Dreams that foreshadow.


I’ve been having strange dreams recently. Though i admit my health isn’t perfect i’m actually a little scared of what this might mean for me. I have had 3 consecutive dreams in total that very subtly tell me clues about my future. I’ll tell you a comforting one before all this. The dream was with my mother by a lake, and it said “i will be married at 33”.

First dream: I heard a child and he told me “Grampa wake up.” But i couldn’t see the face and it was dark.

(As you know i’m no where close to being a grand parent. I’m 28 and don’t even have kids yet.)

Dream two: We were in a room it was some kind of banquet and there was singing. Some kind of choir going on with people singing along too. I felt something was terribly wrong, it was just a feeling. And then a boy pointed up, saying no words. As if i was being told that i was going somewhere, or maybe God wanted to say something.

Dream three: I was in my old house the original house (I was born into in Edmonton). I was being buried in soil and consciously watched this all happen . I crawled out of the soil to find out what had happened. I felt mael worms crawling all over my body and over my eyes. I was talking to my sister and she told me “You were going to get married but died.”

I don’t want it to be a self fulfilling prophecy so lets keep it short and sweet. I’ll keep this as a dream log but i won’t take it too seriousily because it’s just a dream. If i’m dead in 5 years you know what happened here.

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