The Thesis. You aren’t a slave yet.


The Thesis:

I know i spoke a lot about making a thesis. It’s turning out that there are many thesis’ inside this thesis that making a single statement thesis is difficult.

The thesis of what i am compiling is what i believe is the core organization and possibly steps to creating a standard life by dreams, life and light context. I want this information accessible to my children and future generations so that they don’t fall too far from the “light” or the straight and narrow path that is this complicated equation to the product that is balanced life. We are aiming for the medium and desired standard of all things in most of life. I would like to create something for the modern searching soul for wisdom, knowledge and empowerment.

Understanding life, dream and the nature of light is a life compilation of content about virtue, the planes of this life, the colors of emotion, the stars that make up divinity, humanism, religion and technology. It’s components and makeup are a vital piecing together of what makes this archaeic knowledge become a flowing pieced together picture puzzle.

In life there are dreams that are a product of your daily living. They act subconsciously and also from time (if they are in your memory still) consciously if you’re thinking about them. This influences your life because they are a compilation of everything you learned the day before or a time in your past.

Life is a chaotic mess of discord yet it is entropy that keeps the information together. Life is about many algorithms in the mind working together or against one another. It’s about natural and unnatural forces causing devastation or great nurturing and prospering influences in the world going about. It’s about balance most importantly and learning from past mistakes, improving and finding foresight, insight and hindsight sometimes. Learning to cope with disaster and to grow and persevere more importantly. To move on to a new chapter of a new beginning.

Light is the most complex, controversial and misunderstood element in all of this that i have found and must be part of the system for it gives life; purpose, intuition and empowerment through purity. These things must be instilled in all things. Hope, faith and redemption is the method that all men must go through to become a reckoned force in this world. This is called strength of man through trial through distillation. Science, religion, humanism and identity is what makes the species of humans what they are. They are the center of this drama and the so to speak heart of the storm. No one understands the nature of it’s politics what drives them to do what they do and why they do it. It’s madness, love and insanity all mixed. Very much like our advertising approach to manipulating people a disgusting brown painted mess of photoshop, porn and makeup. Our politics is equivilent to a 3 year old child’s finger painting picture (most likely uglier). Though at the end of the day the light because standard success is found through mostly mimicking a stature of success it becomes much like a puppet. And all puppets move to how you want it to if you take away their wealth, freedom and happiness.

Frankly, i mimic happiness because i want to be happy. I want to be successful so i want to be just like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates. I don’t mind people sticking their hands up my backend so they can make me say what they want me to say once in a while. Though does being a puppet (a suit and briefcase) really that bad when you get a monthly salary, some work and some time to spend to yourself? You have to ask could it be worse then living without a job in India in the 70’s starving without even a celery (jokes aside). I believe if you put aside your cliches and pessimism being a puppet to the light isn’t such a bad thing at the end of the day. You still have your freedom, your choices and your own thoughts, until that is abolished you aren’t a slave yet.

Does this sound wrong in being pacifist and submitting? If yes then why do we not all just own businesses and corporations that allow us to strive and  reap the good life? Because in order to have a decent life you no longer need to slave away at a sweat shop rate job. You have flexible work hours and wages and you have vacation time. You won’t have the freedom to that of Bill gates level but he worked his way up for all the time he contributed and invested into his life he earned it. We need to learn to earn our way to the top if that is where we want to be. Self made millionaires have good ideas, market good ideas and implement them. That’s where we need to be headed. The dark is full of fools, and the light are full of puppets. Look past that and you’ve got self made modern heroes and millionaires. Taking the first steps toward the light is going in the right direction even if it isn’t to the correct degree. You will never get there if you don’t take the first steps towards the light. The dark never has answers leaving you blind and possibly in jail or lead you to a swift death. The dark never had answers, it’s all an illusion full of betrayal, mistrust and spontaneous danger.

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