Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 10 “About life”: Cold showers and stoics. Be a spartan.

Be a stoic rather than a epicurean.

Too much pleasure weakens us and ultimately kills us. Cold showers as a baby will rewire a child to be brave and broaden it’s range of discomfort. Grow some thick skin so that your range of comfort is not always to strive for the pleasant, warm and pleasurable.

Epicureans are living in excess, for the moment and without thought about the future.

Stoic sow to reap rewards of the future.

Being an epicurean and living for immediate pleasures weakens our will to create and survive.

Epicureans are for suckers. Those who live as epicureans are those babied in luxury and immediate pleasures unprepared for the unforgiving and sometimes dangerous world.

Take a cold shower to remind yourself that life isn’t all sunshine and candy. You can die from diabetes and cancer from too much excess. Try to find a balance but sometimes you need to force on you a little change in order to adapt to your living condition.

adopt, forego and toughen up.

Bravery is encouraged in a world where it is lacked. We lack the toughness that life brings and forget that the product comes at a price. For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. -Issac Newton

Those who live with nothing seem to be much happier then those with abundance. Why? because we forget that life is about the grind and the fun is in doing things rather then just enjoying the product.

Take a cold shower.

Your will is weak because of all the conveniences and luxury of your current life. Just like your bones your osteopaths need to be used or you lose it. Otherwise the strength that you ask for won’t be there when you need it.

Don’t rely on your (luxury, technology and conveniences) crutches.

Want to be under control of your life.

When things happen to you embrace that conflict and ponder.

Seek the bravery inside and face your fears.

Spartans get whipped just because. spartans eat only for enough energy, never too much that they become sluggish. Spartans don’t live with wives until 30. Spartans are warriors of life. We need to adopt some mentalities and implement some spartan practices.. Maybe not to the extreme of random whippings but to implement the encouragement of bravery and to stay away from things that make us sluggish like high in fats processed sugar and salts. To sharpen us up, strengthen us and make us tough.

Quiet life of desperation is no life at all. Earn some scars as a badge of honor.

Find a farm, camp or lift weights.

We need more real life Spartans then these people living in luxury.

Depression traps you, makes you a victim.

Technology begins the slave and then makes you the slave.

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