Human identity through occupations tree.

in a dream:

“I can’t believe you exist” he said.

I wanted to return to this idea. It’s a tree of

Human identity through occupations.

The body; physical: understands organs and functional.(surgeon), mental: understands disease and illness. (family doctor), spiritual: understands necessities and malnutrition (nutritionist)

The mind; physical: (functional brain) neurology, mental: (illness and disorder) psychology, spiritual: (cause and purpose.) philosophical.

The spirit; physical: understands emotional and physical experience. (yoga, fitness instructors), mental: understands decay of motivation (Motivational speakers and positive inspirations.) spiritual: understands the steps to reproduce functional life (Life guidance guide and balance reinforcement)

Trumpets have been blown today from the skys.

Kinda resembles the sound of balloons rubbing. I think it’s just the plasma ionic tubes rubbing against each other.. or you know god and his angels blowing the trumpets signaling the end of the world. Whatever you want it to be.

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