A paint brush that can rewrite history: A dream, a wizard and friends.

It was all just a dream, but it was wild. I forgot the feelings of having good friends and exploring new worlds.


I was asleep the first time dizzy and woke up to burglars. A bunch of rowdy hooligans a father a teenager and a child claimed to be the source of the gang. I yelled out that i heard people outside, i’m gonna come out with weapons. Of course i had no weapons when i came out and yelled that i was coming out as i came but i went out none the less and got the life beaten out of me. It looked like i was just a local blacksmith selling maces. Though i’m sure they had plans to plummet me to the ground with their new acquired black maces. My life was not to end there.

An old wizard came by that night and saved me. I felt i owed him my life. Nearby there was hidden loot cache the child of the group hid all their belongings. It would make  sense that we were neighbors. Out of that hidden loot cache we pulled out an old paint brush. It was no ordinary paint brush of course it was a paint brush to rewrite history however we wanted to. It seemed it was an old familiar tool of the wizard’s and he proceeded to use it changing into a heavily bearded younger asian version of himself.

And then i woke up, still not in my world apparently. I had a friend over and i heard a commotion outside, I was still dizzy from waking up and it was all hazy. I was at my routine again it must be damn burgulars again. I reached for my bat instinctively. I went up to my door and to my surprise it was all my high school friends just sitting at the door. What a lovely surprise, It seemed they all bused to a strange very green valley rural area. I asked where i was, they told me this beautiful place was Vancouver, apparently i lived there. And i asked when was this gathering and my mother said June.

I guess i’ve just been going overboard with preparing, acquiring attributes to hone my life’s “dart board skills”, and forgetting about what  life is about. My friends i miss very much. The adventures  of seeing new places. Traveling to strange exotic worlds. I think in this life my humble beginnings would have been Vietnam, but instead i’m here in Edmonton because my parents left Vietnam during the war. This is the current life i live now. And these alternate worlds in my head are just lost worlds that remind you of what you have, what you lost and what you’ve found.

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