Erasing ties and convictions.


I don’t hold onto an idea for too long, i must go through trial and error to find the correct path. The ideas that run through me are temporary until intuition crystallizes, backed up by well contemplated thoughts weave a clear path for me. Conviction is my biggest enemy and change is the most valuable attribute i have. This is a message that i am purging my ideas in order to free myself. My body is weary, mind is cluttered, soul overburdened. I’m letting go of all the attributes, ideas and things that make me who i am go.  Mentally i can only forget so much and my identity might as well be engraved on me but my memories need to be forgotten so i can live and change freely. Maybe we’ll visit these topics again when i redraw the path. I just need to get lost alittle, getting too comfortable here and corruption is settling in. I’ll be back.

2 thoughts on “Erasing ties and convictions.

    • =) i feel reassured that purging myself of my these convictions and ideas will help me find out more about myself. I’m down to learn more, i’m just glad i have the internet blog to quote and refer back to if ever i get lost. It’s like a save point. =) Your encouraging thoughts are always appreciated.

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