Self empowerment emulating God (The selfless omnipotent benevolent being.) through freedom units.


Back then, it was think direction “Be like Christ”. Take a step further and go to the roots of all this.

Be like God. I dislike using the word God but you must grow to become this impossible theoretically benevolent timeless being not just of judgement, smiting and power but of wisdom, virtue and spirituality.

Self empowerment. We know our limitations but in what direction are we headed? who are our mentors? Humans have to grow to evolve the idea of what god is. To evolve themselves to understand what the ideal perfect human is like and to gravitate towards it. Some ideal features for being god may not even be ideal in the real world. Such as getting negative attention from physical attraction, acts of redeeming self without balance, letting go of pride, lust and hate and moving on being humble. Humility is what this life is teaching us through hope, faith and redemption. We need to adapt, adopt and emulate.

Teach the qualities that we would like to see in ourselves if we were the epitome of perfection to those around us. Share life, humility and work. Understand there is a balance and try to understand how the brain works; acting through purely statistics and emotion is irrational and may get you in a deeper hole then you are currently in. Act through your heart rather then your brain. The brain thinks consequences, action reaction and revenge when something bad happens to you. When the heart thinks it begins to process the origination of where this all came about, why it’s happening and the solution of what you should do to stop/fix it.

Be a guardian:

Be that parent you were meant to become, be that parent that was never there for you, be a guardian rather then just a parent. If your a person become like your mentor. If you’re a child be like your parent. Take the transition and move to the new stage of the game. Ask what would God do if he were in my place. World peace? End world violence?  Maybe out of our league i suppose.. but donate to charity, help soup kitchens, maybe even just contribute to society with your talents basically will do it. Show us your gifts, show that you care and don’t hold back. To be honest if i were God on this planet right now as a mortal and I were alone and helpless i’d be afraid for my life of what people can do to me. This is no world for baby Jesus is all i’m saying. The question is what can we do to make this a world where people would transcend space just to come visit? All this war, hate and anger in this world does not make it safe or appealing.

Do what you love and allow it to reward you throughout life. We are all teachers in one way or another. The best teachers are the ones that learn as much from themselves and the students then the ones they are teaching. Keep growing, implementing and adjusting your formula in expressing yourself and your teaching methods. Be a learning machine.

Money is not god but it is a currency for your freedom to do things what you want when you want through credentials. We live in a world where you don’t need to make all your daily necessities you rely on others to make it for you through other’s goods and services.

Freedom credits; Money is not important alone. It is a bunch of factors that include money that brings success. Freedom units is not equal to money but they are inter-correlated. Freedom allows you to do what you want when you want. In life you earn credentials from the people around you to show that’d you’ve earned your way up to where you are currently in life. The better your credentials the better your chances for opportunity for work. Money is a currency that marks what your credential worth is. Money is a credit that allows you to do whatever you want when you want. And you only get there through proving to your peers that you can work hard, fair and consistently. If you have a good product people will look to you and you’ll be rewarded what you deserve. If you stole that money, that reality will come bite you on the butt some day.

Success is = credential+happiness+freedom+money.

If you lack one of these your success rate goes down which does not mean you won’t succeed but the chances go down. Despite this you can succeed to various degrees it isn’t just a pass or fail. You make out life what it is.

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