathogens, diseases and ailments can be healed and destroyed without pharmaceuticals or invasive procedures.

They call this the waking times for the reason of the Miyan calendar ending and starting again. The difference between the time before the calendar is that we were going into a sleeping phase and now after the calendar has started again we are starting a new chapter and beginning to reawaken. Modern science is starting to plateau in trying to explain the new world and spirituality is starting to answer these new questions about the universe. It is only through the combined efforts of both science and spirituality that we will progress and understand that there is a body, mind and spirit. Even in the smallest of things; as the ex-professor Bruce Lipton once said “micro-organisms are just like little people” this is on the exception that they have more basic nature, functions and behaviors. If we take care of our micro-organism world in our bodies as well as our bodies themselves and the world/environment and nature we will live healthier or complete and fulfilling lives. Wave, light and oscillation are the tools that will determine what our DNA will become. Another component is the universe which we cannot control but only identify because it is so vast but with the information of our awakening times, now we can build a way towards a more functional, purposeful driven and spiritual world.


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