Superhuman Vs. Godlike Characters:

Just a silly video for those who don’t know who these two geeks are.

Spirituality, wisdom and virtue of idealism ; to fictitious imagination of perfection.

Lets go into a world of fantasy and delve into creativity of the man’s imagination. Two fictional characters a superhuman power named Goku who continually evolves to become a destructive force with everything it touches to stop the evil of the universe. Usually he powers up to peak checkpoint levels to save his friends and family or home planet. He is the epitome of being super-human (he is alien though so super-saiyan rather) and outstanding husband/man. He Through his brute action also makes him godlike but at a different level. Even processing at a ethical level he only kills sometimes because he has to.

Superman aims to be Godlike living a civilian life and holding back his powers but his true potential is shooting laser out of his eyes at Planck heat, pounding meteors to a pulp, traveling at faster then 32 x 10^12 or so. Saving the world from villains and enemies of planet Earth. Protecting citizens and friends alike. He is also an outstanding man and married to *blank* (inconsistency depending on comic. not that it matters.) Ethically he kills also sometimes because he has to.

Neither choices were wrong. Both were good candidates pursuing life and existence and ultimately purpose and life product in a justified way. These are the two ideas that human kind have come up with that symbolize what man in a skewed and stretched exaggerated way can potentially become.

This is power-wise.. which is not really related to our recent topic on what makes a man his worth  but this is to exaggerate and paint a picture more concretely what it is we look for. Whether it is through changing and evolving adapting to the environment until we hit peak.. or to stay the traditional man, with schedules and compartmental thinking. church on sundays and changing into uniform when on the job unleashing when needed.

The point is it doesn’t matter which of these characters you may like or idolize. It doesn’t matter who you choose it’s where you go with these ideas. If You like batman better go for it.. but you need a surreal hero to look up to from a distance. Just like the spend 33% of time with those below you, 33% same life situation as you and 33% 10-20 years ahead of you. You need that 1% acknowledgement that you can be more then the 100% margin.

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