Nuclear missiles around world disarmed by higher power. Resurrection and Blog obscured direction.


“Nuclear Missiles Around World Disarmed video 1”

“Nuclear missiles CNN America’s disabled missiles video 2”

“Nuclear Missiles Disarmed by UFO Article”

I read from a government report that all around the world nuclear missiles have been disarmed by unidentified flying objects as early as March 16, 1967. It seems a higher power is at work in solving the nuclear arms race, something out of our control – or specifically even the USA military’s. All 10 missiles have been disabled and accounts of unidentified flying objects were encountered throughout the incident that was covered up until recently leaked and now confirmed on CNN. Retired Government officers and several accounts of military personnel testified about the incidents. I’m surprised this was not blown into proportion by the internet.

It looks like our world’s fate is in the hands of higher powers. That the importance of our evolution and world’s survival has an important role in the future. There are forces beyond what we know and it could be human and it could be not but what ever it is it’s saving the world from ourselves. It’s basically saying Nuclear War is definitely something we do not want to see and the ease into a transition into a new era will be lead by divine hands. Rest easy and continue your journey, all is good.

I had a strange dream. In it there was a being who was discussing a fail safe built into the system in case this certain person of importance died that he could be resurrected if there were the right 7 chosen people there they could bring back to life a God Head. They would only make up the inferior bottom half from the jaw line down and the god head would make up the rest of it up. I think they were talking about the god conscience and it exists on Earth but we don’t know by whom and if he even realizes he has the god conscience. Or maybe it’s not just one person but all of us who have the god conscience. If the Christ conscience is indeed us and we are growing into something beyond human, that would be amazing. In the dream i also met an angry spirit who was looking at a diagram branching out into different realities and one of the realities is that the being was God. This is where my theory that there may be a now living benevolent being with omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient abilities. Maybe even a group of them. The tree i saw had the roots Mage, Healer and Creator. Which leads me to believe this is in human form what a God Head is; a Mage, Healer and Creator.

“Life on Mars traces of life”

I had recently read an article on Mars and how there may have been life on Mars at one time. This is interesting in that if it is true that we had beings living on our neighboring planet, how much of their culture and things did we borrow from them? And maybe some of us are truly part martian and don’t even know it. All i know is if there is truly intelligent beings out there in the world who live among us in the multidimensional plains then it is more a reason to push for a an intelligible, understanding and wise life.

My thesis has gotten to the point where its becoming very other worldly and that makes this thesis a little more complicated to decipher,  rationalize. make sense in a comprehensible manner. I know there is a meaning in all this in the end but the more we dig into string theory the more fantasy like this blog becomes. Think positive, picture your paradigm and get into practice of affirmation are all tools that are highly recognized by the psychological community as being positive influences in your life. To keep in tune with life and find a way to navigate through the chaos, dissonance and negativity is the only way to realize your paradigm vision. The place you ultimately long to go to. It is not only a place you long to go to but a feeling, atmosphere and ideas that make the identity of this “place” you gravitate towards. Again all these things are for the most part good but cleaning up all these theories and ideas will soon be something that may become quite a difficult task to complete.

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