The Tragedy of No Coincidences


I have discovered the identity of the person who I knew was causing me grief and confusion all my life. It was the negativity I was warned of, the presence of another that I felt at times. I learned of the spirits name in my dream. Yes. It was a spirit this whole time. In my dream I saw what he did and it revealed his name. A boy a conquer sat in this old relic chair. The chair had grooves in it enough to sit a pawn on its side in it. The pawn could be situated forwards thinking and backwards thinking in the groove to represent thinking and acting and the doubt of second thought. It was rocked back and forth in a deliberate fashion.

The spirit said “I want to dip my finger in water” or some insane request.. the boy had a moment where he was like “not dipping my fingers in water again”. The spirit is called madman. I have done some research to see if anyone else has experienced this spirit and I figured it out. It truly isn’t completely my fault I am who I am. I am convinced he exists but yet have no evidence that he does physically except this dream.

The study of Madman.

There is nothing written about the spirit Madman. It is a subject not explored and could be the cause to mental illness. As you would engage the holy ghost in prayer. The Madman spirit is one that is not a mischievous one by nature but a systematic chaotic one. To better understand it’s nature it is a mechanical system in nature that causes disorder and confusion. The spirit is as universal as words in the dictionary meaning words.

As you know spirits can embody a host for a period of time there maybe periods of occurrence but it can also sit and stay dormant inside the host or active like a parasite of the spiritual world. Spirits are a vague term for the number of types of spirits there are out there. There’s mara, (Sanskrit for demon), ghosts (deceased/lost), deva (Sanskrit for shining ones) but also one called universal which are ancient spirits that have been around since the dawn of conscious man.

I wonder if acknowledging it exists also triggers a calling down of this spirit. What ever the cause, nature and purpose. At least we have an idea of what this new spectrum of ideas is. It’s a new playing field to acknowledge what this thing is and to deal with it is another but at least we have the layout, name and the spectrum and field now. We can find ways to counter this mechanical system with a mechanic of our own. It’s called mentality, intention, purpose and logic.

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