A grave mistake; Truth in Love was the answer.

451370“The phoenix rises from the ash.”

I realize i can’t do this anymore.. The light was in the selfless unconditional love of building positive constructive thinking. Abandoning that one thought made my world dim, grey and lifeless. Corruption and dissonance came much quicker and attacked me with negative compulsive thoughts. Doubt was a place i never wanted to return to and truth a place i wanted to find and keep. I know this truth is mine because it gave me strength, peace of mind and empowerment. It has value to me and when a solution works to overcome all mechanics in life, the loss of this state of being would be a grave loss to me. I have re-inherited and readopted my idea that “love is all that is left when you strip away the mask of what we call material reality”. It is the source, solution and core of sound truth. Love, compassion and understanding are my keys to comprehending the source. The truth is in what my inner voice of the heart tells me. If man has a heart and each man i know is subjected to having a heart if he is a man, then he has the potential to hear the same voice i hear. The voice of love, compassion and understanding. (It’s true extended form love, peace and truth)

I have deduced correctly and i am blessed to find this quiet of mind. I comprehend that i must exist in this life to help others see that life doesn’t end here. Don’t get too attached, but express yourself best you can through your trials and life’s mechanics. To relieve suffering, negate poor spirit and sort the confusion. Find what you love and most of all do what you can for the people you love. We are reunited in the end to become a singularity with the father and mother of creation, we are one way or another working to become angelic beings, warriors of Earth and guardians of life. Change, Adaptation and Evolution of the spirit is the only way out of this world. The physical world is just the echo of a semblance of what we truly are. Physical evolution is the microcosm of the puzzle piece and Spiritual evolution is the macrocosm of the whole picture.

I hope life treats you well and that you find the source of your strength too in this life or the next.

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