The smell of conspiracy, when I smelled Harper.


Is Harper, a United States puppet? Do we empathize for the United States and their cluster mess of an economy soon to be in a depression? Do we rely on our United States brothers for protection? Or is it a plague of corruption growing from the core of Bank of America. The United States the nation of a lot of ignorant conservative Christians and puppet Liberals will do what it takes to make this abomination of a new man made organized capitalist Christ reduce our country to ruin.

I for one want to see Canada prosper instead of suffer, The States ego high upon a platform needs to learn humbleness. It’s expenditures all into military and technology when it really needs to focus on it’s economy, food and water. Manipulating the only resource they can get and that is through war. It is funny how their creation ISIS was their own instrument of war to gain revenue. Their sights happens to be all on oil money apparently. They’re so afraid of losing the race to be number one they are willing to cast in their soul to stay that way.

There were water problems and floods with Devil’s lake in the United States. They want to redirect the floodwater into the Sheyenne River, then the Red River and, ultimately, into Lake Winnipeg. Manitoba had argued pollution and harmful foreign species would be introduced into Canadian waterways from Devils Lake. Its been a couple years now, apparently Canada agreed to another shady push for something under the radar.

Alberta politicians offered to export power to the United States using excess electricity generated by oil sands facilities. The new interconnected bills (19, 36 and 50) enabled all at the same time says we’re in a lot of trouble. Keith Wilson, a St. Albert lawyer who has attacked draconian legislation supporting the transmission upgrades. They lied about what they were doing with transmission upgrades. SNC Lavalin profits will bankrupt industry and ratepayers alike it will come with no cost effective. Many business leaders consider the mega-transmission upgrade a dangerous threat to the economy and the future of the province.

Unless that is USA is just preparing for it’s depression, but this is a democracy shouldn’t you ask the people for permission? They have a right to know. They’re the one suffering the weight of this. Maybe The Devil’s Lake contaminating the Winnipeg Lake, as bad as it sounds isn’t so bad. Maybe the new excess electricity to relieve the states suffering during it’s coming depression is a plan they saw ahead. I for one would be ashamed to be Christian right now. I’m Ashamed for voting conservative at one point and for those who call themselves American. Is this really what the world needs? Men who are straight white, homophobic, xenophobic, male, dominant men? I’m disgusted.

I’m not sure what you’re up to Harper, but I hope it’s for the good of society and not just a god given agenda by Israel. Israel needs to open up their hearts and gifts so that mankind can evolve. They need to give the gift of knowledge as teachers and enforcers like Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh believes. Love, Understanding and Compassion, is my motto but the truth should be for change out of the heart of men as a collective. It’s not your journey, it’s our’s as a people. Truth, in actuality is that Israel is stuck in a war it cannot win. It is using the USA military and even with the poor reputation The USA will gain to cover it up by saying it’s for oil which is just a side goal, they plan to take advantage of the Canadian economy to break their fall into their depression which is inevitable. Canada is pulled in to a whole bunch of schemes (like bill 19, 36 and 50)  to legitimize the trading of unlimited potable water and energy on Canadian backs. This bill C51 is now used to control information and how it gets out. To ruin your day, it’s a police state that is law now. That is until it is thrown out. I’m afraid for our democracy and where this is leading. The take down of truth in this world is another let down, which is why I don’t trust it. It’s owned by corporations and corporations buy people’s silence.

The Jewish Pharisees betrayed Christ and sold him out. Judas was just an instrument. The Romans killed Christ because they were paid to. This world is full of deception built on greed, power and ego. Trust in the human heart to do the right thing, at the moment of realization when reality hits that is when you judge a man for his deeds. And every step that The States has taken towards legitimizing this holy war against Islam is a step backwards in time. These are all agendas and plots that need to be dropped. Why does Israel feel the need to hide their colors? Why don’t they teach the truth of the Kabballah like they were meant to? Every step Israel has taken is one of secrecy and we’re all left in darkness. Their authority in some hierarchy on Earth is all they’re interested in, not the well being and future of the world.  Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh wants you to know he can take away what he has given. If we don’t all learn to live together, unite as a collective and distribute equal rights to all human beings. Exercise peace, consciousness and justice. Eliminate hatred, transphobia, homophobia, female inequality and understand that we only have one life to live and share then we are at a lost.

The dream told me. “God was split in two, and god hated the white people.” (I wonder why.)  He also said “Can you protect the one you love?”.

Truth in Actuality you would say. Indeed.

I’m afraid this is a deep rooted manipulation through power and corporations. Anyone who can do research is capable of finding the truth. Lets just hope this isn’t an ill omen for the times coming.

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