Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 27 “About life”: Trench team

Assembling trench team. Make sure you have allies for your coalition.

Levels of wealth: Scarcity, Financial independence, Prosperity, Wealth and Impact.

Be aware of cognitive bias (seen as norm but actually not understood) and decay.

Life can be a trench warfare where no ground is won.

Stick it out for a time to win some ground.


Get a trench team. Most desired traits:

1. Loyalty.

Doesn’t matter if they are skilled, talented or hardworking if they leave its a waste of time.

Partner should be extroverted and introverted too.

2. Complimentary.

Try to find people that fill your weakness and won’t compete against you.

foreground and background work and positions. Does he like the spot light/glamour or work in background and quietly dedicated.

Two styles of employing:

A. Charley Monger

forget interviews. Use only references and get their opinion.

B. Black stone

Direct interview. Slow steady interviews using intuition in a blink of an eye.

Takes a year to see all sides of them.

Count and nit pick gestures and social etiquette.

C. Inbetween:

interview and know them for a month-year.

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