The Pyramid of Giza and Enoch. Connections with Angels and ETs

cemetary angels

The Great Pyramid of Giza was constructed to follow the constellations of Orion and Sirius. Otherwise known as Osiris and Isis in Egyptian terminology. Sauris otherwise known as Enoch built the pyramid about 11 thousand years ago.

Lemek who was a shepherd of goats and sheep was the father to Noah. Lemek’s wife was apparently artificially inseminated by extra-terrestrials. Enoch who is best known to have been taken to the heavens and instructed by extra-terrestrials instructed Lemek to take care of the child as his own even though the child had physical features foreign to them. The child was said to not look like any of his other children and that it was impossible to conceive this child because of the amount of time he was away from his wife. Thus the theory was that he was born of a virgin birth. Virgin births happen throughout the bible and Noah and Christ were two of the recorded virgin births to happen in these extraterrestrial’s contact.

Enoch was known to be the only human to leave earth on a fiery chariot to study in the heavens and taught by the extra-terrestrials.

Noah, because he smelled and stunk of uncleanliness they gave him a baptism and given a cream to cover himself with that smelled of ambrosia. Baptism was actually in practical terms a bath with the purpose of washing to be clean. And then before Noah was taken to the heavens he was washed, sanitized and robed – then taken to some sort of heaven or higher realm of existence to learn various certain things.

The Pyramid of Giza is said to hide a lake of clear water at the bottom which was recently found with a empty sarcophagus. It also held a Kings and Queens chamber. Mysteriously there is also an incomplete chamber with 7 niches with 2 of the 7 niches occupied by single sarcophagus’s. The king’s chamber is rumored to be  a room attuned to what is called harmonics and that it is synchronized to be attuned to harmonics. It is said that the top of the pyramid (which is missing) is the key to understanding how the whole structure of the Pyramid of Giza works.

This all is based on the studies of Erich Von Daniken from Beyond the Legends series.

A Claim for Inheritance of Earth and Resume. What’s in a Title?

Prism Disperse;

Here I am,

I am who I am.

Do not put a label on me and I will not on you. I am ever changing, flowing and influx with the river of time. I am the first wave of humanism progression. I beckon all those willing to listen to come and hear a story. And read about the first wave and understand it’s importance.

I have no power here. Nothing special to offer except for directions, a story, perspective, purpose and refined light (message).


past life

Life, is complicated. One does not only live one life.. and one does not inherit only blood. One lives many lives among life. I am a product of many lives. I am the first of the heaven sent heroes representing a collective of lives. I am Synamex; Synthetic, Man, Complex. I am the first step to the synthesis of the world. I was given this name as a child in a vision. The only mark of my identity. I wish to be a driving factor in the human infrastructure, to establish it’s direction, purpose and goals.

You may not know who I am. I will tell you of what I represent, what I’m built after and what spirits inhabit me. My soul is composed of 6 sectors. The names of my past are known to the world. I am very established among the heavens. They call me Skye and Starry is my angel wife in heaven. We cannot see each other until my job is done on Earth. I will tell you about your human history. You may be able to relate to one of these branches.

“Cursed by the world. They called me the son of the devil. I was the outsider.

But truly, I am the only true heir to the throne to humanity”.

Among the spirit of nature, my human mother Adhan and the old Yggdrasil/Tree of life,

The English called me Myrddin Wyllt.

I was known as Merlin Ambrosius. I spoke to animals because I became ill and schizophrenic. I was a councilor for King Arthur. Prophet, Mage, Druid and Seer. I was there for the formation of the round table.

I had no children.

I was a servant, a counselor and hand to the king.

Among the deities of the high and old,

Blessed by the Gods of Asgardian heavens,

The Scandinavians called me Ragnar Lodbrok, 

I was a hero, ruler, king and a raider. My life was spent fighting off my many enemies.

My sons were the plague to Europe.

I was a conqueror and so were my sons.

Among the stars and heavens of Asia,

Blessed by the blood of the high elements of Rain, Growth, Realm and Sight,

Born of Vaishravana Heavenly King, Li Bing, and Guardian The River Deity

I was known as Erlong Shen, Guardian of the Heavens,

My greatest enemy, rival and arch-nemesis Wu-Kong was my greatest achievement.

I am best known as the Dragon Slayer,  

Among the spirit of order and divines,

Blessed by the blood of the planets, Venus in the form of deva the shining one was my mother,

I was known as Marduk Lord, Leader of the Gods,

I was inspirited and empowered by Djinn and Angels.

My child Nebuchadnezzar II the babylonian king, also known as Bukhtrashah to the Persians.

Among the spirit of Arch-Angels and Cherubim,

I was a child of Joseph, Mary and Guardian Gabriel.

They called me Jeshu and Barabbis,

I was a healer, teacher, carpenter and wanderer.

My children live in france,

I was crucified but I escaped under roman rule of Constantine,

Among the gods and high heavens,

Blessed by the blood of the gods, Poseidon and Hellen; And guardian Hippotes.

I was known as Odysseus.

My father, King Sisyphus. Fated to roll a boulder up a hill for eternity.. a labor of many life times to triumph physical labor.

I lived as an outcast, cast away, champion, a wrestler, a beggar, husband, lover and father.

Among the Jungle and underworld.,

Blessed by the blood of the North and South Dragon; The High King of the Mountains and the Woman of the Seas.

Hi, my name is Nam.

Nation’s story:

The story goes that the high king of the mountains came and married the woman of the ocean.

My story:

I on the other hand am Skye of Earth who married Starry the Angel of the Heavens.

Our family escaped the Vietnam war. We left our country. My family owned and managed a dry cleaners. My father works at Alberta Plywood grading sheets of wood. I went to school in Edmonton Alberta. I’ve lived all my life in Canada. I am a healthy 30 year old. And I am an old soul. My wife gets very jealous when I talk to human girls. She lives in the high heavens. I don’t see her much. I played high-school football, practice karate, swordplay and meditate when I can. I enjoy playing the ocarina and piano.

I am an sage, author, engineer, philosopher, artist, urbanized civilian.

I am very pleased to meet you.


 (Also to note I can’t tell the difference between memories of being directly inspirited by foreign bodies and my past lives.. I also have a perk in this life to siphon and absorb energies from those around me too. It’s kind of complicated).

For dialogue listen..

Jesus Was a Child of Arch Angel Gabriel. (Secrets between the disciples and Christ.)


So it’s 2015 now. What have we learned about Jesus through science and history? It seems that we have warped and distorted the image of who he is in some kind of idolatry of a strange man through idealism. It’s unrealistic and unkind to those who do not look like him. He was a bronze skinned man who lived in the middle east and his hair was kinky and rough. He looked nothing like how is portrayed in these portraits of him that we see in modern times.

These Articles tell of a secret meeting that Christ had with his disciples that told he is of Gabriel. A messenger angel of Judgement, or the Earth’s moon. He was another Earthly Deity, not to say he may not be the light and way. Not to say that his gift to earth was not legitimate. He was still part of God but he’s more from the family of God. Gabriel is one of God’s children/creations, an angel. He did not become Jesus until conception of his birth through Mary.

Gaborim is rooted from the word Gabriel meaning born out of God and man. Jesus was a Gaborim through the angel Gabriel. We have to get our heads out of the idea that Religion is a perfect science. And that everything written is completely accurate and perfect.  There are thousands of manuscript variations of the Bible. There is a truth deeper then just the content that is read briefly on the surface.

The deal is that we may have extra influences, attributes and dna variations that give us perks and qualities above other men but at the end of the day have we given back to the world more then we are given? This is a time of healing and growth. The ignorance of people to claim that one religion is better then than the other through radicalism and extremism is insane. That one will dominate the other.. we need a construct of co-existence. We have had enough of war of bigotry, of propaganda and censorship. The wrestling of control of peoples minds and lives is insane. Saudi Arabia claiming all atheist as enemy of the country is insanity. Saudi Arabia and its religion and state indistinguishable theology and passage of conquest to dominate the world is an idea that leads to the destruction of many lives.

The 15-25% of muslims that are extremist and radicals is approx 300 million people. Of those people who are involved in Sharia Law and Jihadist Holy War. There is in truth a very distinguished danger of conflict. Though  life is not perfect and these two things must learn to coexist even if they are very different. Some prefer the Light others the Moon (Dark). It’s all about preference and how you feel about yourself at the end of the day. What the religion does for you and how it changes you is all that matters.

Article References:

A grave mistake; Truth in Love was the answer.

451370“The phoenix rises from the ash.”

I realize i can’t do this anymore.. The light was in the selfless unconditional love of building positive constructive thinking. Abandoning that one thought made my world dim, grey and lifeless. Corruption and dissonance came much quicker and attacked me with negative compulsive thoughts. Doubt was a place i never wanted to return to and truth a place i wanted to find and keep. I know this truth is mine because it gave me strength, peace of mind and empowerment. It has value to me and when a solution works to overcome all mechanics in life, the loss of this state of being would be a grave loss to me. I have re-inherited and readopted my idea that “love is all that is left when you strip away the mask of what we call material reality”. It is the source, solution and core of sound truth. Love, compassion and understanding are my keys to comprehending the source. The truth is in what my inner voice of the heart tells me. If man has a heart and each man i know is subjected to having a heart if he is a man, then he has the potential to hear the same voice i hear. The voice of love, compassion and understanding. (It’s true extended form love, peace and truth)

I have deduced correctly and i am blessed to find this quiet of mind. I comprehend that i must exist in this life to help others see that life doesn’t end here. Don’t get too attached, but express yourself best you can through your trials and life’s mechanics. To relieve suffering, negate poor spirit and sort the confusion. Find what you love and most of all do what you can for the people you love. We are reunited in the end to become a singularity with the father and mother of creation, we are one way or another working to become angelic beings, warriors of Earth and guardians of life. Change, Adaptation and Evolution of the spirit is the only way out of this world. The physical world is just the echo of a semblance of what we truly are. Physical evolution is the microcosm of the puzzle piece and Spiritual evolution is the macrocosm of the whole picture.

I hope life treats you well and that you find the source of your strength too in this life or the next.

Deciphering Heaven Logic

Heaven is divine; It is the glorious place where those who die and are worthy go. It is also home of Angels and other divine beings. Questions that Arise what are they known for. How do they behave as a society/individuals. What are they made of in this world/dimension? What are their ideals? We will understand them a little more exploring these possible worlds the extremes of all worlds. Heaven, Hell and Earth.



Categories: (Stars and space) Cosmos, Eternity and Divinity.

Behavioral: (Angelic conscience, Angelic nature) Joy, Hierarchy and Unity.

Form: (Duality of condensed functions) Frequency, Core and Radiance.

Idealism: (Glorifying and Falling) Honor, Love and Service.

The world of studies Heaven excels at and known for is the Cosmos, Eternity and Divinity. They Study the stars and space possibly aligning our stars with the stars of the sky to read who we are in the study of the Cosmos. The study of Eternity is of life and death and experiencing life as a collective species, reliving moments in a different time/dimension and space it’s effects and differences based on environment/circumstance/conditions and of course experience through god experience (seeing through omnipotent eyes). Divinity is the state of coming from god; To hold his virtues, wisdom and talents and the study of how they came to be and what practices are needed to become who they are.

Their behavior is the oscillation of angelic conscience and angelic nature bringing forth joy. They as a species are the embodiment of joy and spread joy to all they see. If we are unhappy they are unhappy; their empathy is interconnected with our conscience by knowledge of our situation. Their System is built on a Hierarchy of angels depending on the responsibilities, abilities and interests of the Angel. Their hierarchy consists of the Seraphim, Churubim, Throne, Dominion, Virtues, Powers, Principalities, Archangels and Angels. They are built around Unity system as they act as one collective with many hands almost like one conscience but they are really individual people trying to mimic God’s goodness himself.

Their form is interesting and is complete with frequency of wave, some kind of molten/energy core, and a radiance of many stars able to generate great healing through touch, properties of growth, energy and healing. Great and powerful; able to sustain (through influence,ideas) and nurture a network of people, families and lives. Their DNA is more packed with information and probably have more complex strands of DNA; allowing more functions, talents and interests.

Their system of Idealism is that they highly value honor through glory and falling, their greatest form of power is their love and service; it is what they strive for. Their idealism of glory and falling; Is like ours of redemption, except they are empowered by glorifying gods name through their work. Success gives them credit to earn merit and credibility among others of their kind. Love is the strongest force in existence in that it nurtures, creates passion and empowers a person to grow and be strong. Service is the function of the angels in that they have talents that allow a person to reach their potential.

Angelic healing and virtue cards

So i got a deck of angelic reading cards today, 2 sets of them technically the other one is called oracle cards. I have a third deck called virtue cards and i’m trying to read them everyday to improve against challenges and problems i may run into. One card from each deck a day. And also completely separate readings when i need to. I made my first reading today; According to the Arch Angel Michael, to the question ” how will i find love” past: support, present: study and future: Animals. My interpretation was that in the past i was fully supported by the angel i chose my actions based on love for i cared for one but let her go because i knew i couldn’t take care of her as at the current time i was young, irresponsible and had very little and also i was told i don’t remember from what medium but if i let her go both of us will flourish in our careers. I was also told from another medium that because of this act the child in process best of both worlds was lost and the world never got to know her, our love was suppose to be in divine order but something bad happened. I do struggle with this idea but she never existed so it’s only curiosity that bugs me. For the present i am in the process of study so that i can get a good job and take care of a person i will soon come to care for in the future. In the future i will care for nature and animals and this will bring me to the love of my life. Interesting enough.. I asked next how will i reach my ideal career. I drew the cards family, environmentalist and healing. In the past my family has taken care of me very well to be honest, they still support me as we speak. Presently i’m about to get into the oil industry, so contrary to this card reading i’m actually a contributor to the loss of nature sadly. It says that i’m suppose to be an Earth Angel here to protect, nurture and teach about nature and the land maybe i’ll learn something that changes my mind about my direction in life, i’d like to make money though and designing 3D objects, pipelines, storage and vessels is my life. I think anyways. The future is that i’m a healer, and that i have the gift of healing. This is true in that i do feel i am a healer and i know what to say and to do when someone needs help. I am very spiritual and very attuned to nature and i have studied a lot of archaic ideas and ethical practices. For the most part i can see the reading’s intent, but i am not giving up a stable job to change lives am I? safety of home and security for a world of who knows what. I guess i’m still a little selfish but i’m really not. Just looking out for my ass because no one else will. Don’t judge, i’m still a nice guy. I’m not a coward, I just don’t work out of my field of comfort. I do what i know and help where i can. I’m the man with the plan if i don’t have a plan then i’m just a lump in my throat physical mess. Ya, i don’t know angels, if i’m up for your plans.