Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 13 “About life”: Be excited: Work is Vacation. The Delusions of life’s paths.

The Amish: German farmers who traditionally live off the Earth through mostly farming coming to America. They sometimes come together as a community for church activities once in a while.

Picasso said: “never permit a dichotomy to rule your life – a dichotomy that you hate what you do. Look for work that brings you happiness.”

The integrated life reminds us that we need some down time but we don’t need a vacation that we look more forward to then the work itself.

Friends, family, career, higher purpose. The Amish farmer had it all and he didn’t have vacation time since he got married.

Don’t do a job looking forward to vacation.

Go after a person you like as a person who you can live and act normal and still have fun with. Someone you like as a human being not what you lust/love. It all goes away after a while and you end up with just a human you have to genuinely like to do stuff with.

Vacation becomes a small part in the end game.

I like sculpting and crafting things from 3d virtual drafts into solid real life objects. Maybe something to pursue?

Find fulfillment in a job beyond the 2 months vacation idea that a European gets. You get vacation time because they feel bad for you so you can blow off steam and not get burned out. This is pity which is pathetic, and to brag about having more vacation time than an average Amercan is even more pathetic.

It’s not all luck. You make your own luck. It’s who you meet and what you perceive from the encounter.

You want spring off the bed, come off tap dancing. That twinkle in the eye. I know something you don`t mischief.

When your not having fun, it`s time for a change.

Money that seperates you decreases your happiness.

Money you use to make connection will bring you happiness.

No great tragedy in missing opportunities. Life moves on and you`ll get other options.

Just love to explore and get past fear.

Be practical and pursue something practical and something you can live with and be happy.

“Thank god Michael Jordan pursued basketball over his love for baseball.”

Meaning: Mike always had a love for baseball it was his passion to pursue this. Even so he got into basketball and has the framework and size for being a great basketball player was perfect for him and he liked doing it. Where as his baseball career he was not so good and thus was not made for. We are just happy he didn’t go after something he had a lust/love for over something that made him iconic and great.

One thought on “Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 13 “About life”: Be excited: Work is Vacation. The Delusions of life’s paths.

  1. Great advice here – wish I’d known this when I was starting out. Could have got to being excited about every day sooner perhaps… Still, it was a useful and interesting journey! As you’ve said, if you miss an opportunity there will always be others.

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