Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 5 “About life” The act of Quoting and Emulate Wealth.

Listen to people who have done the things you want to find yourself doing.

Joe Salton quotes everything like a parrot. He values other’s opinions and parrots them in many quotes. “Good artists copy, Great artist steal.” Learn to talk through quoting other people.

Smart people ask questions. Don’t be defensive to fronts to pride.

Smart people are the ones that eat salads and lots of water while everyone else is eating fried chicken at a party.

Rich people are money conservative and not overly generous. Emulate this.

Find the value of opinion and make bets on those opinions for the long run.

Financial math becomes second nature for those who know their business.

Realize wise and smart differentiation. Figure out what is a good and what is a bad idea.

Discriminate dumb signals: misleading inaccurate or accurate information.

Take mental memes/genes from people’s thoughts.

Be a machine for learning. Learn, observe and perceive. Become a truth seeker. Embrace the truth. If the truth changes, change with it and adapt. The truth may separate you from other people and ideas but if that is what is required to go in the right direction and for you to grow then so be it.

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