Quantum Mechanics: Expanded stanzas


Re-exploring the Quantum Mechanics mapping and expanded  it to explore Higgs Boson or also known as the God Particle. I won’t go into detailed dictionary terminology so enjoy. Also i’m no Quantum physicist so please correct me if you see i’m missing something.

Quantum Mechanics; Entity, Field, System and Geometric landscape. (expansion)

Particle: Nucleus, Molecule and Atom. Quark.
Nucleus: DNA, RNA and Nuclear Proteins
Molecule: Organic, Inorganic, Noble gas.
Anti-atoms; positron, antiproton and antineutron.
Atoms; electron, proton and neutron
Elementary particles; Quarks/Anti-Quarks, Leptons, Gauge bosons, Higgs boson

Weak bosons; W+, W-, Z fermion
Weak boson’s antiparticle; W-, W+, Z fermion
Energy; parity, spin, electric charge, color charge
Force; Neutrino, elctromagnetism and gravity
Potential;Momentum Spin and energy

Quark;up, down charm, top, down, strange and bottom
Anti-Quark;Anti-up, Anti-down Anti-charm, Anti-top, Anti-down, Anti-strange and Anti-bottom
Leptons; electron, muon, tau, electron neutrino, muon neutrino, tau neutrino.
Gauge; gluon, photon, z bson, W boson.
God particle; Higgs boson

Geometric landscape;
Form;solid, liquid, gas, plasma, darkmatter and dark energy
Parallels;1 dimension, 2 dimension, 3 dimension, 4 dimension, 5, dimension.
Geometry; line, plane, sphere, time, alternate realities, time travel.
Distance; width, widthxlength, widthxlengthxheight, wxlxhxd, wxlxhxdxt

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