Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 11 “About life”: Silent Whispers and Old Connections.

It’s called evolutionary mismatch. You’re put in a world where you weren’t program to live the way you are. We weren’t meant to be sitting in a chair in front of a computer all day. Drive to work in a vehicle all day. Sit at a table to eat all day. We weren’t made to sit around all day period. We were meant to move and exercise and jump and get stimulated by action and reaction.

You need to follow your gut. Feelings of breaking loose and finding your inner fire.

Understand that your body is programmed with the 10 thousand year old whispers that food is scarce. Sugar, salt and fat was rarely found years ago. You could die within the week from lack of food.

Crisis of lack of to too much. People are dying from modern diseases now adays like obesity, diabetes and arteries clogging up from fat and such from excess and imbalance of nutrition.

As a consumer we want to move into becoming an investor and then to start saving money.

Unintended consequences of technology tend to make us move away from family, from love and maybe from life itself. Its a double edged sword but it has gives us the power to research and improve from other people’s words and experiences if you use it right. It helps advance our learning of the world around us and the sacrifice of responsibility you make is to learn how to control it and use it in moderation.

Adversary and find old friends is one of the things that make a person really happy in life. To rediscover people you’ve forgotten and grew up with. This act of finding old friends is pure awesome.

Pillars may be built in a certain order for happiness.

Health, Wealth, Happiness and then Love?

“God give me the power to change what i can and know what i cannot. God give me the wisdom to know the difference between them. Amen”

New friends are good, old friends are better. This mentality is that old friends have history, not saying that new friends can’t potentially be just as good but you have adversary and trials you’ve gone through life and overcome. It’s good to know people who come from the same pool you did and survived. Ultimately old people you can trust more so then random strangers that may not care for who you are or where you come from.

Get the power under control if not it’ll be the death or downfall of your life.

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