Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 3 “About life” Humility and building on your’s/people’s ideas.

*Humility: is the state of being humble.

This is the lesson on being humble. To listen closely and do it.

Eg. of humility:

Michael Jordan has inwardly humility; cocky but he listens to everything his coaches has to say.

On outwardly humility; Sam Walton (Wal-Mart) spends more time at his competitor’s store then his own.

There is an outer humility and inner humility. Inner humility is saying that you are not proud and better than anyone else but only inside your mind. Outer humility is trying to show all around you that you are not proud and better than anyone else.

In this world you control which type of humility you want to show depending on your situation, condition and circumstance. Showing complete humility is the best way to go because you don’t claim you are something you are not. Even when you are and you still retain that humility; People will respect that and often times be more on your side defending you.

*You must become an implementer.

The #1 discount retailer Sam Walton (Wal-Mart) wants to learn from people who want to learn from him. He believes you know something more then he does. This mentality of positive thinking and to seek more answers and to also build on those answers makes this man who he is today. A billion dollar icon.

*We want the Robin Hood mentality:

The Robin Hood mentality is that we want that one piece of gold that people have in their brains getting to the level of crawling on the floor to measure isles and labeled insane and sent to jail like Sam Walton for having the humility of thinking “maybe these people know something i don’t”.

The most humble: talk, plead, mentor and read.

Humility is the catalyst for adaptability.

Even if they are wrong try to learn and see what they mean and listen. Meaning, think of a line of thought as a linear direction going straight but at the wrong angle. Even if the answer was not 100% correct meaning the angle is not correctly going at 0 or 360 degrees straight atleast it is going in the general direction rather then not moving at all or worse backwards. The answer or direction can be corrected in the long run and eventually get to its destination your goal.

To be humble, to have humility is to build on top of something smaller instead  of being cocky and saying my idea is better and start from scratch and nothing. “A good artist copies, A great artist steals.” Build on what you have. And don’t worry too much about people say, we all start somewhere it’s where we end up is what matters.

To measure humility we look at these questions:

4 things that make you humble: The Humility factor: How much do you “blank” from a scale of 10 and divide by 4:

1) Reading. 2) Mentors. 3) Copying from competitors. 4) Robin hood it.

Fear memories. You can never forget them, they are deep sea rooted from the amygdala in the brain. Overcome this fear not with cockiness but real humility and you will reap rewards. Its about the outcome not what you say and think before you do it.

Humility is in action not in just words.

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