The Thesis to Take to The Grave


It is only after I write about god, universe and the truth that i realize i have come a full circle. I have been brought back to the core meaning of my blog and that is about love. I have been writing about my thesis about how dream, life and light are directly interconnected but now I fear that thesis that if it were to be true. It may spell the end of my physical life.

I had a dream as I said about my mother and I talking on a boat. I was 28 and she told me when I’m 33 i get married. That’s fantastic news, but then I had a dream about how i was dead and covered in mealworms and creepy crawlies eating my flesh and my sister told me I died before I got married. It got pretty grim. The logic was if I’m 33 when i get married and before I get married I’m going to die that means i only have 5 years to live. Part 2 of the story is a year later, I have a dream that god told me that I had one question, to that I asked “who am i going to marry”. And to that he answered “that is why you will end”. With disappointment in his voice it sounds as if he was warning me of what is going to happen, maybe I don’t have much time left, that maybe he was telling me to keep fighting and don’t think about it too much.

It is ironic, if I am able to prove my thesis it means that there is a danger, if I prove it then i will unfortunately be a victim of my own products. God has a sense of humor and I realize now, I just hope we can all laugh at this joke he’s playing in the end and that there is no real danger. I’m alittle scared but my mind has played tricks on me before so I have not given super natural ideas any credit and grant them the chance to see me in this great time of weakness.

It is after all this that i realize life is about love again. It is in the eye of death that i understand love was the answer to all that is and was. I need to know in my heart that it is love that brought us here and love is what will bring us together and love is what will take us away to experience our dreams. I hope I experience love in this life. I hope i have love and spare love when i need it and people around me need it most. I know love is the answer, all forms of it expressed in different manners simultaneously or separately.

“All we need is love”


I hope this was the answer i was looking for. That the general field of love is what i came here to experience. I know god wants me to love him and that he wants me to know i love him too. Sorry for bringing God into a blog about logic and scientific thought. I just want the world to accept that there is a world we don’t understand out there and that we should keep looking despite the odds.

Forever and always love, hope and faith are our passage. Marriage, relationships and simple kindness are our vessels to happiness. Strength, warmth and compassion will be our image.

  • hope, faith and love are our passage.
  • Marriage, relationships and simple kindness are our vessels to happiness.
  • Strength, warmth and compassion will be our image.


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Dreams that foreshadow.


I’ve been having strange dreams recently. Though i admit my health isn’t perfect i’m actually a little scared of what this might mean for me. I have had 3 consecutive dreams in total that very subtly tell me clues about my future. I’ll tell you a comforting one before all this. The dream was with my mother by a lake, and it said “i will be married at 33”.

First dream: I heard a child and he told me “Grampa wake up.” But i couldn’t see the face and it was dark.

(As you know i’m no where close to being a grand parent. I’m 28 and don’t even have kids yet.)

Dream two: We were in a room it was some kind of banquet and there was singing. Some kind of choir going on with people singing along too. I felt something was terribly wrong, it was just a feeling. And then a boy pointed up, saying no words. As if i was being told that i was going somewhere, or maybe God wanted to say something.

Dream three: I was in my old house the original house (I was born into in Edmonton). I was being buried in soil and consciously watched this all happen . I crawled out of the soil to find out what had happened. I felt mael worms crawling all over my body and over my eyes. I was talking to my sister and she told me “You were going to get married but died.”

I don’t want it to be a self fulfilling prophecy so lets keep it short and sweet. I’ll keep this as a dream log but i won’t take it too seriousily because it’s just a dream. If i’m dead in 5 years you know what happened here.

A poem: Beyond the veil of life’s fabric; A lesson about Eternity.


As we only scratch the surface of what is beyond death.

“The afterlife, friends for all time.”

“Where ever you are we will watch over you”

On this earth we are mere mortals.

This life we live is where the gods, humans and angels die again and again.

The source is found in the distillation and filtration of our rock and soil.

To harness the molten blood of Earth to which is the life essence of the Earth.

So in life we reveal our virtues and stars through stanzas in poetry.

Our written words, sentences, chapters in books reveal our dreams and desires.

The ultimate state of being is to know; In life it matters not if you are servant or king.

It matters that you learn love, it’s trials and understand the state of why one suffers.

Life is an opportunity to not just simply change adapt and evolve as the game makes you believe.

But to find acceptance in one self, have faith and allow to grow your knowledge of life.

The veil is just a passage into timeless eternity.

It protects us from the earth bound realm of the dead.

The light is the passage into the spiritual world where we rest.

We find meaning and best of all we find answers to why we suffer.

Truth is in the returning to the singularity where you once came from.

The pit of the universe, the mother beckons us to come home.

On the other side is the father and he is the one that tells us to go back and learn more.

Until we are rich and filled with our true desires, purpose and truth of life.

The consummation of this madness is to cultivate our souls and mind.

In this life or the next you get the chance to find, experience and answer the question to why we suffer.

It’s a challenge and also a truth through experience and a message for maybe God himself.

That life is fragile, mortal life is precious and to savor it best we can what goodness life gives.

Arthur believed all men could be equal. The Queen was included at the table.

He believed that he could build a world from the heart, labors and hardship of men.

He did not believe that advanced privileges, authority or powers

From beyond this world or the heavens could build the world we could today,

advanced privileges, authority and powers,

did not give the men the right to rule over others in this manner.

the contemplation of the heart was the source of true justice.

A righteous king for all the right cause was his destiny.

His diligence is reassuring because he gave us the foundation the truth about life:

Life is in cultivation of civilization.

That a plant is to be nurtured, watered and loved ; this is how we should treat people.

The children of man reflects, contemplates and comprehends.

When you have fallen to the concept that the better man wins the fight,

You have fallen, because it is not who has the biggest horns, strongest arms, biggest feet that wins.

It is window of opportunity, favor, and chance that gives us the gift of life.

It is not about outwitting your enemy. It’s coming to terms with yourself and doing what you can to help other people see this.

Sadly we are in a losing streak.

Fighting a losing war.

Because we have not identified the true evil inside of us.

And that is the ignorance of what this world is.

A chance to learn, redeem yourself and comprehend the world around us.

To end suffering is not the issue.

To understand suffering is.

It is just a mechanism in the art of what is life.

To end all suffering is not the answer.

For when we rest dead is where we will find that.

To find glory in the fruits of life is not the answer.

For when we fail to realize that the cost of that fruit was lives.. how can you sleep?

Life is in the message you leave for the new sprouts that come up,

That there is hope for us. Room for mistakes, life and learning

The truth is in what you are, what you manifest into this lonely glorious, lost and forsaken world.

The rewards you gain is content of mind and the gradual progression of your life.


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Progression of the trinity:


The son, father and holy spirit. In 1 dimension.


In 2d.


In 3d (space)


4th (time)


5th (alternate realities)


6th (time travel)



7th (infinity)

The thesis “Dream, Life and Light”: ties to “Death, Afterlife and Dark”.

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Dream, Life and Light.

In everyone’s daily routine “day life” and “night life” whether your sleeping or awake we experience dreams and life. In the end of it all what we find out of these two is light of it all. The knowledge, wisdom and understanding of it all is really what we truly seek. Meaning, Messages and symbolism of what these dreams mean in life and what life means to our dreams. Our goals are reflected by our dreams which collect all the information you think about throughout the day and take the most crucial information and gives you a message about what you may have just learned that day. Sometimes it’s hazy sometimes it’s clear and sometimes it’s seemly pointless. However random your dreams are there is meaning in your dreams. The same goes with life, life speaks for itself events, circumstance and conditions happen for a reason, sometimes it’s out of your control and sometimes it is in your control. When it’s in your control make sure you know it and that you tackle the problem with all you’ve got.

I would like to answer the riddle of what dream, life and light is and how it all relates to one another. It is my main objective to do this. Life is constructive, positive and good but the thing i don’t understand is how death is involved. Maybe it is there to balance the system so that giant monopolies don’t happen over extended periods of time. Maybe to recycle us spiritually so that we can be reborn and refreshed for eternal life. Maybe it’s just the cosmic cycle of life and it’s reason for being is to loop and repeat itself. What ever our theories are life and dreams comes hand in hand with death and the after life. Maybe the after life is just like a dream except with features of life like pain, emotion and motives. This balances all 4 realms of these types of lives. life, dreams, death and after life. Understanding these concepts is a reach but this is the best we can do with such abstract theorizing.

We know these things only exist in reminisce of the spirit like ghosts, premonitions and people talking about the afterlife from children reborn onto Earth from another life. Stories from old times like the greek about where one goes after one dies. It’s a conflicting topic but most definitely interesting. Spirits and angels driving us and influencing us is another interesting concept that many find hard to believe. Though this is hard to swallow it is tough to dismiss these things and say they are not real at the same time. Those who do dismiss these things are simply ignorant for the fact that there are super natural phenomenon out there that cannot be solved in this life unless they have the intelligence of another being from the realm. Though even that is not enough to be concrete evidence with our science based minds.

Light of it all: What we seek is the light of it all. Answers to our questions. We ask for it to be done, we want a product not pieces and tools needed to make the product. Likewise we build from the bottom up no the other way around. Maybe things can be built from the past to the present but also the future backwards into the present. This logic is the same with this case, miracles are a super phenomenon but not impossible. There is still much we don’t understand about our world and to dismiss these miracles as a fluke is ignorant and losing half the picture. Until proven to be untrue keep an open mind for things we don’t understand. The Dark may just be a misunderstood animal and once tamed can cooperate to be part of the light bringing our answers to the cosmos. For the dark once subjected is nothing but a subject in the library of the light not some sort of army to be fought.

Eternity; Book of Exile Death


“Angel picture” source

Proposed by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross in her 1969 book “On Death and Dying.”

The Eternal: Book of Death

This is the end. In this realm there is no virtue except that which is darkness and death. Death just comes to collect with no compassion or remorse. Like a tax collector come to make the tax payer pay their fees. It is not tithing where you pay out of the grace of your heart, you pay with your life and you pay with your obedience.

Stages of Grief:


Is usually the initial action of the grieving process. It is a statement saying that something is not true or real. And when that statement is made, ignorance is the world the person dwells in.


Is the frustration and emotion of being upset or annoyed. It is born out of this denial and shows that we are not ready. We direct it on anything we can think of even blaming it on the deceased for leaving us.


Making an agreement in which people or groups say they will do or give something in exchange for something else.


A serious medical condition in which a person feels very sad, hopeless, and unimportant and often is unable to live in a normal way. One depression is loss of money, time and experiences. The other depression is our quiet preparation to separate and to bid our loved one farewell.


The quality or state of being accepted or acceptable. It is when a person finally reaches the point of understanding and accepting the misfortune for their grievance.

Parallel Universes and simultaneous existence


Our existence is simultaneous. Where everything is happening at the same time. In the world of spirit when we die we are still connected and still able to communicate with the dead and the living through the use of mediums. Technically in the future we are dead at one point but when that happens we are united with god as a singularity and given the power to see through omnipotent eyes, all the right and wrongs we’ve done is reviewed in a omnipotent spatial view of the world. Our lives from the past and those of the future who come back to Earth come to live in the present. We exist and we die. It’s a paradox that is life. This brings in the idea of reincarnation, but minus the memories which we lose in the process of changing bodies. We exist and are deceased simultaneously meaning there may be a spirit version of yourself flying around trying to help guide you in the right direction. With many dimensions, times and realities you can be sure there are many different versions of your spirit too. And because your children are a branch and extension of yourself they are also different dimensions of yourself. Our spirits are intertwined with the celestial bodies of stars. Somewhere out there is a star that life can identify you with. Your problems, condition and circumstance are all interconnected with the timing, events  and phenomenon of the cosmos. Just as in biblical times Christ was identified by the Star of Bethlehem and depicted as a falling comet which marked his birth. So is our spirit and all that we are, fallen stars making our way back up to the higher dimensions of life.

Chapter: Eternity

Paragraph: Time, Space and Dimension

Sentences: Past, Present and Future, X,Y,Z Cordinates, Hell, Earth and Heaven.

What if everything is interconnected and the reason for these paradoxes is because everything exists and is deceased at the same time? your birth, your life and your death has already resulted in one reality or another and we’re just branching out to find more versions of ourselves in this continuity of (seemingly) eternal life? As they say, “The gods are watching.” In this case ideally, as we want to see life as a collective “God”, he who unites us as a body.

The Subconscious; Emptiness and darkness.

I want to be as clear and concise in this post as possible. Right to the point.


When speaking about Emptiness you are talking about the times when you needed space from people, room to breath and move about. It’s the emptiness that brings you boredom and boredom brings you to a whole new level of creativity. It is emptiness that gives you space to fill in that void with something wholesome and good like knowledge. An empty slate is what a person needs to start something new and emptiness brings about this new inspiration to fill the void.


When speaking about darkness; it is good to know where your darkness lies and to see it and monitor it. Not to focus on it but to keep it in peripheral sight. The need to define your darkness is something necessary in order to be free of any hold it has on you. Insight and understanding of it’s nature and why it is dark may give a better perspective. In the end there is always light no matter how dark it gets once it is understood with darkness lifted it will be many times brighter. Short tempers, lust, curiosity of unknown, deviant fantasy, abuse, death are namely the ones that are in the general mainstream.


Absolute silence in a mind is necessary for thoughts to come through. Silence in a classroom is necessary for the voice of a teacher to be heard. Space in a spokes of a wheel is necessary for it to work properly. There are many ways nothingness can be handy but it is very necessary indeed.