Mortality; A state of identity and fuel to solve the unknown.


Mortality. It’s very temporary compared to the eternity that is life throughout history. It is also very necessary and important what one does in his life time. Life, It comes and ignites and fades, some times it sparks a fire resulting in children.. and their offspring. The cycle of life is being born into a world we know nothing about, learning about life and mimicking what our peers and parents do growing up, moving onto our teens and learning about ourselves, mentors and the world around us. Moving to adulthood and still learning more about the teen phase but now seeking  out solid answers. Knowing your weakness/strengths, having/getting mentors and finding/solving solutions to our environment and it’s problems. Doing all this in the understanding/mindfulness that we are prone to be influenced by events,  circumstances and conditions imposed by environment and society. Adapt and overcome obstacles through the contemplation and mindfulness of the heart.

What we do with life defines our values and reflects who we are in life. Everyone has a back story to how they came to be and why they did certain things the way they did. But what defines a person even more is what is in their heart at the present moment and what they are willing to do to change their past to make it right. Life is about finding identity, getting opportunities and just making things right for you and those around you. You can start by forgiving yourself if you’ve done something wrong in the past and the wrongs may be so bad that the world won’t forgive you but we’ve all got a part to play in the grand scheme of things and no one plays a perfect tune in life. We just have to try to find that thing we love in life.

What happens after mortality is unknown, unknowable and incomprehensible. We just know that our children are on Earth to see the highs and lows of life. To admit that there are certain things we don’t know is to submit defeat to life’s greatest mystery. And life should be a mystery, challenge and puzzle we’ll never be able to resolve the state of mortality completely unless we trade it in for something unnatural like artificial life and intelligence. Robots don’t love, how can a robot find what it loves when it is built only to do certain things and function a certain way. The point is we will continue to solve life’s puzzles and overcome every barrier that comes along the way, until then where there are still barriers to be broken we are still living a mystery.

It really doesn’t matter where you are from or the color of your skin, it’s your potential to be who you can be that matters. Answers to; Who are you? What’s your story? What are your contents? What can you do for me?  Can you make me smile? Does your life have substance (virtue, qualities and traits). Are elements i think make up who you are in character. Ideally you want to know these things about a person before you decide on what they really are. But friendship is a process and the fun in it all is discovering more about the person you are interested in. You can’t expect to know everything about them so the puzzle of finding out who that person is may be a mystery until you find every piece to their puzzle and knowing every development in their life that made them who they are today.

In the end we must share mortality. The lives in it are essential to your development and the future of your children. We must learn to suffer life together; share the pain, the work and the heartache. Every trial that we face comes a testimony to what we have become. We must build on what we have and take away what we don’t need and destroy any darkness we may have in our lives. We must live in a world where we are willing to be surveillance by an unknown factor. Lets call him the dead father factor, would he approve if he were watching. Would he say lets give them privacy and look away? Would he understand your human condition?

Rewards and punishments are two sides of the same coin – both are used to control people, and neither work very well. We must learn to use love and contemplation from the heart. The gifts that we are given must not be taken for granted.

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