Concerns for the future generation: imagination, artificial worlds and reality.

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Hypothetically if our reality is evolving and if evolution is the trend that is happening around us or soon to be happening – What would it be like? (Multi-dimensional, Multiverse, time travel, continually looped).. If all the good was able to come to the world why couldn’t the bad also? What i’m thinking is that there maybe a chance we may be transitioning into a world where your current reality may affect your future of “lives”. A world where there may be great good at the cross road being our world.. and great darkness that follows after the good. Sort of like theories about silent hill the video game, where the world is repetitive but evolving sometimes darker and scarier the further the game progresses. Such is life except it depends on your perspective and where you’re going in life.

Things like the fabric of space and time tearing to cause rifts and portals to open giving a way for good/evil to gain entrance into our world. Maybe this dimension is controlled by the medium of games and movies. Maybe the theory is harmless but the transition is there. We are becoming more aware of the many worlds and many ideas and things that are out there and we are collaborating to create and bring them into existence. It would be a novelty of an idea for it to transition into story/game/movie. If our world is becoming more artificial and reality of living is becoming more about playing in an artificial world. What does this future look like? Will our future children grow to explore worlds computer generated behind a T.V. screen safe as they hack and slash monsters? Or is this reality more external and incorporated into our real life experience?

A world wide psychosis is on the way. The magnetic fields are destabilizing and flipping which may affect us in many negative ways. Mentally and physically our world is changing. And our spirituality is in question, will we survive and retain our ambitions and goals even through this future? Are we artificially training ourselves through our violence in games and movies to become animals to hunt and kill? Is it correct for a mother to keep their children from exposure to television, social media and guns? Are we headed in the right direction in life. What can we change?

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