Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 4 “About life” Mentors and Learn by Osmosis

Mentor list:

John Kovac, the big brain explaining the growing universe. David Sinclair, the geneticist who is making age reversal real. Aristotle, philosopher. Alexander the Great, explorer. Einstein, physicist and theorist. Michio Kaku, author and reknown physicist. Plato, philosopher. Bruce Lee, martial arts teacher and actor. Mohammed Ali, boxer. I haven’t refined the list yet but those are the most prominent influences in my life. I’ll read more books on them or see if i can meet them in this life time through consistency and as soon as i establish myself. Maybe ask them to go for dinner or something or meet briefly. That’s the plan anyways.


Picasso, 33% rule: Mentors

No one has all the answers. There will be only a handful who will point in the right direction.

Picasso quote “good artists copy, great artists steal”.

Learning methodology by Osmomsis:

Genes in making predictions on unpredictable environments. As a baby you develop a learning capacity to learning: self learning in the womb.

70% in communication is non-verbal. It’s through tone, gestures and speed.

First bird handles the turbulence. The rest catch the draft in cutting corners. This is what we are trying to do, catch the draft and be carried by the current.

Mentor people:

33% of day = 3/4 hours a day. 16 hours total awake.

33% time spent with lower: esteem helping people.

33% time spent with same: on your level, friends. adversary.

33% time spent with 10-20 yrs ahead: with those with the life you want.

Mentor with clear eyes. No delusions, life divisional, intoxicant or substitution.

You need to feel pushed alittle. Like osteoporosis if you don’t continue to exercise and keep your bones active they will decay.

When working with a mentor: get out of them what ever you can to learn from them.

Bill gates makes grown men cry but made many millionaires also.

“The hard will make it great.” said Tom hanks.

mentors aren’t teachers from college, they are not perfect. You seek them for what the do best. If you seek perfection you will do it to no avail no one is perfect.

Try persistently and consistently. Build on the shoulders of giants. Know when you are defeated and try again maybe from a different approach.

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