Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 12 “About life”: Your 1 sentence mission grandma can understand.

My eulerian destiny.

A living model and philosopher of life, dream, light and self made heroes.

I want to promote good ideas through mass media also.

Not many options really in a competitive world if you want to be number 1.

What is your eulerian destiny? A one sentence description of what you want to do in life and what you represent.

make 4 slightly overlapping circles. Find that one thing that’s been with you all along and that makes you strong. The 4 things could be: who you are growing up with (educators, poor people, creative people). stranger feedback. dark period (what you spend your time doing alone). what you can do effortlessly.

My strength is writing and expressing myself.

Know thyself. Know the world around you. Don’t live another person’s dream.

introverted need to become more extroverted.

Humans have unique constitutions so find your place in the world and thrive on your strengths.

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