Making a distinguished differentiation in advancing between stricter policy and practice; The Police in Society

flower in gun

In society we should think of progress as a movement with a beneficial end towards a greater good. We should distinguish between a  police advancing in practice not advancing in stricter policing. What i mean by this is the police shouldn’t get more stricter with progressive time and to be more careful with that. Rather they should be working more on protocol in the importance of said crime, speed of reaction time and service. I feel like as society progresses I worry that policing will think it needs to advance in areas where it becomes more forceful and become a more intrusive force as we have seen with Bill C51 has come to pass and is now allowing a sort of thought policing. Which makes absolutely no sense.

The system of policing works on trust. If you have absolutely no faith in the people, how do people have trust in you? And the other way around how do police trust people if people have no faith in them? I am saying the system is delicate in that it’s a relationship also of faith and trust. If policing goes sour and everyone is out to get someone to up their salary and make a bigger check who is looking out for the little guys? If corporations get so big and police officers need money desperately because their funding and lives are not great who is to say corporations can’t buy their hearts?.

This capitalist mentality though it has worked for a while must revert/reform progressively to a more sustainable, warmer towards the lowly, and social structural program. There are homeless, hungry, desperate, sick and depressed people with disorders and disabilities. There are spectrum of needy people and they need help. We are beyond the mentality of “only the fittest survive”. To be more specific we are more on the lines of “the most adaptable survive”. And when we adapt we apply new mentalities, when we deploy we actively do new things for people so they can functionally live. Life is about experiences we have, not being the biggest macho man on the block or prettiest flower on this side of the river. Those physical attributes though precious and contribute to the experience complimentary; it is simply material and worse aesthetic material of the ego based on opinion.

A persons identity is crucial to who they are in life, who they are determines what they can do in life to obtain experiences in their life. It is important that we change in what we believe is correct way and adapt and maybe reevaluate the situation once in a while at the very least. Life is about obtaining provoking positive emotions, seeing amazing new things, and experiencing life to the fullest. Just because you don’t believe in a certain God doesn’t mean he isn’t there. Just because you don’t believe life is a spectrum of colors doesn’t mean rainbows don’t exist. Just because things don’t happen they way you want them to doesn’t mean your universe out there doesn’t exist in some parallel universe. Life is complicated in what truth is. But we can all accept that life is a collective journey of experiences and we got to have faith in the answer that we aren’t going to all burn in fire and brimstone because of what we believe is right.

We can’t believe in a literal bible. It’s the purpose of the bible on Earth that matters. It influenced our thoughts and our parents lives and now we need to choose the right. Its a record of Christianity, an opinion of a christian body and a gift of conscious time to society. Enabling others to obtain experiences on Earth and share our dreams with others. We also need to at the same time be responsible for ourselves not to carry the weight of the world on our own shoulders. The weight is shared, so share it. As any animal God is a force of nature and also cannot be tamed, it’s a personal relationship where you communicate and understand him better. In a relationship you must have faith and trust and if ever you show a hint of blood or fear the animal will devour you. The objective is to run with the lion not to take it home and make it your personal kitty cat.

The point of all this is; Have faith, rebuild the system on trust, reform the system to be minority friendly, don’t take life so literally, life is about opinions, opportunities and options, dream and share dreams and obtain experiences and live life to the fullest as an encouraging warm entity.

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