The Summation of Love,



As always Love is a very general word and must be broken down to it’s core values so that we can identify it’s type and nature. There are four known loves; Storge, Eros, Philia, and Agape. Each love is defined for a love of a certain people. Storge is a love for family. Eros is a love in romance. Philia is a love for friends. Agape is a love in companionship. In doing this we can find the greatest sort of all, and that is unconditional love. The Ultimate form of all good.

A summation of the four loves:

Storge – affection: A natural love through familiarity as a parent does to an offspring. Found in usually between family members or people who were found by chance.

Eros – romantic and intimate: This is raw sexuality balanced with romance where one is “to be in love”. A desire for women or many woman from a man’s perspective. Eros turns the natural pleasure into appreciation where trust and loyalty become key attributes for sustainable eros.

Philia – the love between friends: Friendship is a bond between people who share common activity and interest. Friendship is chosen and reinforced through respect and understanding.

Agape – unconditional: Love that brings caring regardless of circumstance. Known as the greatest of loves; different from erotic or emotive affection and aligned with the ultimate good.

Answers to important questions:

(answers are in chronological order.)

What is the most powerful force in the universe? Love.

What is the greatest love of them all? Unconditional.

What are the tools of love? Power, Intellect and Wisdom. 

What are the products of love? Might, Magic and Courage. 

What are the studies derived from love? Religion, Science and Humanism.

What is the root of love? Truth, Justice  and Defiance.

What attributes do they carry? Regeneration, Calculation and Enlightenment.

What is their mastery? Hindsight, Insight and Foresight.

What is this aspect called? Trinity/Love/The Aspects

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