A poem: Beyond the veil of life’s fabric; A lesson about Eternity.


As we only scratch the surface of what is beyond death.

“The afterlife, friends for all time.”

“Where ever you are we will watch over you”

On this earth we are mere mortals.

This life we live is where the gods, humans and angels die again and again.

The source is found in the distillation and filtration of our rock and soil.

To harness the molten blood of Earth to which is the life essence of the Earth.

So in life we reveal our virtues and stars through stanzas in poetry.

Our written words, sentences, chapters in books reveal our dreams and desires.

The ultimate state of being is to know; In life it matters not if you are servant or king.

It matters that you learn love, it’s trials and understand the state of why one suffers.

Life is an opportunity to not just simply change adapt and evolve as the game makes you believe.

But to find acceptance in one self, have faith and allow to grow your knowledge of life.

The veil is just a passage into timeless eternity.

It protects us from the earth bound realm of the dead.

The light is the passage into the spiritual world where we rest.

We find meaning and best of all we find answers to why we suffer.

Truth is in the returning to the singularity where you once came from.

The pit of the universe, the mother beckons us to come home.

On the other side is the father and he is the one that tells us to go back and learn more.

Until we are rich and filled with our true desires, purpose and truth of life.

The consummation of this madness is to cultivate our souls and mind.

In this life or the next you get the chance to find, experience and answer the question to why we suffer.

It’s a challenge and also a truth through experience and a message for maybe God himself.

That life is fragile, mortal life is precious and to savor it best we can what goodness life gives.

Arthur believed all men could be equal. The Queen was included at the table.

He believed that he could build a world from the heart, labors and hardship of men.

He did not believe that advanced privileges, authority or powers

From beyond this world or the heavens could build the world we could today,

advanced privileges, authority and powers,

did not give the men the right to rule over others in this manner.

the contemplation of the heart was the source of true justice.

A righteous king for all the right cause was his destiny.

His diligence is reassuring because he gave us the foundation the truth about life:

Life is in cultivation of civilization.

That a plant is to be nurtured, watered and loved ; this is how we should treat people.

The children of man reflects, contemplates and comprehends.

When you have fallen to the concept that the better man wins the fight,

You have fallen, because it is not who has the biggest horns, strongest arms, biggest feet that wins.

It is window of opportunity, favor, and chance that gives us the gift of life.

It is not about outwitting your enemy. It’s coming to terms with yourself and doing what you can to help other people see this.

Sadly we are in a losing streak.

Fighting a losing war.

Because we have not identified the true evil inside of us.

And that is the ignorance of what this world is.

A chance to learn, redeem yourself and comprehend the world around us.

To end suffering is not the issue.

To understand suffering is.

It is just a mechanism in the art of what is life.

To end all suffering is not the answer.

For when we rest dead is where we will find that.

To find glory in the fruits of life is not the answer.

For when we fail to realize that the cost of that fruit was lives.. how can you sleep?

Life is in the message you leave for the new sprouts that come up,

That there is hope for us. Room for mistakes, life and learning

The truth is in what you are, what you manifest into this lonely glorious, lost and forsaken world.

The rewards you gain is content of mind and the gradual progression of your life.


Picture source: www.visionaryartbooks.com

Progression of the trinity:


The son, father and holy spirit. In 1 dimension.


In 2d.


In 3d (space)


4th (time)


5th (alternate realities)


6th (time travel)



7th (infinity)

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