Mastery of the Heart: Hindsight, Insight and Foresight.


In my study to understand spirituality as an aspect of life, I separated the general star of the trinity/triforce/triumvirate into the three spectrums. The result would be our physical, mental and spiritual aspect of our lost past. The categories speak a message for the three that represent the qualities of body, mind and spirit. The mastery of the aspects is a pure line of ideology and practice. All are good and some compliment others but in no way can one man obtain all three aspects gradually and completely because it would bring insanity before it brought light. Though this is so, the ideals of this study can help in the mapping of the spectrum. Though theoretically for this being to come to light he must be created with all attributes intact for this reality to come to breathing life. Therefore you are either a mix and match of a few of these things or you are one that identifies with one aspect of the planes. The mastery of just one of these aspects is already a daunting task.

First figure, the test of the physical is to obtain might through religion, and be conservative/imperial/traditional, gain authority and the keys to the lands. Obtain power over all else, The show of energy is key and regenerating is probably an attribute. He usually acts/speaks/thinks in 1st person and embodies the father of the unity. The father will inherit the mastery of hindsight.

Second figure, the test of the mind is to obtain magic through technology and be liberal/confederate/evolving, gain control and ownership of the lands. Obtain intellect over all else. The show of wisdom and calculation is probably an attribute. He usually acts/speaks/thinks in 2nd person and embodies the son of the unity. The son will inherit the mastery of insight.

Third figure, the test of the spirit is to obtain courage through humanism and be sustained/democratic/stable, gain spirit and the hearts of the lands. Obtain bravery over all else. The show of responsibility and enlightenment is probably an attribute. He usually acts/speaks/thinks in 3rd person and embodies the holy ghost of the unity. The holy ghost will inherit the mastery of foresight.

  • Planes: physical, mental, spiritual.
  • The past: might, magic and courage.
  • The present: religion, technology and humanism.
  • The determined future: conservative/Imperial/traditional, liberal/confederate/evolving and sustained/democratic/stable.
  • Dominion: authority, control (justice) and spirit (liberty).
  • Attributes: power, intellect and bravery.
  • Etiquette: energy, wisdom, responsibility.
  • Views: 1st person perspective, 2nd person perspective and 3rd person perspective.
  • Bodies: father, son and holy ghost.
  • Mastery: hindsight, insight and foresight.

These are my findings and alignments to this star called the Aspects. These are the important qualities i believe that a true inheritance of the aspect should have and embody. All aspect planes must be in practice for a spiritual balance to prevail. None can last without the stable, maintaining and sustaining use of all three in practice, understanding and patience. The task to be the perfect being is impossible but what we do now to prepare for our future is as important as what we do now to act because of our past. We are redeeming ourselves as well as preparing for a future which is a mix of the past and the future. It is the present we work in and the present we defy all odds in. It is now that we act that we do all the things required to bring about realities. Now is the time for all things to align, unify into a singularity. This is the present. If you could choose one thing to have in this world you would have what would it be?

I would want to have general love, for love was the root of all this and i wish that for you too.

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