The Riddle of Love and He Who Destroyed the Round Table.

-Fancy you, a fancy riddle?

(Cookie points for telling me who he is, what happened. Bonus Easter egg included.)


Abducted as a child to live in a magical kingdom by the lady of the lake.

Growing up, i believed the test of life was to privilege what my heart desired.

Torn between the veil of life and death.

Unable to sleep. For cursed souls never find rest.

I ended the great reign, tainted the round table and broke a kings heart.

I was the most noble and graceful of kings men.

I am also the most penitent, and regret my grave mistake in life.

I used love and love used me. My fall from grace was because of love of the wrong kind.


I am Sir Lancelot

Never so blind in a bright and white kingdom.

If night should fall i will stand in the dark bright as light.

I beg you, if light should fall. believe me when i say i am truly the white knight.

For that was my title. And i pray life never mimic what transpired that day.

When my weakness of heart came to light and was used against me.

By those i called friends, i took their advice and it betrayed me

The White Knight, of Camelot.

Who am i? When complete darkness shrouds this world and the darkness transcend into the pixel of this screen, you will know who i truly am inside and not just my legacy.

Secrets never die and this certain love was a twisted lie.

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